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"The Titans were lords who ruled Primordius Magna long before Kentis Nui existed. However, corruption from within led to the end of their reign"
―Toa Tesla reffering to the Titans
Titan Lords
Malleus (formaly)
All inhabitance of Primordius Magna
Anyone who apposed them

The Titan Lords were a race of lords who ruled Primordius Magna before Kentis Nui was sent to oversee the planet.


The Titans were created from the essence of the Great Beings. Seven in all were created, one for each of the six main elements (fire, water, air, earth, stone, ice) and one leader who controlled protodermis. Malleus, the Titan of protodermis, assigned each of the six other Titans a region to watch over in order to divide the power. The main objective of the titans was to make sure the inhabitance of Primordius Magna kept order and prospered. The organization reigned successfully for about 5,000 years until the Titan War.

The Titan War[]

Tethys, the Titan Lord of water began to grow jealous of the respect and superiority of Malleus and began to plot to overthrow him. She wished to be the ruler Primordius Magna and convinced several Titans to aid her in her conquest. Malleus realized what she was doing, and after learning the cruel way she intended to rule, rallied his own forces to stop Tethys and her supporters. A war broke out that lasted 100 years until Malleus finally defeated Tethys and threw her into the nearby planet of Orbis Magna. However, the Titans had proved that they were unable to rule and keep order successfully and so, the Great Beings sent Kentis Nui to watch over Primordius Magna instead. Tethys' surviving supporters were imprisoned on Lunas Magna. Malleus and several other Titans were allowed to stay on Promordius Magna and serve Kentis Nui. Over the years, the other Titans died until only Malleus remained.

Powers and Abilities[]

Each Titan had complete control over their corresponding element as well as several other powers. All the Titans were incredibly strong and nearly invulnerable to attacks, both physical and mental. The Titans all carried powerful weapons made out of protosteel to use in war. The Titans could also create Matoran and rahi to inhabit the planet. They could also bestow "divine powers" onto a being who proved themselves worthy, such as the Keeper of Gates, previously and ordinary lunarian.


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