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"The jungle is not meant to be owned. It belongs to everyone and no one, and I cannot allow anyone to steal its beauty and resources from future generations."
The Sanctuary

Location Category: Minor Inhabited Location

Location Information
Residents Lotawn, Shezz, Xeptek, creatures
Population Unknown
Position Somewhere in the Bara Magna Wastelands
Pronunciation N/A

The Sanctuary is a large jungle oasis under the protection of Lotawn and Shezz located somewhere in the Bara Magna wastelands.


At some point in the past, the female Skrall Shezz stumbled upon the oasis that would later be known as the Sanctuary after she left the Sisters of the Skrall. Here she lived, protecting the oasis from outside forces until she met Glatorian Lotawn, who had stumbled onto the location. Soon, Lotawn too chose to stay in order to defend the jungle that made up the oasis.

During his travels, the freelance Glatorian Xeptek stopped by this oasis to rest when he was attacked by the Skrall known as Jarzek, along with two enslaved warriors, Vesha and Zarkx. However, with the well-timed assistance of Lotawn, Xeptek managed to drive Jarzek and Vesha off, leaving the two Glatorian to take an unconscious Zarkx back to Lotawn's home.

Weeks later, after Zarkx died after sustaining injuries from a battle with Shezz, Lotawn and Xeptek returned from searching the wastelands with a trio of wanderers: Verex, Ranzesk, and Drex, who were investigating the same Glatorian disappearances they were.

After the trio had left, the exiled Skrall Jarzek and Drakzu arrived here with the intention of capturing the Glatorian residing here. A day later, a group of consisting of Zaz, Sceptiez, Grespok, Xepta, and several enslaved Skrall arrived to assist Jarzek and Drakzu with there mission. After discussing tactics, the group split up, with the intention of forcing the Glatorian living in the Sanctuary to travel to it's center.

Their plan succeeded, and Jarzek and his allies started a large fire within the Sanctuary, doing an unknown amount of damage to it. Luckily, the fires were extinguished thanks to the efforts of the Sanctuary's defenders.


Though surrounded by desert wasteland, the Sanctuary, mostly walled in by a circular formation of large, jagged rocks, hosts a large patch of lush jungle forest that is sustained by a large spring. Beneath the oasis surface are a series of subterranean tunnels that were formed by an underground river which has since shrank to a small stream. Lotawn, Shezz, and now Xeptek use these tunnels as living quarters.


Both Shezz and Lotawn have made the Sanctuary their permanent home, and defend it from any who come seeking to cut down the trees that make up the forest, though will provide temporary shelter to travelers seeking refuge from the desert.

Also permanent dwellers of the Sanctuary are a number of creatures, many of which are no longer found anywhere else on Bara Magna, including one of the last herds of Silver Rock Steeds.

Xeptek is also currently staying in the Sanctuary while he aids Lotawn and Shezz in there investigation of the Glatorian abductions.


"The Agori and Glatorian are acting foolish. They believe more trees and vegetation will miraculously emerge from the dried soil to replace the ones they have taken the instant they do so. That is why I am here, to protect our endangered vegetation, and I will not just stand aside and let you or anyone else come into these forests and horde more wood for yourself!"
"These precious forests can never be replaced. They must be protected at all costs."