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All across Cetan Magna

The Tohungi are miniature creatures that live all over Cetan Magna.


Tohungi were designed to help fulfill the Mask of Judgement's destiny. The Tohungi helped built Kalwiari and the countless other cities in that continent. The Skouandi ruled these beings for a while, but the Tohungi feared and disliked the Skouandi.

The Tohungi were known for helping in the construction of the Great Spirit Robot and they helped in retrieving the materials to make the Mask of Judgement. After many years of labor and hard work a Tohungi of Water found a mysterious substance. She took some of the substance with her and studied its limited powers. She then started a successful trading company. Many Tohungi used this quick silver to make masks and weapons and many other things. The Tohungi who had discovered this substance later disapp

eared. Her trading company was taken over by someone else.. Not much time later the Zyglax experienced the substance's evil side. After a certain catastrophe the Tohungi started living i

n the ruins of their former home, which they do up and until this very day.

Types of Tohungi[]

  • Fire

Fire Tohungi are tolerant to heat up to 430 degrees Celsius. They are known to make masks. Their colors are red, orange,black, yellow and burnt orange

  • Water Tohungi

Water Tohungi are always females. Their ability is to be able to breath underwater. They have incredible fishing skills, and they make furniture. Their colors are are blue or a blue-green hue.

  • Earth Tohungi

Earth Tohungi have night vision and are very wise. These Tohungi mine and they engineer. They are black and grey.

  • Stone Tohungi

Stone Tohungi are very swift on land. They are architects and some are scientists. Their colors ar brown, orange, grey or yellow.

  • Air/Jungle Tohungi

Air Tohungi are more cheerful than most other Tohungi. They are swift on tree tops and on land,. Air Tohungi are very light, and this helps the hunters of their tribe in doing their job well. These beings have a talent for music. They are all shades of green and blue

  • Ice Tohungi

Ice Tohungi are tolerant to extreme cold. They are incredible athletes, but they also are scholars and they posses an anthology of the past history of the Great Ones. Their colors are white, grey, and blue.

Social Structure[]

Each Tohungi group has its own virtues, that only the respective tribe members follow.


  • There are many types of Tohungi I will write about.
  • Tohungi have a diamond-like skeletal structure but they also have muscles and vital organs.
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fire Tohungi