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The Shockwave
Date 1,001 AGC
Locations Bara Magna
Outcome Destabilization of the Agori
Participants Unknown

The Shockwave was an event that took place on Bara Magna in the Fruit Glatorian Universe.


All of Bara Magna's land was spontaneously transformed into either jungle or desert in a massive earthquake. It is unknown why the event took place.

Most of the Agori and Glatorian were destabilized by the event, but eventually settled down in the new jungle, with the help of the inhabitants of Tesara. Tuma was killed in the earthquake, and the Skrall tribe split into several rival factions, many of which would be hired as mercenaries during the Fruit Glatorian War.


  • As the Shockwave occurred at the start of the 1,001st year after the Great Cataclysm, it is used for monthly measurements for that year in the Gigas Magna Timeline.
  • The Shockwave indirectly led to the Fruit Glatorian War because of the creation of Giant Kiglo Papaya, which birthed the Fruit Glatorian.
  • The cause of the Shockwave and more info on it will appear in The Deception Chronicles.