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This article is about the Toa team named the Toa Valmai at Toa Jovan's request. You may be looking for the article about Jovan's team, the original Toa Valmai.
Toa Valmai (Current)
Voya Nui
Turaga of Voya Nui (formerly)
Dark Hunters


When a member of Jovan's Toa Team put on the Mask of Life following the Great Disruption, an energy wave was sent out that transformed ten Matoran into Toa, among other things. The Toa joined together as a team and, at Jovan's request, became known as the Toa Valmai.


After defeating a stampede of Gafna, the Toa Valmai discovered a plot to overthrow the Southern Continent. Jovan was then captured, and Hukappa sped off after him. Meanwhile, Renddslow, Liitan, and Whytai began searching for the Kanohi Olmak, while Wirere, Retawii and Renosearched for the Shadowed One. In the end, all of the Toa Valmai, except Ahi, Aukume, and Quorr were captured by the Dark Hunters. When the three found their Toa brothers and sisters imprisoned in a Dark Hunter camp, they laid waste to it.


Toa Mata
Toa Kanohi Tool(s)
Liitan, Toa of Lightning Zatth, the Great Mask of Summoning High-Voltage Spear and Rhotuka Launching Shield
Renddslow, Toa of Sonics None (originally); Awha, the Great Mask of Storms Barbed Broad-sword
Ahi, Toa of Fire Rau, the Mask of Translation Lava Spear and Rhotuka Launching Shield
Quorr, Toa of Stone Calix, the Mask of Fate Axe and Rhotuka Launching Shield
Reno, Toa of Iron Kualsi, the Mask of Quick-travel Claws
Aukume, Toa of Magnetism Sanok, the Mask of Accuracy Magnet Spear and Rhotuka Launching Shield
Hukapa, Toa of Ice Kakama, the Mask of Speed Sub-zero spear and Rhotuka Launching Shield
Whytai, Toa of Water Kiril, the Mask of Regeneration Hooks
Retawii, Toa of Water Hau, the Mask of Protection Hooked Katanas
Wirere, Toa of Water Ruru, the Mask of Night-vision Tidal Spear and Rhotuka Launching Shield


Chronicles of the Toa Valmai