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Toa Nui
Toa Fusion
Formed by Any six Toa
Powers Any six elements
Tools Various
Status Have existed several times
Location Various
Pronunciation TOE-ah NEW-ee

A Toa Nui is a fusion of six Toa into a single being.


The first Toa Nui to be formed were Toa Teporak and Toa Jopraten, the Toa Nui fusions of the fifteen original Toa. The team also fused into other beings, some of them known as Toa Seprak, Phetrok, and Introk. Ever since, Toa Nui haven't been formed.

1,000 years later, twelve Toa from the Northern Continent formed two Toa Nui, one of Fire, Water, Plasma, Plantlife, Lightning, and Ice and the other of Iron, Plantlife, Fire, Lightning, Sonics, and Psionics to fight a massive Brotherhood of Makuta invasion. They won, but died in the process.

Some time later, six Toa formed a Toa Nui called Altron. The being carried a sword known as Vorpal, wore the Kanohi Aln, and had the elements of Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Air, and Iron.

After many years of no beings forming a Toa Nui, one was once again formed by combining Toa 95, Weraz, Toa Roxos, Toa Breaker, Toa Kotrax, and Toa Potrok into Toa Nextrak, a Toa of Life, Fire, Earth, Iron, Ice, and Stone. He wears the Kanohi Ignika, the Mask of Life.

The Toa Dakhan formed an unnatural Fusion using Mazar's Mask of Fusion.

Afterwards, no known Toa Nui have been formed.

Powers and Abilities[]

A Toa Nui has the elemental control of all six of their component beings. They always had six different powers, as more than one Toa of the same element cannot comprise a Toa Nui.

They also have all the skills and athletic abilities of the Toa that make them up.


They each wear a mask that has all six mask powers of the Toa in the fusion, and the mask usually resembles one of the component Toa's masks, but this does not always happen.


They carry various tools, influenced by the elements controlled, the personalities fused, and various other factors also contribute to the type and shape of the weapon or weapons.


  • Toa Nui also retain the mass of all six component Toa, meaning that which type of Toa that make a Toa Nui up does in fact affect its weight.
  • As all fusions are gender-neutral, Toa Nui probably should be referred to as it, to be grammatically proper, but they are often referred to as "he" for simplicity.