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The Shard
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsNui-Vaga
LocationNorth of all islands

The Shared, sometimes known as Northgate, is a large piece of strange material that creates aura of energy around it. Such a material is believed to have come from The Shattering, when Bara Magna was split. Part of Bara Magna became radioactive, and exploded, sending large pieces of material across the universe. The Shard is the only piece that has been found. It sits atop a large spire of ice.


The Shard was originally found by the Nui-Vaga as they conquered the EOP. They set up large receivers around it that fed off the aura around The Shard. However, something happened that caused The Shard to create huge magnetic storms. These storms quickly enveloped the planet, disrupting the Nui-Vaga's brains and their technology. When their brains no longer could work and overloaded, all the Nui-Vaga died. Their bodies mysteriously disappeared afterwards. Matoran then discovered The Shard but kept their distance because they feared it.

The Shard and its surrounding land is currently uninhabited.


  • Along with the aura, there is a psychic barrier that prevents anything that thinks from getting too close to it.