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Bionicle Toa Mata

The Toa Mata ~AshkailWarrior792

The Toa Mata were called to Karda Nui to defeat the sentient lightning bolts, Avokah, who were terrorising the local matoran. During their adventure, the team met Takua and Solek. After the defeat of the Avokah, the Toa Mata went to the Codrex to sleep in their canisters for a thousand years.

Their forms would have been slightly different to their Mata Nui (island) forms.

The Toa Mata

Title/optional Name Element
Leader/bravest Toa Tahu Fire
Second in command Toa Kopaka Ice
Most loyal Toa Pohatu Stone
Wisest Toa Onua Earth
Reckless Toa Lewa Air
Most unity-driven Toa Gali Water


  • Becasue of the two thousand year stint inside Toa Canisters, their armour changed. Reduced and became less ornate.
  • Their weapons are the same as their Mata Nui forms. Tahu wears the golden armor, simply because I couldn't find all the red I needed. (Looks good anyway.)
  • In the 2011 Bionicle(film) they were never the Toa Mata