Tohunga Village
Primary Residents Tohunga, Tamed Rahi
Location Bio-Land, North
Status In good shape
Current Leader Tohunga Professor

A group of Tohunga in the Tohunga Village

Tohunga Village is the biggest village on Bio-Land, but still well hidden. But it has to be big, for it is populated by almost all of the Tohunga of Bio-Land. The village has a great defense because of it's populations fighting skills and the village has won many battles.

It is considered thoroughly, who is let into the village. It has a great gate to protect the village and many guards guard it. The whole village, in fact, is surrounded by a high, wooden fence made of spears. There are watch towers here and there with Tohunga in them, watching for dangers. Inside the village, it's all huts and paths and yards. There are also many stalls where the Tohunga tame and keep care of Rahi which can be used for defense later.


Tohunga Village was built by the Tohunga who got trapped on the landmass of Bio-Land when it was separated from Mabauto. They quickly made it into a big, beautiful village.

The village was not known of for many years until Aino found it during one of her adventures. Since then the village has had to fight in many battles. The most rcent one was the War Against the Spiders of Doom in which the village was conquered. Shortly afterwards, Matoran Universe rose, damaging Bio-Land. This caused panic amongst the Spiders of Doom and they fled the village.

The village has since been the Tohunga's again but their lives have begun hard because of The Rising.


  • Tohunga Village is the only place not affected by the words of Bio-Land's official leader. Tohunga Village decides of it's own things by Tohunga Professor.


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