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Thornax Cannon
Thornax Cannon
Weapon Information
PowerChanneling Elemental Powers, Shooting Thornax fruit, melee weapon
StatusIn Vavakx's armory

The Thornax Cannon is a protosteel weapon created by Ehlek. It is affixed to Vavakx's left forearm but is not physically a part of his anatomy. This weapon is capable of firing "electrified" Thornax fruit.

It works by storing high voltages of electricity and then channels it into the Thornax. Because the Thornax is weakened by the electricity, it releases the energy in a deadly explosion.

This weapon can also be used to focus on Elemental powers. With this tool, Vavakx is capable of firing both an elemental blast and a Thornax at the same time, creating a simultaneous attack.

The front claws of the cannon grip the Thornax fruit. They are sharp and can be used for melee attacks, holding objects or accomplishing delicate tasks. They are also useful for smashing objects. This weapon also has a device that launches energy webs.