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Thing is a strange and mysterious Toa.

No-one in his brotherhood knows who he really is and neither does Thing.

His life started our from when he was washed up, but not in a canister, on the beach of Mecha Nui where he was a matoran. Also he had lost his memory.

When a war started on Mecha Nui he was chosen to be a warrior. He was very skilled in battle and the turaga could see that so they made him a champion (A better warrior).

A few years later he met what soon would be the brotherhood. They traveled together to distant lands, one of which was Karda Nui. They lived there for a few years. While they were there they encountered the Makuta.

The Makuta killed them all except Thing who became a Toa from ripping out the heart of the Makuta and placing it in his own. He then found a power of healing within him and brought the brotherhood back to life.

But still no-one knows where he first came from and what elemental power he has.