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The Toa of Power is a toa which has the special power of mixing.


The Toa of Power was created when Possi Nui's toa was captured by

an ancient Makuta (which when he put on a mask of creation called himself

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The Toa of Power

Makuta Ultridax) and the Matoran lived a life of misery. He was created when

one of every mask and every element were accidentally merged together

by Turaga Matoro and after his creation, the Toa of Power rescued the

trapped Toa and together they defeated the Makuta and the Matoran lived

a better life.

Toa Posika[]

When the ancient Makuta came back as Makuta Ultridax, the Toa of Power

needed to create a toa team which he had all ready thought the name of,

but he didn't have any members. Soon though, Toa Posa volunteered to

join and then the Toa in Training (a.k.a Toa Dark Fire) joined and they nearly

defeated Makuta Ultridax but then he teleported away and then the toa

Posika were victorious.


The Toa of Power has the power of mixing, which is the power to use any amount of mask powers or powers at the same time. For example:

speed, underwater breathing and shielding. So far the Toa of Power is the

only toa with the power of mixing, but there may be more in the future.


"Hey Makuta Ultridax! You're going down!"

The Toa of Power to Makuta Ultridax.

"Okay who wants to beat Makuta Ultridax again!"

The Toa of Power to the rest of his team.