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is a story written by user Kardas4. It is his only creation and will remain his only creation. Each chapter focuses on different characters.


The Stone []

The Matoran named Isodox ran along the shores of a vast, gleaming lake. He was followed by two Dark Hunters. One was clad in thick armour, and the other carried a spiked staff which glowed with pure orange energy.

Suddenly, Isodox looked behind him, and saw a massive beam of power head right towards him. He tried to duck, only the find the bright energy slamming into him and rendering him unconsious ...

Isodox awoke and found himself underwater. There was no more oxegen left inside his lungs, and so he seemed doomed. He looked around the black water and could dimly make out the shape of a glowing object. Having heard legends about these object before, Isodox's body trembled with amazement. A Toa stone!

Carefully picking the stone up from the sandy lake bottom, he closed his eyes and felt raw power coursing through his lungs, his head, his very whole body ...

  • * *

"I think you killed him," said the Dark Hunter known as Raider.

"Paitence, Raider," replied the other, whose staff still glowed bright orange. "You may find - as a rookie Dark Hunter - some things are not what they seem ..."

Just then, a scarlet-red fist broke the surface of the water, followed by a masked head. The waters around Raider and Veteran slowly began to glow the colour of hot molten lava, and a whole body now loomed before the two Dark Hunters. 

"I pity you," Toa Isodox slurred in an icy cold, but casual tone. 

Unleashing his fire energy, he sent a a colossal nova blast towards the Dark Hunters from the ends of his fingertips, sending them into the sky. "They should be taken care of now ..."