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The Shadows of Battle is a story written by User:Tomix2010. It is

The Shadows of Battle

set in an alternate universe on the Dark Assassin's island.


It was another cold, dark night. The wind rustled through the trees. The Rahi were sleeping, as was all intelligent life in the area. But one thing was not staying still.

The Dark Assassin wandered silently through the forest. No one saw him or got in his way. He confidently walked forward, his eyes staring straight ahead, never looking in any other direction except the one he was traveling in. There was a set of stairs ahead of him. He climbed it and passed through a metal frame. Any unauthorised person who passed through the frame would be instantly incinerated. But the Dark Assassin owned this place. He had every right to be here.

Now he was on the path that led directly to the door of the immense castle that lay ahead. Up above there were rails which led from inside the castle to various outposts in different parts of the universe. A sort of minecart rattled along one of the rails. There was a Rahkshi piloting it, one of the many Rahkshi who the Dark Assassin had. In the back was a cage. The Dark Assassin caught a brief glimpse of a silver Toa inside it. He briefly wondered who it might have been, before opening the door and stepping inside his castle.

This, Iruka decided, had been the worst day of his life.

First, he and the rest of the Fallen Six had been captured by Rahkshi, put in cages, and been transported by minecart to the Dark Assassin's castle. Then they had been placed in a cell. And now they were being transported somewhere else.

Alloy had suddenly noticed that they were sinking. For a moment they had thought they would simply be buried alive. But then their cell had entered a long shaft and finally a long tunnel of magma. Their cell was now travelling along the tunnel. But the magma was not burning them. They were high enough above the magma for it not to be harmful. Kouhiimaru had also seen portholes along the sides, and at one point he had insisted he had seen a bone-white creature, staring through one of the portholes. The others then saw him, too. But they had no idea who he might be.

At last they had reached the end of the tunnel. A group of Vahki workers lifted them out of the cage into what looked like a small submarine. The cage sank down into the magma as the submarine rose up a shaft to whatever lay ahead.


The Dark Assassin in this story is the one from the prime universe, not an alternate version.