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"Hey, that's clean and clear, unlike some other comics I've seen. A background would be nice, and I can see this series as a good one."
―The first reply in the BZP topic about these comics
Toatapio Nuva's Comics
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Piraka Attack
Quest for the Four Great Lands

When Tapio and his friends came to Comic Land, they decided to start comics. They bought a studio from Kahu Street 3 and started a comic business. This period of time was full of humor and insanity. The comics were named Toatapio Nuva's Comics.

The series was published on BZPower by Toatapio Nuva. The motto of the comics was "If these won't make you laugh, nothing will."

The comics featured Tapio, Henkka, Matoran Hordika, Aino, Miira, Mataiti, Balta, Kauhkahu, the Toa Nuva, Nahi, Pewka, Pakri, Ak, and others.

List of Comics[]

Storyline Comics[]

Guest star comics[]

Fan Comics[]

Toatapio Nuva's Comics
Comic 1: Introduction  • Comic 2: The Background Shop  • Comic 3: It was a lie!  • Comic 4: Introducing the characters  • Comic 5: Fire! Part 1/2  • Comic 6: Dvd, the PGS • Comic 7: Fire! Part 2/2  • Comic 8: Ura's girlfriend Part 1  • Comic 9: Balta's Samurai Lesson 1  • Comic 10: Meet Kah and Kah  • Comic 11: Ura's girlfriend Part 2  • Comic 12: OMG!!!  • Comic 13: The fight in the night  • Comic 14: Inikas visit Part 1/3  • Comic 15: Inikas visit Part 2/3  • Comic 16: Nahi as a kindergarden teacher •Comic 17: Inika's visit Part 3/3  • Comic 18: The Chibi fight Part 1/2  • Comic 19: The Chibi fight Part 2/2  • Comic 20: Learning to use author powers Part 1/2  • Comic 21: Learning to use author powers Part 2/2  • Comic 22: The Nuva-Inika War has Started  • Comic 23: 50%  • Comic 24: Dvd's special  • Comic 25: Aino vs Kah & Kah  • Comic 26: The mysterious guest  
Guest Star Comics
Guest starring Vordahk  • Guest starring Kohena  • Guest starring -Ben4514-  • Guest starring Znex  • Guest starring Vraptor140  • Guest starring King Bio  • Guest starring Exovahki  • Guest starring Toa of power  • Guest starring NightmareShadow  • Guest starring potato guy:toa hybrid of potatos
Fan Comics
Fan comic 1: By Dvd  • Fan comic 2: By Vraptor140
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