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The Stones of Destiny Arc
Date 1023 AC
Location Ouros Magna
Outcome The creation of the Toa Progenoi, minus Toa Granuu
Previous None
Next The Light Within Arc


Long before the events of The Stones of Destiny Arc, a Toa of Light named Jaaru helped stop an ancient threat by sacrificing his life. However; being the only Toa, he realized that with his passing there would be no more Toa to protect the Matoran and the world from danger. Learning a technique from the Great Beings to store his power, he created five Toa Stones to create a new generation of Toa. Once created, he hid the stones all over the world, where he believed only true Toa would be able to find them. His goal of assuring a new generation of Toa complete, he then sacrificed his life.


Over 1000 years later, Karkas, a Ta-Matoran weapons maker in the small town of Oridina, in Hylias, started having dreams related to the Toa Stones. Unsure of what the stones were or why he kept dreaming of them, Karkas confided in his friend Granuu, a fellow Ta-Matoran. Granuu, baffled as well, suggested that they travel to the capital of Hylias, Lanayru, and consult Turaga Hurhn, an advisor to Turaga King Zeldus, who was skilled in the art of dream interpretion. However; on their journey to the capital, they were attacked and beaten savagely by a mysterious assailant, who warned them not to seek Turaga Hurhn's advice. Though battered, they travelled on anyway, and met with Hurhn. He spoke of a old legend of five peculiar stones which could turn ordinary Matoran into Toa, legendary heroes that hadn't been seen for hundreds of years. Hurhn suggested that the dreams were Karkas's destiny signaling him to find the stones. With Granuu accompanying him, Karkas decided to look for the stones. Hurhn then informed him of his mission: each stone was set on one continent each, waiting for someone to find them. With this information, Karkas set off. He did not know that would be the last he saw of Hurhn. The next day he was killed by an assasin.

Seeking to look for the stone in Forasia first, Karkas and Granuu searched in vain for the stone. Eventually, in the town of Grohuki, the leader, Chief Hanj told them of a mysterious stone within the volcano Hangea. Realizing this was the stone they were seeking, they travelled quickly to the volcano, and after overcoming the labyrinth inside, they reached the stone. Unfortunantly; thier earlier assailant, who called himself Shringu, tried to take the stone from them. In fear, Karkas cowered, and reacting to his fear, the stone caused a surge in the magma below that destroyed the rock platform Shringu had been standing on. Escaping, they decided to travel to Kunighra, where they could find the next stone.