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  • Orde disappeared from the area the story took place in, and Yulila never encountered him again.
  • In spite of the wanton destruction displayed in the penultimate page, the fragment of Tren Krom is not necessarily fully destroyed.
  • Orde mentioning predating the Toa Code is an allusion to Helryx, who he may or may not know.
  • Most of Tren Krom's appearance is admittedly an excuse for BionicleChicken to show off usage of Psionics.
  • The artstyle in Drifter's mind is inspired by the works of Bill Sienkiewicz, Rod Reis, Dave McKean, and Alex Maleev.
  • Earlier drafts of the story was a far more straightforward story about a Toa of Psionics purposefully seeking out Orde to train and hone her skills. The story was changed to include more conflict and an antagonist. This Toa of Psionics had traits of both Yulila and Rilya and would've behaved in a way that had many similarities to this portrayal of Orde, highlighting the father-daughter themes of the story.
  • Before Tren Krom was added, a considered ending, which was part of the previous point, was a montage of even more Toa of Psionics finding Orde for training or just to meet him, much to his irritation.
  • A distant epilogue on Spherus Magna was considered but scratched because of uncertainty about how much it may match canon events.
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