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This is the Story of An Alternate Universe called, The Shadow Empire Universe.


The Makuta are Invading the Universe, Their Leader is planning on killing Mata Nui. The few Remaining Toa are Trying to stop him. They've Recently sent Lhikan to scout the Makutas Base in Metru Nui.

Lhikan was Running from Several Dark Hunters , Including the former Toa Nihdiki. He was stopped by Makuta Kojol. He was Surrounded by Dark Hunters. The Dark Hunter Named Krekka was Behind him. He turned Around and Sliced his throat and Ran. He flew off into the Coliseum. Kojol Followed him there and there Swords clashed.

"The Brotherhood was once a Noble Group, Kojol"Said Lhikan

"I don't care about what's right, only what's Smart"Kojol Replied. He Tackled and stabbed Lhikan. Lhikan kicked him of and took the sword out of him and threw it in Kojol's Head. His Antidermis seeped out of him. Lhikan Torched his Antidermis.

"He thought he was doing the Smart Thing, It seems he was Wrong"Lhikan was grabbed from behind and his throat was Sliced by A Makuta. The Makuta of Metru Nui.

"Time to kill you, Brother"Teridax Said. He went down the stares of the Coliseum to the core Chamber. He ran Into the Core and tried to Absorb it. He started to feel Unlimited Energy inside his Armor. He killed Mata Nui. He left the core, but he was little weaker because of him using Energy to control the universe and control his physical Body.

Icarax felt Uneasy. He tought that this would be easy, and it was, physically. But Mentally, He lost alot of friends. He Decided to Leave Metru Nui and Join the resistance. he left Metru Nui and went to Odina, former Dark Hunter HQ, and current Toa Base of operations. He was gonna Join the Toa, Against everything He swore to.