"A city of the future..."
Tofug City
Primary Residents Matoran, Toa
Location Bio-Land, Tofug Jungle
Status Damaged

Tofug City is the only city with more than 10% of the inhabitants Toa. Tofug City is a great place for tourism. It is also the city with the best defenses.

Tofug city has a very versatile industry, it produces over 50% of the products made in Bio-Land to be sold. It is a great looking city at day, but in the night it's a dangerous place to be... unless you're walking with a Toa of course.


Before becoming a city, Tofug City started as a village. It, however, started to grow and the inhabitants got interested about technology so it grey into it's current glory.

Years later the Spiders of Doom attacked Tofug City from south and west. Tofug City was at war with them for a ong time, with chaos in the whole city. In the end, the spiders won and took the city, imprisoning the Matoran and the Toa of that city. They began cutting down the Tofug Jungle in order to enlarge the city.

The Rising ended the spiders reign and most of the Matoran and Toa freed themselves only to discover that their problems are far from over. Tofug City is currently the home of Project Virus.

Known Residents


  • Aquariums are very popular in Tofug City and there are multiple Aquarium Stores there