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the Toa Matrux are a group of Toa dedicated to defending Matrux Nui.


The group was originally created on Spherus Magna by the Great Beings about the same time the Ignika was created. They were considered by them now the prototype Toa Mata. They were supposed to be trained by someone in the robot, but, seeing that there wasn't enough time to get them in there, hid them in canisters in the secret lab in what would someday be Tajun. After The Shattering, the Canister of Onudos opened, and he left the lab and went to the outside world of Bara Magna.

After he heard Teridax was defeated and dead, and the Bara Magna robot disintegrated, Onudos went to awaken the others to check and see if they died. No one did, and once that was done, all six of them went together to the city of Matrux Nui, in which they are currently defending it. They left the city once to take part in the battle against the Shadow Makuta Brotherhood.


  • Takaros, Toa of Fire
  • Letos, Toa of Air
  • Gatros, Toa of Water
  • Komora, Toa of Ice
  • Onudos, Toa of Earth
  • Potras, Toa of Stone


The Toa Matrux had only a few enemies.

Shadow Makuta Brotherhood[]

The Shadow Maktua Brotherhood became the enemies of these Toa when they heard they existed. Some of their armies were defeated by these Toa.

Shadow Toa Matrux[]

The Shadow Toa Matrux were Shadow Toa created by the Shadow Makuta Brotherhood. The project originated from a formula created an Av-Matoran scholar studying Toa energy in Matrux Nui. When the Shadow Makuta Brotherhood arrived, they stole the formula and used it to create them. The team composed of a Toa of Iron, Sonics, Plasma, Psionics, Lightning, and Gravity.