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The Rise of Evil
Light vs. Dark
Spherus Magna
Date Set
after Teridax's death
name unknown
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The Rise of Evil is the first volume of Light vs. Dark, a series containing seven volumes, if not cancelled. Chapters will be short, but there will be many.


///Toa Of White Prophecy\\\

Once, in a land of beasts and traps, a legendary hero walked among the Matoran. His name is lost to history, but it is said that he was the Toa of White, whom is said to have ultimate power over all of the "white" powers.

Light, Water, Lightning, Ice, Air, Magnets, Sound, and Suction.

He had been to the Land of a Million Beasts, outnumbered that many to one, and defeated all of the monsters that lived there.

He will come once again, in the time of the Toa of Black.

///Toa of Black Prophecy\\\

It is said the Toa of Black will be the most hideous of Toa. He will have a mask full of shadow more powerful than the Krakhann, Mask of Shadows. He will come in the world not knowing who he is, when the world seems to be at peace.


Yeah, I'm a girl. I've heard that I'm the Toa of White, which doesn't surprise me, 'cause I've been having dreams of a blank canvas. Weird, huh? Well, my name's Whiteout(another reason I'm not surprised I'm the Toa of white), and, well, I wasn't really ever a Matoran. Sounds a little like some famous Toa that I've heard of. I'm having good feelings about this hero stuff.