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==&nbsp Toa Ceta==


The Toa Ceta are a group of ex-con Toa and two Titans. They each came from a differant background. After they were all elevan (11) captured by the Toa Empire, they each were recruted and now work as a team, although quite different.They also had limited control of each other's powers, but yet over ten times as strong in their own element.

Names of Toa Ceta[]

  1. Toa (now Titan) Jayrox
  2. Toa Chirara
  3. Toa Ark
  4. Toa Kargon
  5. Toa Fade
  6. Toa Chargon
  7. Toa Orde
  8. Toa Vhoriki
  9. Toa Zariah
  10. Titan Zallar
  11. Toa Axor


  • Toa (Titan) Jayrox- Dark Hunter
  • Toa Chiara- Makuta
  • Toa Ark- Makuta Scientist
  • Toa Kargon- Rahkshi Builder
  • Toa Fade- Shadowed One's guard
  • Toa Chargon- Dark Hunter spy
  • Toa Orde-Dark Hunter fortress builder
  • Toa Vhoriki- Makuta's Shadow Toa
  • Toa Zariah- Makuta General/Trainer
  • Titan Zallar- Dark Hunter's weapon of mass destruction
  • Toa Axor- Interrigator/Torturer for Makuta's Empire


  • Toa (Titan) Jayrox-Speed
  • Toa Chiara-Electricity
  • Toa Ark-Knowlege
  • Toa Kargon-Sonics
  • Toa Fade-Illousion
  • Toa Chargon-Psoinics
  • Toa Orde-Iron
  • Toa Vhoriki-Shadow
  • Toa Zariah-Plant Life
  • Titan Zallar- Strength
  • Toa Axor-Pain

Main Goal[]

The Toa Ceta's main goal is to destroy what is left over of the two evil orginizations they worked for.All of them are determined to meet this goal.


  • Toa (Titan) Jayrox-Calm;Skilled;Fastest
  • Toa Chiara-Calm;Skilled;Best firepower
  • Toa Ark-Most Intellegent;Calm
  • Toa Kargon-Skilled;Can be Irritated easily
  • Toa Fade-Toughest; Least Intellegent
  • Toa Chargon-Quick whits;Skilled
  • Toa Orde-Tough;Skilled;Best builder
  • Toa Vohriki-Wicked;Savage;Companion to Fade
  • Toa Zariah-Intellegent;Most skilled;Vigouros
  • Titan Zallar-Tough; Strongest;Skilled
  • Toa Axor-Rarely speaks;Most corrupt;No self controll;Strugles to remain a Toa

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