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Infected hau

The logo of the Toa Kelrax

Hundreds of years before Mata Nui was created a universe known as the Kelrax was in exisitance. Soon the great beings shunned this universe because of it's wicked people. The great beings later sent the Order of Mata Nui to the Kelrax universe in an attempt to change it's wicked people. The Order of Mata Nui suceeded, but then the people became helpless, unable to defend themselves against the rahi in the universe. So the great beings told the Order of Mata Nui to create a toa team. So the Order of Mata Nuia Nui to create a toa team. So the Order of Mata Nui created The Toa Lycros.

From Lycros to Kelrax[]

After the toa's creation the Order of Mata Nui left the Kelrax universe under the protection of the toa. The 4 toa that were created by the Order of Mata Nui later renamed the team the toa Kelrax. The toa Kelrax's team consists of these toa:

Toa Sobran aka Hau (being) -Toa of Fire

Toa Sorrenik aka Pakari -Toa of Earth

Toa Sorek aka Akaku -Toa of Ice

Toa Lura aka Miru (being) -Toa of Air

Toa Keos aka Karix -Toa of Solar Energy

The Resistance[]

The Toa later fought in the wars against Kohlrak. Many of the Toa were killed before the wars were over including Toa Akaku and Pakari