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"When I am done here, there's more then only your roof on fire."

Tohnak was a Fire-controlling furious evil being. He was once part of the Great Being Orthodax, but he turned evil due to fusion with a Makuta. Because

of this and his increased powers, the Makuta decided to split the being up in three others, each with a piece of the character of the Great Being and Makuta, and one(or two) of his powers. Tohnak became one of them.


Early Life[]

Tohnak was once the part from a Great Being. His furiousity made the Great Being sometimes a hot-tempered leader, and because of this he wasn't liked. One day he fought a Makuta and due to getting enraged, the Great Being tried to take the Makuta down with his fire powers, mixed with pure energy. Because he was very close to his target when he fired, the Makuta fused to the Great Being, making him a dangerous and evil Great Being who was capable of transforming into a Makuta. He became loyal to the Brotherhood and because of the fact he was such a large threat, the others captured gim and splitted him in three beings with a piece of the mind from the Great Being/Makuta and one(or two) of his powers. Tohnak became the midranged fighter in SAM after meeting his other "components".

Current Life[]

Tohnak is currently with his comrades and some Vi,who were ored to listen to them by Vitran, threatening the inhabitants of Tesaria to get goods and materials for free by destroying pieces of the flora and fauna of the island.

Bionicle1 Tohnak 2

Tohnak's flight Mode

Tools Abilities and Traits[]

Tohnak was a blazing, furious warrior. He burned constantly in his body, and had absolute control over fire. He was known for being quick-tempered and easly enraged. If he lost his control over himself he would transform his very self into a blazing comet and blaze as long as needed to toast his victims. Apart from controlling fire, he could transform into two things, first of all, he had a mode he used for long-distance flight and aerial attacks. The other thing he could change into was the right lower leg of the Great Being/Makuta, Orthodax. When the being was complete, he made sure that his will to fight would last and that his amount of fire-power would be kept on level.


  • Tohnak's power is unlimited due to his past as a Great Being.
  • Tohnak is part of a team well known for being extremeley good at working together.
  • This MOC's name comes from Tahnok, the Bohrok.
  • His quote is derived from the song "the roof is on fire"
  • His Codename is Toaster.
  • This MOC has been created by SubAqua.
  • This article was written by SubAqua.