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The Toa Supreme are a group of Toa living on Toa island, which is at the center of the elemental islands. The Toa Supreme are The most well known Team on Nui Magna.

They are also Toa Shadows favourite team on the planet.


At first, the toa supreme were living normal lives as matoran, which isn't all that fun. Then Toa Shadow went to their islands to bring them to Toa Island. They were then transformed into Toa using Toa Stones. Nui Magna toa stones change matoran into Toa with one touch, but only if they are destined to be Toa. They all changed into Toa. A few Years later, the Toa fought in the ignika war. after the disccovery of the mask of life, everyone fought for it. there were many teams. Toa. Back-Breakers Spine snappers. Apocalypse and his minions and some toa who refused to follow the orders of the Toa council. eventually, Toa Kyson a toa of ice put on the mask, but i did not kill him, instead it gave him the powers of life, but he also kept his ice powers. and became a toa of life, and ice. during the war one of the members was killed.His island sunk to the bottom of the ocean, and he did not make it off in time, and drowned along with at least 500 matoran . After that terrible event, Toa Kyson, stopped the war. everyone feared him now that he had the powers of life. Later, an alien crashed down to the planet, and the toa supreme made him a Toa. the alien had the powers of teleportation. Now the toa have many battles to fight.


Toa Aqua-leader

Toa Shocker-leader (deputy)

Toa Sunburn

Toa magnatron

Toa Meltdown- (dead)

Circle of Shadows members[]

in circle of shadows. three more members join the team.

Toa Chillblaze

Toa Sonic

Toa Greenleaf


Bionicle: Rise of Apocalypse

Circle of Shadows


although this is the main team in both stories. biobuilderstudios' self moc is not in this team.

Toa Kyson is Biobuilderstudios' self moc

Toa meltdown was the first member to be built, but biobuilderstudios did not like him, and took him apart, and killed him off.

Although it seems like Toa Shadow is a member, he actually isn't. he just prefers working with them.

There are only two female toa in this team.

unlike most toa teams, this team has 7 toa, instead of the usual 6