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Tohunga Professor is not an official name.

It may have been referenced in the storyline as such, but has not been officially named. Alternatively, it may be a name popular among fans or the majority of editors on Custom Bionicle Wiki, but without an official basis.

The Shadowed One
Tohunga Professor

Tohunga Professor is nicknamed that way because he works as a professor and a leader in Tohunga Village. His past is shrouded in mystery.


Below is a quote from a Tohunga about Tohunga Professor:

"I... I don't know. See those Tohunga Mountains? Well, one day, long ago, we just heard an explosion from there. I saw a tiny flash of light there... the next thing we noticed was that a Matoran dropped in the middle of the village. Tohunga Professor. We asked him questions but he din't remember anything. His mind was a total blank. Many believed that he was sent by Mata Nui and he was made the leader. But I don't believe it. Something happened in the mountains, I don't know what."
―A Tohunga

That explained a little about his past. The Tohunga Professor became a leader and led the village wisely.

Return of the Enemies[]

When Aino and Iruini wandered and found Tohunga Village, Tohunga Professor promised them shortly afterwards to give them help. He sent a squad of most skilled fighters (Tohunga) to assist them. Later he led a war against the Fire Matoran that attacked the village. Even though the battle was won by the Tohunga, Tohunga Professor got kidnapped and escorted to Inwirn's Second Base. There he was questioned but after that he escaped with some Tohunga from the squad he had sent to help.

Later they helped to fight the Fire Matoran in the final battle. After that Tohunga Professor went home with his Tohunga.

Tonga's Attack[]

In this time, Tohunga Professor sent, again, some Matoran to aid his Toa friends. He did little himself, however.

War of the Clones[]

When the Lerahk army attacked Tohunga Village, Tohunga Professor lead the battle against them. In the end, however, he and some Tohunga escaped from the village that was destroyed by the battle. He met with Tapio and his friends but were in the end, made into horrible beasts by the Spiders of Doom.

After the events of False Reality, he was restored back to his former glory, along with the Tohunga Village.

Piraka Attack[]

But Henkka had transformed into a powerful Tohunga. When he came to live in the village, he was made the new leader. Tohunga Professor became just the professor of the village, who built machinery and made experiments. After the Final Battle at the Henkka Island, however, Tohunga Professor got his leadership when Henkka moved to Comic Land.

Quest for the Four Great Lands[]

The Tohunga Professor was teleported to a statis tube on Firehead's Island, but was later freed. He then lead all the Tohunga back to their village and continued to lead there.

War Against the Spiders of Doom[]

When the Spiders of Doom came to conquer Tohunga Village, a battle was fough against them, lead by the Tohunga Professor. The village lost and Tohunga Professor was taken with Aino, Thul and Thal to the old Piraka Base where they were shown the Life Machine. Soon a great battle was fought inside the base when Tapio and his friends along with Henkka arrived.

The Rising[]

The battle was interrupted by The Rising which damaged Bio-Land badly. Soon after Tohunga Professor returned to Tohunga Village and began leasing them to the Tohunga Shelter.

Abilities and Traits[]

Tohunga Professor has a weird personality. He thinks that he is weak and needs protection but is actually very strong and can be aggressive to anyone who threatens him or the Tohunga.

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