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The Vault of Xoth is a vault on the planet Xoth that contains relics and artifacts created or collected by Azathoth. It is guarded by Soulless Scourgers and only those given permission by Azathoth himself are allowed access to it.


The Vault was created when Azathoth's Army expanded to the Lodis Minor System, which is a galaxy near the Ethervale, a rip of spacetime that links the MU to a dimension that is above mortal comprehension. As Azathoth began to assimilate other armies into his own, he discovered that these cultures hold artifacts that contain large amount of energy and power, which he began collecting and keeping as his own, storing them in the vault. He then began enchanting them with interdimensional properties for him and the other Great Old Ones to use.

Relics and Artifacts

Various objects with immense power are stored inside the Vault for the Great Old Ones' use. These relics are taken from many planets and cultures, and fixated to their personal tastes through enchantments and redesigns. Here is a list of some relics:

Gauntlet of Dyxonis- A gauntlet found on Dyxonia, a planet in the Lodis Minor System, this gauntlet was once owned by the planet's tyrant Dyxonis, which, after an enchantment by Hastur, has the ability to draw energy from gravitational points and fire damaging electromagnetic waves

Liar's Bulwark- A large shield formerly used by a planet-hopping con artist, after being enchanted by Idrahyaa, this shield has the ability to project illusions

Cup of the Blood of the Ancients- A goblet that contains some of Cthulhu's blood, it is said that those worthy of drinking from it are bestowed immense wisdom

Blade of Insolence- A sword forged from a meteor orbiting Jarsil (pronounced yar-sill), a barren planet near the edge of the Solis Magna System, this sword is owned by Nemesis, the Spirit of Vengeance and has the ability to determine who is to be slain and who is to not be

Gemma Discussuris- A gem found inside the stomach of a large beast on a planet near the center of the Kindra Kleina System, it has the ability to fracture anything in the wielder's vision

Destruente Malleo- A hammer found orbiting a small wandering star, after being enchanted by Nyarlathotep, this hammer can only be wielded by a Great Old One, if a non-Great Old One picks it up, the hammer consumes them and uses their body and soul for energy

Hoari Tohu- A short curved sword found in shambles on Bota Magna, after being reforged and enchanted by Shub-Niggurath, it changes the wielder's perception of their surroundings, allowing them to see in all directions at once