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The Toa Kana are a team of Toa chosen by Toa Hagah Pano to help protect the city of Kana Makai from various threats following the attacks by Makuta Icarax's Manas.


After the Great Cataclysm[]

A year after the Great Cataclysm, an army of Manas under the control of Makuta Icarax began attacking various parts of the Northern Continent as part of the Makuta's plan to conquer the Matoran Universe. Kana Makai was one of the areas that came under attack.

Pano and the Kana Makai Defense Force protected the city to the best of their abilities but were just barely able to keep the Manas at bay.

The Manas attack was eventually brought to an end by Makuta Teridax's intervention, though not before the Manas caused a significant amount of damage. Seeing the destruction inflicted on the city, Pano came to the conclusion that the city would need more Toa to protect it.


Pano shared his idea of forming a Toa team with the Kana Makai Council. Though initially uncertain about the necessity of creating more Toa, the council members eventually agreed with Pano's plan.

The Matoran that would become the Toa Kana were individually chosen by Toa Pano based on their strengths and character traits. The chosen Matoran included Nalu, Siro, Takoma, and Kazan. Pano sacrificed his remaining Toa power to induce the change, turning into a Turaga shortly after. From then on, Pano served as a mentor for the new Toa team.


The Toa Kana trained and worked alongside the Kana Makai Defense Force with Pano and a few of the more experienced guards as their teachers.

Each of the Toa Kana initially fought with standard-issue combat staffs. Once they had learned enough skills to be deemed ready to go into the field, some of the Toa traded their staffs for Toa tools that suited their respective fighting styles best.

While training with their elemental powers, the Toa Kana suffered various mishaps. One of the incidents involved a stray fireball accidentally scorching Turaga Pano's mantle.

Toa at Last[]

After a long period of training and going on minor missions, the Toa Kana became proper protectors of Kana Makai. Over the years, they faced various threats. Some of these threats came in the form of the Makuta's 'experiments', such as infected, mind-controlled Rahi.


The Toa Kana team consists of:

  • Nalu, Toa Kana of Water
  • Siro, Toa Kana of Air
  • Takoma, Toa Kana of Ice
  • Unnamed Toa Kana of Stone
  • Kazan, Toa Kana of Fire
  • Unnamed Toa Kana of Plasma
  • Unnamed Toa Kana of Earth
  • Unnamed Toa Kana of the Green (Plant Life)


  • "Wood" was previously considered as a substitute word for "the Green".


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