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"I live in my own universe, so expect some changes to yours."
Goalrock, BIONICLE: The Fallen Shadow

Centre Nui[]

  • Dimen is created and sent to Centre Nui.
  • Makuta Chirox falls into a "Time Pocket" in Karda-Nui and wakes up in Centre Nui.
  • Chirox dies from malnutrition several days after his arrival.
  • Chirox's Kanohi Shellek is buried by land and water erosion.

  • Khrome arrives in Centre Nui from the future from the Space Time Rift.
  • Khrome and Dimen leave in the rift.
  • Several years later Khrome and Dimen return through the rift.
  • Many Matoran and Turaga migrate to Centre Nui from one of Steelus Magna's moons.
  • Dimen is killed by Khrome by being cast into the rift and being disintegrated by the forces of Space-Time.
  • Khrome travels to the future to make his matoran-self a Toa by giving himself his Toa Stone.
  • Khrome is found dead in the ancient temple with a three bladed scissor in his back.

  • Centre Nui gains six new Toa.
    • Decifal; Toa of Sonics
    • Rout; Toa of Plantlife
    • Pahok; Toa of Plasma
    • Nuhik; Toa of Gravity
    • Runa; Toa of Lightning
    • And Klex; Toa of Iron

  • Rout and Pahok die underground Fe-Centre.
  • Supposedly one of them mutates into the present-Khrome.

  • Time continues to function in an infinite loop.

  • Goalrock arrives on Centre Nui.
  • Goalrock steals the masks atop the space-time pillars and destroys them.
    • Thus returning Time to normal.
      • This then results in Khrome being erased from existence.
        • Which results in Dimen returning back to existence.

  • Goalrock travels to the ancient temple to release Chaos.
  • Goalrock and Chaos kill Klex, Runa, Carlix and Excel.
    • Resulting in their chaotic take over.

  • Metallix arrives in Centre Nui.
  • The three of them kidnap several Matoran and bring them to Mata Nui.
  • Teridax corrupts all of the Centre Nui Matoran with the Kraata slugs.

  • The Toa Mata arrive on Centre Nui.
    • With newly upgraded bodies at that.
  • Goalrock and Tahu duel atop the unnamed Centre Nui mountain.

  • Not much is know about what happens after that such history.

Mata Nui[]

  • Teridax takes control over Mata Nui.
  • The Toa Mata wash ashore Mata Nui in their Toa Canisters.
    • Roughly 1000 years later than they were supposed to.
  • The Toa Mata collect all 36 necessary Kanohi masks.
    • And are rewarded with 1 golden Kanohi each.
  • Teridax creates Goalrock.
  • Goalrock kidnaps Tahu and destroys his Kanohi.
  • The Toa Mata meet at Kini Nui aswell as meet Goalrock.
  • Lewa and Gali attempt but fail against Goalrock.
    • Kopaka however gains the upper hand against Goalrock.