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The Underworld is where souls are brought after their physical form dies.


Death was created to bring lost souls to the underworld when they die. However, after failing, another being was assigned to do this job. Death killed this being, and started killing innocent people. The Great Beings eventually put a stop to this and assigned another being to do the job again, while imprisoning Death. This being is named Tezeroth.


The Underworld is divided into two areas: Light and Dark.


Light is where good beings are brought after their death. Light is actually made of stars, which are cold, unlike most stars, thus meaning you can walk on them. In the center of Light is a giant temple, where the leader of Light lives. This leader was the first Great Being that ever died, but he retired, and Lhikan took his place.


Dark is where beings who have done evil deeds are brought after their death. The realm is an odd temple that goes on forever, preventing escape. The temple constantly shifts, so no being can remember what it looks like except its master. The master of Dark is a Great Being.