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Toa Kaita is a BIONICLE fan fiction series on BZPower written by Toa_Kaita. It takes place in present day Pennsylvania on Earth, eventually spanning many different planets in the universe. The series tells of 4 ordinary humans that are transformed into Toa Hexren, or "Toa of the Next Generation," and their quest to defeat Makuta Teridax, who has somehow returned from the time before time.

The New Toa Hexren are Kaita, Nova, Jocen, and Umor.

The Eras[]


Reawakening of the Darkness

--Toa Kaita: Reawakening of the Darkness

In Progress[]

Heroes of Earth

--Toa Kaita: Ground Xero

--Toa Kaita: The Book of Madness

--Toa Kaita: Nemesis


Makuta's Return

--Toa Kaita: Discovery

--Toa Kaita: Evolution

--Toa Kaita: Black Jade

Rise of the Ember

--Toa Kaita: Rise of the Ember

War Stories

--Quest to find a Lost Earth

--Toa Kaita: Shadows of Doubt

--Toa Kaita: Here We Stand

The War's End

--Toa Kaita: Hand of Troglokhan

The Rise of Troglokhan

--Toa Kaita: The Spawn of Makuta

--Toa Kaita: Future Imperfect

The Dark Hunters Saga

--Toa Kaita: 1st Offense

--Toa Kaita: 2nd Coming

--Toa Kaita: 3rd Round

--Toa Kaita: Final Hour

Havarii's Vengeance

--Toa Kaita: Humanity's Hope

--Toa Kaita: Mystery of Artakha

--Toa Kaita: The Order of the Living Dead

Return of the Ember

--Toa Kaita: The Takeover

--Toa Kaita: Return of the Arbiter

Dark Unity

--Toa Kaita: Dark Unity

--Toa Kaita: Dark Unity, Pt. 2