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Toa thorrex

Thorrex was the first Toa of Fire created to watch over the Matoran, who became part of the Hand of Artakha and Order of Mata Nui.


Early life[]

Thorrex was created by the Great Beings during the construction of the Great Spirit Mata Nui, his duty to help the Matoran in the robot's construction. His best friend was Toa Ionics, whom he saw as short-tempered but friendly. Together, they watched over their home of Metru Nui.

Hand of Artakha[]

When Thorrex was accepted into the Hand of Artakha, he was ordered by Helryx to spy on Makuta Nukta, whom Miserix suspected of betrayal. After months of investigation, Thorrex discovered that Nukta had stolen the Kanohi Ignika from its hiding place for his own reasons. Thorrex informed the Hand of this, and Nukta was captured that very night.

The next day, Nukta revealed that he had wished to use the Ignika to assassinate Makuta Teridax, as he had learned that Teridax wished to rebel against Miserix and put Mata Nui into a coma. Thorex disbelieved this claim, and imprisoned Nukta in a secret location.

Great Cataclysm[]

When the Great Cataclysm began, he was accompanying a Toa Hagah team for a patrol, only for the Makuta leading them to suddenly turn on and kill the Toa. Thorrex barely managed to escape while the earthquake raged around him.

Thorrex spend the next few years wandering the universe's islands. One day, he discovered his old friend Ionics wounded on the ground, who told Thorrex that Nukta had escaped his prison and was out on revenge. Shortly after, the two Toa joined the Order of Mata Nui.

Spherus Magna[]

Following the Battle of Bara Magna and death of Teridax, Thorrex joined the migration to the reformed Spherus Magna, where he made his new home.

Abbilities and Traits[]

As a Toa of Fire, Thorrex can create, manipulate and absorb fire. Thorrex is also one of the strongest Toa of Fire since he has spent half of his life learning to control his elemental powers. Thorrex also has some other powers like: telekenesis, limited mind reading,and teleportation. It iss unknown how he obtained these powers.


Thorrex is Calm, wise and smart. He always plans out things before he does something.

He does not usually show emotions, he has complete control over his anger.

Kanohi powers[]

Thorrex wheres the Kanohi Mask of Diminishment, with which he can shrink

to a minimum height of six inches while retaining his full strength

Mask 2

The Mask of Diminishment



  • He is one of the few Toa old enough to remember the activation of Mata Nui.
  • As one of the few Toa members of the Order of Mata Nui, he is considered unusual.
  • Thorrex is bokito999`s self moc