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Powers N/A, but skilled fighters
Location(s) Tohunga Village, Jikalma Village
Status Living normal lives

A group of Tohunga

Tohunga are smaller forms of Matoran and weaker in strength, but are extremely skilled fighters. They have protected their village, the Tohunga Village for a long time, from bigger enemies than they are, but thanks to their skill and knowledge, they have won. Actually Tohunga Village was a secret place, until Aino found it by accident in Return of the Enemies.

It is unknown how Tohunga came into being, but a portion of them were trapped in Bio-Land, after it broke off it's main continent. They constructed a village and stood there, living happily their own lives. The Tohunga also have a professor, called by a nickname, Tohunga Professor since his name is not known.

Tohunga have participated in some battles with Tapio and his friends. They were a major part in the Battle of Henkka Island. There the whole Tohunga civilization fought. Many died, but many also survived. Tohunga are peaceful by nature, and they never attack anyone if they don't have to.

Newer 002

Some Tohunga with Tapio.


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