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"Woah! We don't look like Toa at all!"
―Toa Lefras examining himself.
Toa Heroes
Toa Heroes-2
Toa Saveor

The Toa Heroes are a group of Toa that were created in Deatha Nui to save it from Makuta Deathurax.


The Toa Heroes were Matoran that were turned into Toa. Unfortunately, when they were transforming, a Makuta shot them, which altered their transformation. They eventually ended up looking a bit like Rahi:


From Left to right- Toa Lefras, Toa Saveor, Toa Ilag, Toa Hellpar.


  • Toa Saveor
  • Toa Ihag
  • Toa Lefras
  • Toa Hellpar (deceased)

Deatha Nui[]

When they were transformed, they were a bit confused; Toa Lefras was looking around in confusion, Toa Ihag was inspecting herself, Toa Saveor was stunned a bit and Toa Hellpar was looking surprised.

Then they set off to defeat Deathurax, but on the way, they were attacked and nearly killed by another Makuta, but they were saved by a robotically enhanced Matoran.

The Shadow Fortress[]

When they got there, all of them except Saveor were turned evil by Rehedra. Then when they got into the throne room, Saveor knocked Rehedra out, then convinced them to turn good again. Toa Lefras then knocked out Electroblade, and they faced Deathurax. Unfortunately, Deathurax then killed Hellpar.

But then they all used their mask powers to drive Deathurax away to The Outlands.

The Outlands[]

They later followed Deathurax to The Outlands, but when they got there, he summoned all of his Makuta to attack them. But they killed most of the Makuta, and fought Deathurax.

They were very weakened after fighting Deathurax for so long, and they were going to be defeated, when Toa Saveor absorbed all the dead Makuta to become Titoa Saveor. Titoa Saveor then defeated Deathurax and banished him to The Dark Void.