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This article is about the character in Realm of Conquest. You may be looking for Thok (source).

Thok is a Skakdi and was once a member of the Dark Hunters, but later deserted them to join the Piraka.

member of Piraka
Ice, Spellbinder vision, living stone
Ice pick/Ice gun, Zamor launcher
Piraka base


Realm of Conquest[]

Part 1[]

Thok was recruited to the Dark Hunters prior to the Realm of Conquest storyline. However, he and the other Skakdi Dark Hunters decided they had had enough of taking Shadowed One's orders and rebelled. During the battle in Shadowed One's chamber, Thok and Hakann fought Nidhiki and defeated him easily. Not long after that, the defeated Piraka decided to desert the Dark Hunters.

It was Thok who later suggested to Zaktan that they seek the help of Brutaka, to which Zaktan complied. However, the Piraka were ambushed by the Barraki and Thok was faced with Mantax. Thok offbalanced him by freezing his leg, until Brutaka appeared and defeated all the Barraki.

The Piraka later attacked the Dark Hunter base, and therefore came across several guards. Thok created an ice block over Nidhiki's head, defeating him. He later froze some coins in the treasure chamber for later use. After the Piraka had escaped from the base, Shadowed One sent Eliminator after them. However, the Piraka slowed him down enough to get away.

Thok briefly tried to engage Vezon in combat, but was pushed aside by Vezok and Zaktan.

He fought Krekka in the Battle of the Codrex. Krekka's strength allowed him to smash the ice Thok put up in his way, and Thok was losing until Teridax absorbed Krekka, killing him. Thok was later knocked unconsious by the explosion of power caused by the battle of Ultimate Dume and Toa Mata Nui.

Part 2[]

Thok and Vezok were sent to the bottom of the lake to recover a piece of Golden Armor, but they were outnumbered and defeated by the Barraki.

He and the other Piraka had to stop Vezon's destructive rampage, so they weakened him. Thok and Hakann mainly took turns increasing and reducing the temperature around him to slow him down.

He battled Cheberaks in the final battle and dispatched them by freezing them solid.

Personality and Traits[]

Thok was a loner, and preferred to spend time alone then with others. He tended to keep his emotions to himself and make others do the work he himself was unwilling to do. In the end, he planned to betray the Piraka anyways in hope of gathering more treasure on his own.

Powers and Equipment[]

Thok had control over the power of Ice, and had icy tools to match. He carried an Ice pick capable of shattering any ice, and an Ice gun that could freeze opponents. He also carried a Zamor Launcher given to him in episode 9. He could fire eyebeams that disoriented the target's sense of time and place, and could bring stone to life as well.

Strength: 10
Agility: 9
Toughness: 11
Mind: 11