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"We all fell. I rolled over to the window and looked out. It was very staggering. The sea had gone mad! Giant whirpools formed and disappeared! The sea level rose and lowered! The whole world was shaking with amazing force, bringing down even mountains! Some parts pf Bio-Land were completely flooded by giant water waves as some shores were completely drained of it. A huge tidal wave washed across Bio-Land.

"Then I saw it. It was very, very far away but I could see it. An enormous head like thing rose from the sea far away, destroying an island in the process. The earthquake got stronger as something even more gigantic and huge rose from below. The sea went crazy as the most huge thing ever rose from underneath it, rising high above the clouds. Bio-Land was badly damaged during the process. Because of the earthquake, I fell again."

Aino in her blog

Mata Nui rising from the sea.

The Rising was a cataclysmic event for all the lands which are located on the surface of the BIONICLE Planet. This even was caused by the rising of the Matoran Universe after the Toa Nuva had awakened Mata Nui. The rising damaged almost all the lands of the planet surface.

When the rising was over, Teridax took control over the Matoran Universe and banished Mata Nui along with the Kanohi Ignika. Because of this, Tapio, Matoran Hordika, Arthur and three Matoran warriors were sent into space on a quest to retrieve the mask. Also, the Project Virus was started on Bio-Land. It's goal is to create a virus that could be used to put Teridax asleep.

Currently all the damaged lands of the planet surface are struggling to survive while the massive Matoran Universe "floats" above the planet. Some lands have already been completely destroyed by Teridax.


Makuta Teridax(In Mata Nui's body) standing on the BIONICLE Planet