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Toa Alpha (Primordius Magna)
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Toa Alpha Base
Matoran, Toa, Turaga, Order of Kentis Nui
Anyone or anything that threatened the Matoran

The Toa Alpha were a team of 11 elite toa from Primordius Magna .


The Toa Alpha were formed so that the leaders of different cities (mostly Metru's Major and Minor) could have a special trained force that could carry out dangerous missions that other toa teams could not. For example, if a dangerous fugitive was on the loose or some rahi was attacking the matoran, they would be sent out to put a stop to it. These toa were permitted to kill if necessary.

One such time was when a makuta scientist lost control over a robot experiment, and the robot went one a murderous rampage. The Toa Alpha were called to destroy it before it obliterated the entire population of Nagania Nui .

Known Members[]

The Toa Alpha have had a verity of members, for some died on various missions and had to be replaced. There were always 10 members and one leader at all times, no more, no fewer.


Fernox was a toa of fire who founded, and lead the Toa Alpha. He was compassionate and knew how to keep order without loosing his head. He always saw to it that all the toa follow orders and prevail. Fernox was killed in a Chardask attack.


Gundak, better known as Gunner, was a toa of magnetism and the team strategist since the team was first founded. He was an excellent fighter and could always come up with a battle plan. He sometimes took command himself, telling the other team members when to attack. Gunner is the only living member of the the Toa Alpha.


Zeuna was a toa of lightning and a newer recruit to the Toa Alpha. She was wounded in a chardask attack and killed by Gunner's nova blast.


Whenapu was a toa of earth who had been on a member of Toa Alpha since Fernox founded it. He was killed in a Chardask attack.


Lhurini was a toa of air and one of the few not to use chute speak. He had been a member of the Toa Alpha ever since it was first founded. Although, one of the most skilled members of the team, he died in a Chardask attack.

Other Members[]

At least nine other members, aside those named, have been on the team since it was founded, six of which were active members during the Chardask attack. All of them are now deceased. Gunner is the sole surviving member.