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The Past of the Toa is a fan fiction story of the Toa Mata's past before going into Toa Canisters. It was written by Toatapio Nuva on Bzpower many years ago, somewhere around 2005. By the time it was written, the author was younger and not very skilled in writing so there may be a few spelling mistakes. But nevertheless, enjoy!


Toa Nuva had their past... as Toa. Toa Metru had their past... as Matoran. But even Toa (olda) have their past! But what is their past? Were they Matoran? Were did they came from? How did they end to the canisters? If you're interested... read!

And don't only thank me for the story! Takutanuva reincartament and Jade Warrior (members of Bzpower at the time) have helped me in making this story with brilliant ideas!

Part 1[]

Chapter 1[]

Long time ago... at the time before time... when the Nui Metru-Nui was new... Matoran were new... Turaga... and the Metru Toa Metru. Toa Metru, a mysterious word, by any means, but an even greater meaning, Toa Metru, a word to strike fear into evils heart... But in Metru-Nui the Toa Metrus were Matoran changed by Stone Toa Stones! Even Lhikan... But how about the Mata normal Toa?

At the same time when Metru-Nui was born... the great spirit thought of six new Toa. He went to work them. He found the greatest and noblest pieces he could find... and gave each one of them elemental powers. Fire, water, earth, stone, ice and air. "May Tahu protect the Matoran from beasts!" the great spirit said. "And he shall be like fire in his personality! May Gali heal the Matoran with her water powers! Her personality shall be like water... and girl! May Onua protect the Matoran from earthquakes and other problems with earth! His personality shall be like earth itself! May Pohatu protect the Matoran from collapsing things! His personality shall be like a stone! May Kopaka protect the Matoran from avalanches! His personality shall be like the ice! May Lewa protec the Matoran from wind and flying beasts! His personality shall be as the air!" The great spirit had made six more Toa... and they were born to be Toa. They didn't started being Matoran! They were very skilled. But great spirit left out their masks and tools. The Toa should find them themselves!

Chapter 2[]

The great spirit woked six new Toa. The Toa woke up. "You are Toa", the great spirit said. "The ones who will gather fear to evils heart with only when your name is called. The ones who shall do anything that the light and hapiness will stay." "But... who are we?" Tahu asked. "I told you", the great spirit said. "But you must find your own... and united way yourself!" Tahu was mixed up. He didn't understand what the great spirit meant. But then his thoughts changed. He saw 5 other Toa waking up. Gali was strait away starting to speak and discuss where they came from but Tahu didn't listen. Then the great spirit spoke again. "But you aren't warriors without skills, tools, masks... and first of all... Virtues Unity. These you shall learn! You will have to find them! Your first task is to find your masks! Miru, Kaukau, Pakari, Kakama, Akaku and Hau. You will have to search the island of masks, Kanohi-Nui and gather all six." Then the great spirit vanished and a huge doorway opened.

"This maybe leads to the Kanohi-Nui island" Gali said. "I wont go anywhere until I know who you and I are!" Tahu started to argue but Kopaka stopped him. "The great spirit said that we must find and learn these things by owrselves. Let's just call us by our colours until that." Tahu was again about to shout but it was 5 againts 1 so Tahu realized it was no use. The new Toa went throught the door and saw the beautiful Kanohi-Nui. There were 6 districts. "I think that in each of the district there's a mask", Pohatu said and others agreed. Toa went down and started to talk. "Where do we start kanohisearching?" Lewa asked. "Let's do it in order" Onua said. Again everyone agreed. This place is first of all full of statues and stones", Gali said. The Toa started to search. They went throught the statues and peeked from every hole. "Nothing", Kopaka sighed. Then something started to happen.

The earth started to crack and out peeked baddies heads. The monsters were giant rats. "Brothers! Prepare for your first fight!" Gali shouted. "But we don't have our masks, tools or anything else yet!" Kopaka shouted. Giant Rats attacked. Their tales were covered in spikes and their teeth were marmor. Tahu was glad to show his skills. He jumped on one of the rats but it hit Tahu with it's tail and Tahu fell of. Others now became to fight. But it seemed impossible. The rats were really strong. Then Gali remembered something. Unity!

"With unity we can fight these beasts!" Gali shouted. "Or maybe just hush them away!" "Yes of course! Even we don't have our powers we still can hush them away!" Pohatu shouted. The 6 Toa went ina row and started to run towards the rats. Rats were scared of so big army (well, they thought 6 were much) and ran away. "It worked!" Onua shouted. "But we still haven't found our masks yet", Kopaka said. "Then we must continue our search!"

Chapter 3[]

The Toa were searching a Kanohi mask from a place on the island Kanohi-Nui were there were lots of statues and stone every where. On some places there were also sand. Gali being only girl was worried of her appearance without a mask to cover her ugly face. Tahu wasn't interested of finding masks or tools. He was thinking about other Toa all the time and wasn't sure to trust them or not. The one who searched the most was Onua. He could easily pick up the statues and other substances of the way to look if mask was hidden under statues. Lewa was worried of his treespeak. He feared others would leave him when a danger was near because of that. But the Toa didn't know themselves very well. It easily brought that kinds of thoughts into their mind. Still they continued the search.

Suddenly Pohatu heard something and whispered to other Toa "Someone or something is walking on the top of that statue." "What could it be?" Gali asked nervously. "Mabe someone is just cliffbounded there", Lewa said. "I go and look", Gali said. She was able to climb better that others because of her blue claws. But suddenly something smashed the statue and Gali fell down. "Sister!" Kopaka shouted as the statues pieces fell over helpless Gali. Kopaka charged to help his sister but then suddenly a Toa jumped down.

However it wasn't a Toa of their group. The Toa was Toa of Jealousy. Suddenly the Toa just stood up and ran to Tahu. Before Tahu could react the Toa said "Hey, isn't it bad that Onua has those cool claws but you havn't." Tahu suddenly started to become so jealous of Onua claws that he ran and tried to take them from Onua. They started to fight and the Toa just continued. "Hey, hasn't Pohatu got so cool feet. You should have something like that too" the Toa whispered on Kopakas ear. Soon the Toa of ice was battling with Pohatu. Now the Toa was charging towards Lewa. Suddenly a strong wind came and it unabled the Toa to get any more close to Lewa. then the wind came stronger and stronger until it took the Toa of jealously and threw smashed him onto a statue. Of that smash the statues front wall crashed and inside there was a grey mask. "I-I can rule the air... and the wind!" said Lewa. "And can I... no. Im still treebound." The fighting Toa suddenly stopped fighting. "W-What were I doing?" Kopaka wondered. "We are brothers!" "Hey brothers, I'm the Toa of air!" Lewa shouted happily. "And look!" Onua shouted. "Theres a mask!"

The Toa charged to the mask. Gali, who had got from the pile of pieces picked it up. "But... who shall take this mask?" she asked. On the statue there was text. The Toa read it. "Kanohi Pakari, the great mask of strength." "Could I take it?" Onua asked. "I would want to... get... more strength." "Ok, here you go", Gali said and handed the mask to Onua. Tahu was angry. He thought the mask of power would belong to him. "Look!" Pohatu shouted. "Theres an odd door." The Toa saw a doorway leading toa swampy place with lots of trees and insects. The Toa went through the door hoping another mask to be there. Suddenly they saw a Brakas... and a mask was stuck on it's tail!

Chapter 4[]

Comeon Toa!" Lewa shouted. "Lets quickcatch that monkeycreature and get that mask!" Toa started to run after Brakas but the vines and trees along with lush bushes and swamps slowed them too much. Soon the Brakas was gone. "Ow, how can we now get the next mask?" Pohatu moaned. Onua was just looking at his mask proudly. "We must find that creature again", Kopaka said. "It's our only hope to succeed in quest 2." Toa began to crawl under the roots and other plants. But then Tahu went away. No one didn't recognize it because of the lush jungle. Tahu started then to run. He didn't know why but maybe he didn't trust to others. He wanted to catch the creature before them so he would be safe from them. But suddenly roots that weren't in the ground began to wobble. Trees suddenly started to fall! Tahu ran for his life. It seemed as the nature would be againts him. Soon the vines started to move and tried to grab Tahu. Tahu dodged. All the plants and trees suddenly tried to get Tahu. Tahu was terrified. Then, a big hole appeared to the ground and the poor Tahu fell in. He bumbed his head and fainted.

Meanwhile, other Toa had terrible time trying to get forward. "This doesn't work!" Pohatu shouted. "And even if we could find that creature, we'll never able to catch it!" "We have to find a way", Gali said. Suddenly they felt the ground shaking. "W-What's this?" Kopaka wondered. Soon the trees started to crack and collapse. Then the grass turned into spikes and bushes started to move towards the Toa. Vines came alive too and trees continued falling. "Look out brothers!" Gali shouted and jumped to a tree that hadn't fallen yet. "I will airblow these creatures away!" Lewa shouted. He summoned the wind and the bushes were out of the game. But his wind didn't work for vines, trees or spikes. All the Toa jumped to the tree. But then Gali slipped and fell. "Sister!" Kopaka shouted. Suddenly the earth began to shake again and the spikes sank into the ground. Gali fell on soft moss. Onua had just discovered his powers. "How lucky you are, you have mask and elemental power already", Pohatu said. "Phiuf! That was close!" Gali said. "But... wheres Tahu!?" But before they could even think about it the vines continued with trees.

Chapter 5[]

The whole forest was againts Toa. And soon the tree where all the Toa except Gali were, threw the Toa (except Gali) far away. "Brothers!" Gali shouted. She was now alone in a forest of living trees and vines... and she even didn't have any powers of her yet. However Gali was flexible and could jump great distances and her defence was great along with dodging. But she couldn't hide or escape the vines and trees. She would have to fight until death. The vines attacked. But then Gali took hold of one of them with her hook and cut it. Then she started to climb a tree that hadn't fell yet. That was her worst mistake so far. Tree started to shake and slammed Gali to the ground.

"W-Where am I?" Tahu wondered. "What has happened?" All was dark around him. He couldn't see anything. Suddenly two lights shut on. Tahu saw two altars. In other one there was one of his Toa fellows... made of rock, and that statue showed Toa fellow to be in danger. At the other altar there was a mask... golden mask! Suddenly two paths appeared, one going to the other altar and one to the other. Then the statue of helpless Toa... came alive! And suddenly also a Rahi appeared and it fought the Toa fellow. Tahu didn't know however that it was really a hologram shown by the great spirit. "Well, I guess I have to save him even I don't know how he got here", Tahu said. "But first I guickly take the mask..." Tahu ran to the altar where the golden mask was. Suddenly when Tahu touched to the mask, the floor began to shake. Then glowing eyes appeared in the darkness and they came towards him. Then even more eyes appeared... the Bohrok had came!

Meanwhile other Toa had flew into a strange place. "Look!" Kopaka shouted when they had all awaken. He showed his fellows an intresting window. That was a strange gateway to their next island after Kanohi-Nui... Toatool-Nui. "Toa- tool- Nui" Onua read from a sign written over the window. "Strange name." "How do we get there?" Lewa asked. "Maybe we must first collect all the masks from different reagons from this island", Pohatu said. "Yes, of course!" Onua said. "But where's Gali... and Tahu had disappeared too", Kopaka asked in wonder. But soon they heard crackle from the bushes. "Look!" Lewa shouted. "It's the monkeybrakas!"

Chapter 6[]

"Brothers, don't let it escape!" Pohatu shouted. The Toa ran after Brakas. It continued deeper into the forest and soon the plants and trees blocked the sun so it became extremely dark. "Wh-Where did it go?" Kopaka asked. "Wait!" Onua said. "I-I see in the dark. It's dark even then but still..." "Well, where did that sillymonkeyBrakas go then?" Lewa asked. "There!" Onua shouted. All the Toa (exept Onua who went flat when the Toa rushed over him) ran after Brakas. But then suddenly a cage banged over them. Then the cage started to sink into the ground. Soon it was gone... as well as the other Toa. "Brothers!" Onua shouted being only one on the surfice. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!".

Meanwhile Gali awoke and then wished to be in dream again. She was stuck snd couldn't move. "W-What is this?" she asked. Then she realized that she was in a cocoon. The cocoon was tightly closed and Gali was inside. She felt pain and tried to get off but she couldn't do anything. Suddenly she saw spider like creatures in the trees. "W-What are those?" Gali wondered. Then Gali saw something else coming. It was the Brakas! And it still had the Kanohi mask on it's tail. Suddenly the spiders started to throw spinners at it. Brakas screamed and dodged every single spinner. Then it rushed deep into the forest with speed of lightning. Spiders followed. Suddenly Gali fell to the ground. One of the spinners had broke it and now Gali was free. "I have to find that monkey! Those spiders might hurt it and get the mask. I think that they really want it", Gali said and rushed to the woods.

Meanwhile other Toa were captured in a jail. It was dark around them, and rats were only living beings after Toa. "How can we get out? We don't have our masks even yet", Pohatu sighed. "I have my wind powers, don't forget!" Lewa shouted. "They will not help us here", Kopaka said. Suddenly they heard someone coming. "Who might that be?" Pohatu asked. They soon found out. "Tahu!" all Toa shouted in amazement. "W-What do you have on your face?" "You foolish little Toa shall die!" Tahu shouted. Other Toa were amazed. "Hey, please what is this?" Pohatu became nervous. "Nothing, just some killing..." Tahu answered. "Hey be good and let us out of here!" Kopaka said. "Good? Im now a part of the swarm, we will destroy anything on our path! And no-one will remain!" Tahu shouted. Then all colours of eyes appeared in the darkness and they came closer and closer until the Toa could see them. "And in that jail you don't have a place to hide or to escape!" Tahu shoutede and started to laugh. "Beware brothers!" Lewa shouted. The Bohrok started to shoot their powers at Toa in the jail. They didn't have a place to hide but enough room to dodge. The Toa dodged Bohroks elements but became tired soon. However they then got hope of surviving. One Lehvak accidently shot acid on bars. They smelted and the Toa quickly ran. They did a huge jump over the swarms and ran towards a place with light. "There must be an exit!" Pohatu shouted. "We'll soon be out!" But the whole swarm was after them, and Tahu was leading the way. The Toa got out in time! But then something hit Pohatu and he fell to the ground with the thing that had crashed to him. Brakas!

Chapter 7[]

"Brakas! Capture it!" shouted Kopaka. Pohatu grabbed Brakas and pulled the mask of it's tail. But suddenly they head Tahu again "Bohrok! Capture them!" The brakas got scared and ran away. However, Pohatu had tooken the mask of it and was ready to put it on, when a Nuhvok made an earthquake. Pohatu dropped the mask, and Bohrok were trying to get it! But then Kopaka took it and put it on. This one is now my mask! Kopaka soon realized how the mask worked. He could see closer, and through things. He suddenly realized that there were little odd things inside Bohroks faceplates. "What could those be? Hey, I know! The Bohrok use them to control others! A same kind of a thing is on Tahus head too! If I only could get it off..." But soon Kopaka heard other Toa shouting in horror. The Tahnok had putten the forest on fire! And it had surrounded all the Toa, even Kopaka himself! Lewa tried to blow the fire away with his great air powers but they just feeded the fire. But suddenly a huge wave of water splashed on the fire and the burning stopped. "Gali!" Kopaka shouted. "Yes, I have the power of water..." Gali said. " I was following that Brakas but I lost it. And then I saw you in trouble and realized my powers, so I saved you. "We got that stupidmonkey already and Kopaka has that hardtogetmask." "I can zoom with it and see through things", Kopaka said proudly. But then Tahu came with the swarm of Bohrok. "You fools stopped the mighty fire but lets see whos the winner in the end..." "Tahu, you can't destroy your friends. You just can't do it." Gali broke Tahus speech. "You maybe have that strange thing on your face and have changed into a baddie but you are still Toa in your heart. And that heart is behing that spooky thing." With these words Kopaka jumped on Tahu and ripped the Krana off. Tahu soon became to his senses. While that, the Toa fought the Bohrok, and with Galis wave and Lewas wind, the Bohrok lost and disappeared from the place. "Well, we've found the mask and fought out enemies", Kopaka said. Now it's time to get to another place. Suddenly a door appeared in front of them. Meanwhile, another door appeared in front of the Onua who was far away from others. All the Toa went through a door and met in another place, full of volcanoes and lava. Then, those spider like creatures appeared in Galis mind. Now she knew why they wanted the Brakas. Because of the mask of course. But will they appear again, searching for their masks? And what if they would get one or more?

Chapter 8[]

"Well, where are we now?" asked Kopaka. "I don't know but this place is pulling me like a magnet", Tahu said. Toa had went through two parts of the island named Kanohi-ui to search for their masks. They had faced many adventures and collected two Kanohi from the parts they had visited. Now Lewa was maskeless but had found his elemental powers, sane with Gali, Onua had both his mask and elemental owers, Pohatu had nothing, Kopaka had his mask and Tahu had nothing. Now they were on a place with lots of volcanoes and lava.

The 6 Toa started walking and searching for the mask. "Ooh, it's too hot in here!" moaned Kopaka. "Same thing here!" Gali said. She was splashing herself with water but the heat was too great for her. And even he doesn't know it, Kopaka is the Toa of ice so he was feeling quite bad also. "Don't sadworry, I'll cool you with some coldair!" Lewa said and made little wind for the two egsosted (I don't know how to write this, sorry) Toa. But it didn't help. Gali and Kopaka fainted and fell. "Oh dear, oh dear!" Lewa shouted. Onua and Pohatu ran and took Gali and Kopaka to their arms. "Oh no, this heat is too much for them!" shouted Onua. "Tahu, do you know how to heal them? Tahu? TAHU?" Onuas shouting did nothing. Tahu was far away, leading hiomself into dangers.

Tahu was jumping faaaaaaaar away from the other, in the forest of volcanoes. In the place where he jumped happily was a LARGE llava lake and little lava rivers surrended the area, Tahu was jumping in. He had jumped over the lakes. And he had discovered, he loves lava and fire! "I don't know why but here I feel great!" he shouted to himself. "I could LIVE here!" Tahu started to climb happily onto one volcanoe, next to the place he was jumping in. When he was at the top, he looked down into the crator. "Wow, this is so great... it's just... beautiful... I... Would like to... live there... jump... there... stay forever..." Suddenly Tahu tripped on a little stone under his leg and fell into the crator! "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Meanwhile Lewa, Onua and Pohatu tried to wake Kopaka and Gali. Lewas cooling wind didn't work for them and Onua and Pohatu didn't know how to wake them. Suddenly Pohatu got an idea. "Hmm, heat made them faint didn't it?" Pohatu said. "Well, yes", Onua said. "Lets take them to the jungle place where we visited few minutes ago. They might wake there", Pohatu said. "Goodwell idea brother! I lovelike that place!" Lewa shouted. The Toa step through the door again and where in the jungle again. But now everyone came to the place where Onua had got to th other part. The Toa now started to awake the two fainted Toa but the jungle area didn't seem to help much. They needed water somewhere and quickly! But they weren't in the water place yet and it was hard to find a pond in a jungle! The Toa were in serious trouble. The two fainted Toas heartlights started to lose their light, reaaaally slowly, but still it was dangerous. They were had to be awaken or...

The two Toa were in danger, Others didn't know what to do, and Tahu was falling towards his doom! What will happen to the Toa? Read the next chapter when it appears!

Chapter 9[]

"Why does this happen to me? Did they made me only that I could die? Is this my destiny?" Tahu thought sadly and horrified. He was falling towards lava. He was very close, he would soon absorb to lava... "JYSKIS!" Tahu slolely opened his eyes. Something had stopped him falling. Tahu elt pain in his back. He opened his eyes and realized that he was sitting on a rock in the middle of the lava lake in the volcano. "Th-thanks great spirit", said Tahu.

Tahu didn't panic anymore but Onua and Pohatu... and Lewa had to. Kopakas and galis heartlights were getting darker and the 3 standing Toa could do nothing. "Oh no, we soon have to say goodbye to Gali and Kopaka..." Onua said sadly. But suddely lights flashed on Gali and Kopaka from the skyes. Soon it became extremely bright and Toa could see only white light everywhere. Then the great spirit came before them and said: "I'll give you only a one chance. This is the last thing I help you with. Now on you'll have to survive on your own." Suddenly the great spirit vanished, and the two fainted Toa started to wake up. Their heartlights were glowing bright again. "Uhh, what happened?" Gali asked weakly. "The great spirit... helped us", Pohatu said. "But remember what he said Pohatu! We shall be careful, we now don't have the great spirits protection. We must survive on our own", Onua said. "Let's go back to that hotplace and quick-find Tahu", Lewa said and was heading towards the gate that led to the volcano place. "NO!" Kopaka shouted. "I'll never go to that place again!" "But we must", said Gali. "I'll cool us with my elemental powers and do my best to stay consisuos." "Well, then we have to go...", said Kopaka disappointed. He hated the place with volcanoes and lava.

Meanwhile Tahu had realized that the rock was floating on the lava. And it had brought him into a dark cave with lava. He still couldn't get off and was headed deeper still. Tahu wasn't quite pleased with that. " " He was now very deep, but saw something. It was a mask! It looked like a laughing face, but it was still a mask! Tahu was interested. He could now get a mask on his face. But how could he get it? The mask was on a wall of the cave, Tahu couldn't sail there and he was going deeper, soon go beside of the mask and lost it. Tahu was a fire tempered and still is. And his courage amount is large. Tahu decided to take a risk. He would jump fro the rock, pull the mask quickly from the wall and trust to his luck. He did so when he was just beside the mask. He quickly grabbed on the mask, that made him stay on the wall. Now he was pulling it hard. Tahu soon got the mask off, and quickly placed the maskon his face. "Uhh, ohh..." said Tahu when he started to fall again to the lava but something stopped him. It wasn't a rock this time. Tahu realized that he was floating in the air! (You propably know that the mask of levitation belonged to Lewa when the Toa arrived. Don't let it confuse you, you'll find out how the mask changed wearer) "This is great!" Tahu shouted. Luck had really been with him. But when he thought about if the mask wouldn't be the mask of levittion... ohh! It wouldn't have been so healthy to him. But he was now floating in the air! But how could he get off?

Chapter 10[]

“Uh, what can I do?” thought Tahu horrified. He was floating above lava with Miru in a lava cave which had only the lava stream and walls along with roof. Tahu couldn’t grab anything. He was of course save when floating above the deadly lava but he couldn’t do anything else. He was trapped there.

Meanwhile other Toa had returned to the lava place and were searching for Tahu. Gali cooled herself and Kopaka with her water powers in every two minutes so they wouldn’t collapse. “Taahuu!” all the Toa shouted together. “Where could he have gone?” asked Gali. “I dunno”, Lewa said. “He just quick-went on adventures of his own while we explored…” The Toa continued searching for Tahu. But in the shadows a pair of eyes… or millions of pairs of eyes watched them as they went.

Tahu was giving up hope. “So this is my doom…” he talked to himself. But suddenly he saw his chance. Another rock was passing by him. Tahu didn’t think for too long, he quickly inactivated his Miru and landed on the rock. But Tahus troubles weren’t over. The rock moved deeper and deeper to the cave. And the deeper it went the faster it went too. Soon the speed was really great! Suddenly Tahu saw a pillar on the front of him! The rock and him smashed on the pillar. Pillar broke into pieces but Tahu and the rock remaind. The pieces of the pillar however fell on Tahus head and he fainted. He was now going so fast that it was his luck to be unconsisuous. The rock went faster and faster and faster and faster and faster… until it slowed down and stopped. It had flowed to a large lake of lava inside a crater. Tahu was still unconsisuous. Soon the volcano started to shake and thunder. The volcano was errupting! The lava lake grew bigger and Tahu, lying on the rock was going up… KAPOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! The volcano errupted and send Tahu far away from the volcano and others.

Other Toa saw the erruption too but didn’t realize Tahu flying away. But the eyes in the shadows who had followed the Toa saw it and changed their pray. They ran and started to find Tahu. The other Toa saw them. “Those spiders!!!!!!!” Gali shouted. And more she couldn’t say cause the Visorak ran over them! It made the others unconsisuous too.

Chapter 11[]

The Toa woke up in the field of volcanoes. “W-What happened?” asked Gali. “Those spiders ran over us”, Kopaka explained. “But they didn’t have any interest to us.” “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Toa suddenly heard. “Th-That was Tahus voice!” Onua shouted. “Lets go!” Pohatu shouted. The 5 Toa ran towards the sound. Suddenly they found Tahu, he was wearing a mask and looked like he would laugh. But he wasn’t. He was battling the Visorak. “He has already quick-find that mask!” Lewa shouted. “But why hadn’t doors opened?” Gali thought. Suddenly Onua got an idea how to win the Visorak. He digged down to the Earth. He went below one big volcano and started to shake the ground. Soon the volcano errupt exploding. “Beware brothers!” Pohatu shouted. All the Toa jumped away from the lava but Visorak just stared and soon they were burried in lava. “Huh, that was good quick-thinking Onua”, Lewa said. Suddenly the door to next district opened. “Well, you have found a mask then”, Gali said. “And I’ll never go away on my own”, Tahu said sadly. “I found out that together we are strong.” “That’s good!” Gali said happily to her brother.

Chapter 12[]

The Toa stepped through the door to the water place. They were on a beach. The beach was long, same kind as Ga-Koros and ahead the Toa, there was the great sea. Althought there were some little islands as well, and some big water-lillys where the Toa could stand on. The place looked quite lifeless on the land and up. “Where could the mask be here?” Tahu asked mixed up. “This is just a dead land with sand and water.” “Hmm, how about underwater?” thought Gali. She dipped her head into the water and looked amazed. The dry land seemed to be lifeless but underwater things were different. It buzzed with life. Millions of fish species swam there, the great plants with grew in the water like seaweed blocked some little caves that were inside stones, and there lived more and more fish species… Gali couldn’t breath! Of course she was now underwater without any waterbreathing mask but the underwaterworld was the thing that made her breathless even on dry land. “Brothers, the sea is full of life!” Gali shouted to her brothers. “Then, maybe the mask should be somewhere there!” Pohatu shouted but felt some sort of sickness too. “Hmm, I don’t know if I like that stuff a lot…” Tahu said and felt some sort of sickness too. “Oh, come on! Let’s swim and find that mask!” Gali tried. In the end Gali, Kopaka, Lewa and Onua went swimming and Pohatu stayed on th beach with Tahu. They decided to search there.

Gali was the best swimmer of 6 Toa. She realized how quickly she could go through the waters and felt like her home. She had already seeked her elemental power and that helped her in her search. Suddenly she saw many glowing eyes far away in the water but couldn’t see who’s eyes were they. But suddenly she felt she wouldn’t even want to know. A Gahlok swarm was heading towards her. Gali got scared and swam for her life. But the Gahlok were fast in the water. They were soon on Gali and tried to attach a Krana to her. But Gali put all her powers and fought againts the mighty Bohrok. Gali tried to open their faceplates cause she know that the Krana were the powersource of the Bohrok. She had find this out in the jungle place were Tahu had got one on his face. But the headplates were too tightly locked. Suddenly she accidently hit on one Bohroks eye, the faceplate went open and Krana flew out! Now Gali knew Bohroks most vulnerabity part. With her hooks, she easily smacked on Bohroks eyes, causing the Krana to sink into the deepest parts of the sea. But suddenly Gali felt sickness too. She couldn’t breath! She tried to swim up but the remaining Bohrok took hold of her legs. And the air was running out!

Onua was diving to very bottom of the sea, but felt something hard. The waterpressure was so high that Onua couldn’t swim any deeper. He continued swimming in the level of deepness he was now, trying to look for a mask. But he was son encountered by a fearsome sea monster, the Tarakava. Onua already had his mask and Tarakava tried to smash it off with it’s fists. But Onua was a powerful Toa of Earth with his mask, elemental powers and claws. He took hold of Tarakavas fist and pulled it with all his might. Tarakava tried to swam away and one of it’s hands ripped of. The Tarakava screamed in pain but hit Onua with his another fist. Onua also shouted in pain. But Onua was a bold Toa and continued fighting. He saw a mask on the Tarakava and swam to it. He took and ripped the mask off. Tarakava suddenly calmed and swam away.

Chapter 13[]

Lewa was swimming far away from the beach. He stayed near the surface since he couldn’t hold his breath for too long. He was glancing around but didn’t find anything so near the surface. Just water. He decided to dive deeper and that was his mistake. A Takea fish saw Lewa and wanted him for his food. Takea, with no thinking swam in great speed towards Lewa. Poor Lewa realized Takea when it was metre away and Takea snapped it’s jaws to Lewa. Lewa would’ve screamed but he couldn’t do that underwater. He tried to flee but he was so weak of pain that he could hardly move. The pain was so great that it made even Lewa crying quietly. Takea now sensed that his prey was ready to be eaten. But suddenly ten tentacles shot from the bottom of the sea and grabbed on lewa and Takea. Takea was pulled of Lewa but that didn’t mean tentacles were helping him. They soon started to pull Lea and Takea to the bottom. Lewa couldn’t breath. He felt pain in his lungs. But suddenly he saw something in a rock in the bottom of the sea. It was a mask! After that view Lewa fainted.

Pohatu and Tahu were walking along the shore. “I wonder how the search does there underwater”, Pohatu said. “From them propably well but from me not”, Tahu answered. “Yes, we both hate water”, Pohatu said. Suddenly a large Rahi stricked from a cave next to them. It was a Tarakava-Nui, the king of lizards! “Yikes!” Tahu shouted when Tarakava-Nui was hitting Tahu. Tahu jumped and activated his Miru. Tarakava prepared for another strike but soon a boulder hit hard on his pack. Pohatu had found his element, the stone. “I can control stones and boulders!” Pohatu shouted and threw more rocks at the Rahi. Tarakava-Nui smashed most of them but some hit on it. Tarakava-Nui got angry and drived towards Pohatu. and it drove over the poor Toa! But Tahu was ready again. He jumped on the Tarakava-Nuis back and hold tightly. Tarakava-Nui tried toget Tahu off but he just hold on. And really soon Pohatu was awake and prepared to kick more boulders. One boulder hit the mask which dropped of. Tarakava-Nui calmed and drove so quicklyaway that Tahu dropped from it’s back. “Hmm, it was this mask that controlled it”, pohatu said picking the Tarakava-Nuis mask. “It’s rusty.” “We must beware rusty masks” Tahu said. If we see them, we shouldn’t take them. We must hunt only for clean masks.” “Yes, this rust could control us”, Pohatu said. And the two Toa continued walking.

Meanwhile Gali was in trouble. The Bohrok were holding her underwater and without the mask she should’ve had she couldn’t breath underwater. “Is this my end… will I die… in my own element…” Gali thought. But she soon got an idea. She could control water! Gali made a huge wave that made her splash on the soft sand on the beach they left from. The Bohrok had splashed there as well. Gali felt better now but the Bohrok didn’t give up. Gali saw them running towards her and in the last seconds she jumped and dodged their attack. Gali landed up in a palm tree on the beach. Now the Bohrok were cutting the tree with their powerful heads. Just when the tree crashed, Gali jumped off and landed on one of the Bohrok. She easily hit Bohrok in the eye and the Krana flew out. There were still two more Bohrok left. Gali defeated them easily. “Huh, I survived but… I was about to die… I was alone… I must find others! Only united we stand!” Gali decided.

Chapter 14 (A Party Chapter)[]

Much had happened to the Toa. Now Gali was trying to find her brothers from the beach. Lewa had been attacked by a Takea and now a vine was pulling him down, Lewa was unconsisuous. Onua was still searching for the mask and Tahu and Pohatu were walking on the shore.

Kopaka had swam really far from the beach. He was all the time trying to get deeper but his air was running out. Suddenly he saw lots of pairs of eyes in the distance. Kopaka first thought they were coming towards him but realized that they went to another direction. With his Akaku Kopaka noticed that the eyes belonged to the spider creatures they had found in the jungle and in the lava place. The Toa had found out that these creatures were seeking out for the Kanohi masks. They were trying to get them before the Toa. Spiders hadn’t seen Kopaka yet. He swam quietly after the spiders, hoping that he could find the mask. But again kopakas air was running out. He had to swim to the surface to get air. That made thespiders realize him. the spiders were after Kopaka. Kopaka was a bad swimmer. The spiders were close… suddenly a big whirlpool appeared and sucked the spiders inside it. after that appeared Onua. “Brother!” Kopaka shouted happily. “I took a piece from Earth with my powers to make a whirlpool”, Onua said. “Now, let’s get out of here!” The two Toa swam away before the whirlpool could’ve caught them. Suddenly Kopaka saw something with his Akaku. “Look! The maskj is there! And…” Kopaka looked deeper. “Lewa! He is caught by a vine or something…” “We must save him!” Onua shouted. He dived towards the poor Lewa. Kopaka followed Onua. Vine had wrapped around Lewa and was still in the bottom of the sea. Lewa was unconsisuous. Onua went to his aid. He easily ripped the vines and took Lewa to the surface. “Brother! Say something!” Onuatried to wake Lewa. Meanwhile Kopaka got into trouble. More vines appeared and grabbed on him. Kopaka was pulled down. When he was in the bottom, the vine stopped and died. It turned stronger however from the dying and Kopaka couldn’t swim. But he suddenly saw the mask. It was straight next to him. It was on a rock. Kopaka had one hand free and with all his might he pulled the mask off. “I wonder what powers this pocess”, Kopaka thought. But then he started to feel pain in his lungs. Kopaka couldn’t breath! “If this doesn’t help I’m doomed!” thought Kopaka and switched the masks he had. Now he was wearing a mask with no eyeholes instead of Akaku. The mask he worn was Kaukau. Soon kopaka realized it’s power. “I can… breath!” thought Kopaka in delight. He had now air and help came. Onua had succeeded waking Lewa and was swimming towards Kopaka to free him. He freed Kopaka and he Onua and Lewa swam to the beach.

Gali was running along the shore trying to find Tahu and Pohatu. She soon saw them in na distance. “Brothers!” she shouted. Tahu and Pohatu turned to see Gali running towards them. Suddenly a sand Tarakava made an ambush on Gali from bushes next to her. Gali screamed. Pohatu and Tahu ran to her aid. Pohatu threw heavy bolders on it. Sand Tarakava screamed in pain and turned towardsthe two Toa. Tahu activated his Miru but now he was a good target for the Sand Tarakava. It easily hit Tahu quickly and Tahu fell down. Now Gali and Pohatu was on it. But suddenly from the direction Gali came from came a swarm of Gahlok. And from the other direction of the beach, Spider creatures came. And from the sea… Kopaka, Lewa and Onua came. “Get ready for a fight!” Lewa shouted and ran towards the Bohrok Onua following him. Kopaka started to help Gali with the Sand Tarakava and Pohatu went to charge the spiders. Tahu got back to his feet and followed Pohatu. Onua and Lewa battled the Bohrok. “This is easy!” Onua shouted and made an earthquake. Bohrok were now lying on the ground but were waking up. Then Lewa made a great whirlwind that blew all the Bohrok away. Now they went to help Pohatu and Tahu since Spiders were really hard to beat. Gali used her waterpowers to make a huge wave on the Sand Tarakava. Then Kopaka made the final move, jumping on the mask and riupping it off. The Sand Tarakava fell. Now also Gali and Kopaka went to battle the Visorak. But before that kopaka gave the new mask to Gali. “You have the power over water. This mask of breething ubderwater suits better for you”, he said. “Thanks brother”, Gali thanked him. Gali put on her new mask and Kopaka took Akaku back. Now all the Toa were battling the spiders. Toa wrked together and easily won the battle. And then a new gate appeared before them and the toa stepped to another place through it, to a place with snow and ice. The Toa had learned an important lesson in the water place. Only united they’ll stand.

Chapter 15[]

The Toa stepped through the door and looked around them. The place was cold and they saw snowmountains everywhere. “How can we find the mask here?!” Lewa complained. “We’ll find a way, Lewa…” Kopaka said calmly. He felt like his home in the mountains. “This place is gorgious (If that’s the way to spell it)” Kopaka continued. “We must stay together but this place is large!” Gali said. “I suggest we could separate into 3 teams”, Tahu suggested. Gali was about to complain but all the other Toa were already agreeing so she didn’t say anything. Tahu made up 3 groups. Tahu took Pohatu with him. Then he send Lewa and Kopaka to work together. So that leaved Onua and Gali together. The Toa split up.

Tahu and Pohatu were climbing up a large mountain. Half- way up both of them were exhausted and tired. Suddenly they heard a roar. “W-What was that?” Pohatu asked in fear. “Something bad my brother, something bad”, Tahu answered also littlebit in fear. The Toa couldn’t think more when a giant Muaka attacked them. It was hiding under the snow and now striked from ambush. Tahu, without thinking first, jumped high and used his Miru to float on Muaka. Now he was holding tight on Muakas back. But Muaka didn’t like it! It started to spin around and kickin furiously, trying to kick Tahu off. But then Pohatu came. He started to throw big rocks at Muaka but it easily smashed them with his large mouth. Then Pohatu grew angry and threw more stones. One stone flew high over Tahu, Over Muaka and landed nearly on the top of the mountain. It started to roll down. More and more snow went on it. the stone had become a large snowball which was rolling down the mountain towards Tahu, Pohatu and the Muaka.

“We shouldn’t had splitted up”, Gali said sadly but little angriness could be realized easily too. Onua was actually thinking the same. The two Toa walked and walked until they came to a frozen lake. “I wonder if the ice is stong enough to hold us”, Onua wondered. “I’ll take care of that!” Gali said and made a huge but gentle wave of water on the ice. The water immedietly froze and made the ice stronger. Onua was amazed and he walked on the ice with Gali. But one part wasn’t strong enough. Soon ice broke under Gali when she stepped to that part, and dropped into the freazing waters under the ice. “Sister!” Onua shouted and tried to see Gali. Instead he saw a large, white fish that was swimming towards Onua. The big fish smashed the ice and Onua dropped into the water too. The two Toa were now in the freezing cold water and the fish was swimming towards them. It ate them! However, it didn’t chew the Toa so Onua and Gali went just unconsisuous.

Kopaka and Lewa were climbing another mountain. They suddenly saw a tiny temple in the top of the mountain. Kopaka took a better look at it with his Akaku and realized that a mask was there! “We must climb at the top, there the mask is!” Kopaka said. Lewa was happy to hear the word top and ran to the top. He picked the mask. “Let’s tell to the other Toa we have find it, hey whats this?” The mountain was thundering. “Oh no, an avalanche!” Kopaka shouted. It was true. The two Toa started to slip down, Lewa was holding the mask tight. Now Lewa and Kopaka were falling down with the avalanche. But suddenly it stopped. Kopaka had learned his element, ice. The two Toa now hurried and tried to find the others.

Suddenly Kopaka and Lewa heard a crying sound. Then they saw a huge snowball that had Tahu, Pohatu and Muaka inside. The ball was rolling down another mountain. Then a ramp came and the large snowball flew and crashed on ice. Ice broke and snowball fell underwater. It also made unconsious a fish there, a big and white one. Kopaka and Lewa hurried to save their powers. They also found an unconsious fish and Gali and Onua inside it. Now all the Toa were safe on the snowy beach. When Gali and Onua woke up, a door appeared. The Toa went inside.

Chapter 16[]

The Toa found out that the last region on Kanohi-Nui island was underground. They were teleported by the door to a large cave which had nothing but three caveways in the very back of the cave. Pohatu had chosen the Kanohi found in the snowplace. He now had the mask of speed. “So the last mask is for me”, said Lewa disappointed to be the last one to get a mask. Lewa had found his elemental powers but not the mask. Gali had both her elemental powers and her Kanohi, Onua also had both of them and even Pohatu had now. Kopaka also had found both but Tahu hadn’t got his elemental powers, just mask.

“So what shall we do now?” asked Pohatu. “Even there are three tunnels we shouldn’t split up again!” Gali said truthfully because of their splitting they had got into lots of trouble. Tahu asked Gali if it’s okay to split into just two groups. Gali argued first but in the end approved it. “But who will then deepexplore the third cave?” asked Lewa and looked into the darkness of the third cave. Suddenly he saw pairs of eyes there. “What…” started Lewa but suddenly black spiders ambushed the Toa from darkness. Many Toa had found their powers and started to fight. There were about 20 spiders.

Tahu had the most trouble of all Toa. He had only his flight Kanohi and jumped around wildly, trying to avoid Spiders attacks. Gali was shooting water at the spiders but it did nothing to them. Even her Kanohi, waterbreathing, couldn’t help her. Onua was catching spiders to his claws they were jumping on him. Kanohi Pakari gave Onua strength and so he threw spiders he catch to another spiders. Pohatu was kicking the spiders away and Kopaka was freezing spiders. But the Toa were going down, even Kopakas freezing wasn’t enough.

But then Gali got an idea. “Kopaka, make a cage that will protect us with your ice!” Kopaka made a cage out of ice that surrounded the Toa. “Pohatu, kick a small boulder that will brake a little hole to our cage!” Pohatu did so and one hole was on their cage. Then Gali commanded Onua to make an earthquake on spiders and then she herself shot water out of the hole that Pohatu made and then shutted the hole with a boulder that Pohatu made for her. The Toa were safe in the cage and the whole cave was flooded, spiders couldn’t breath. Then Onuas earthquake shaked the spiders so they were dead quicker. Soon all spiders were floating dead in the water. Now Kopaka broke the cage and Gali sucked all the water to herself again. The Toa had defeated the spiders and were ready to continue their journey.

Chapter 17[]

The Toa looked at the three tunnels. They had decided to separate into two groups of three. And now they knew which tunnel to leave unexplored because of a spider (Visorak) attack. Spiders had come out of the tunnel in the really left part. Toa split up into two groups. Tahu hadn’t found his elemental yet so he joined the ones who had good eleents. He went with Kopaka and Pohatu. But then Pohatu wanted to go with Onua because Pohatu wanted to get to know him better. In the end the decicion was this: Tahu, Pohatu and Onua in one group, Kopaka, Gali and Lewa in the other one. Then the Toa began their journey.

Tahu, Pohatu and Onua had went to the tunnel in the middle. They had walked really mucch already but nothing had happened. The tunnel was straight. Siddenly they got into a big cave. In the walls there were circles, green circles but the Toa had no idea what those were. Suddenly they saw an illusion. There was two really short paths. Other one led to a Matoran who was in danger and the other to a golden mask. This was an illusion made by the great spirit to test the Toa, the same one that had been in the jungle place underground were Tahu had been. He had choosen the mask first and got into lot of trouble. “Let’s take the mask first and then save that little fellow!” cried Tahu but on the way to the mask suddenly stopped. Old memories ferom the jungle came back. “Hey! This is the same illusion I saw in the jungle place! Remember that?” cried out. “We don’t remember any illusions but the jungle place really well, and how you had the thing on your face… but no time to think. Someone is in danger!” Pohatu shouted. “Come on, this is an illusion to test me! I chose wrong last time… I was selfish because I wanted a mask for me before saving anyone… But now it has changed!” Tahu shouted and suddenly ran for the Matoran illusion. When he had gotten there, the illusion of Matoran suddenly disappeared. The something really strange happened.

The golden mask illusion started to glow and became real. However, it wasn’t golden anymore. It was a mask they hadn’t seen before, the mask they were searching for! “Can we take it? Or is it a test again?” wondered Onua. Pohatu was little scared. Tahu was also little frightened but slowly walked towards the mask. He picked it up… nothing happened. “It’s real! It’s not a test or an illusion! It’s ours now!” Tahu cried out in joy and started to dance with the Toa.

Meanwhile the other group had met some Bohrok on the way and were fighting in the tunnel. Kopaka had tried to make ice walls to block Bohroks way but these Bohrok were black Bohrok and easily smashed the wall anytime it appeared. Gali tried to shoot water and once had tried to flood the tunnel but Bohrok seemed to be immune to flooding. Lewa had many times succeeded in blowing Bohrok deeper in the cave but always they had come back (the wind couldn’t blow them farer than 10 metres). Suddenly Lewa got an idea and commnded Gali and Kopaka to leave and run as far as they could. Lewa started to make airpressure. This was a hard thing for him to do but he thought about the Bohrok and what would happen if he wouldn’t do it. Lewa made lots and lots of air pressure then and… KABOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole tunnell collapsed but Lewa had been blown from the tunnel with other Toa so they were safe. the both tunnels collapsed. Also the one were Pohatu and Tahu along with Onua had heard the sound. Their tunnel collapsed and they got trapped under large boulder.

When the big bang was over, Gali, Kopaka and Lewa stood up and looked around them. Everything had collapsed around them. Thwey couldn’t even see the tunnels anymore. “Well done brother but I think the others are trapped there…” Kopaka said. Then Gali was shoked she ran around widly calling for her brothers.

Meanwhile Onua had got the boulders away that were on the Toa. He had awaken Tahu and Pohatu and was digging a new tunnel. But then Tahu realized something. The mask! Tahu was trying to find it and soon found it, but it had gotten broken. “OH NO!” shouted Tahu terrified. Also Onua stopped digging and came to see the mask. Then Onua continued digging and the Toa got out. The six Toa were happy to see each other but then tried to fix the mask. “Is all lost now?” asked Gali. Suddenly Tahu felt something in him. He had found his element. Fire. Then he got a little message from the great spirit. “Toa, we must now combine our elemental powers and shoot it at the broken mask”, Tahu said. Toa combined their elemental powers at the mask, it was in whole piece again. After lot of cheering Lewa asked. Tahu, can I get your flight mask? This mask is a shielding mask and a flight mask could go to my element little better.” Tahu thought for a while but in the end switched the masks with Lewa. Now Tau had the mask of shielding.

Suddenly a bright light came and the great spirit came to them. “Well done Toa”, he began. “You all have found your element and your Kanohi powers. Now you just need weapons. Gali, Onua and Pohatu have already their weapons, because they are like hands to you.” “Oh, that’s why my hands are hooks but Tahu has just normal hands…” Gali said. “Yes, that’s why”, said the great spirit. “I shall now teleport you to a castle where you can search for your tools.” A bright light surrounded the Toa and they were teleported.

Part 2[]

Chapter 1[]

The Toa were teleported to a Castle of Dangers. They had succeeded in finding their Kanohi and elemental powers on Kanohi- Nui but they still had to find their weapons. The Toa were teleported to the gates of the castle. The castle was old looking and ramshackled. It wasn’t really wide but high, and long. The Toa opened the gate and walked to the door of the castle. “This doesn’t look any place we could have a holiday in”, Gali said. “I liked Kanohi-Nui more”, Kopaka said with his calm and cool voice including little fright. “This… This is on Kanohi-Nui but on it’s center”, said Tahu with a trembling voice. He had gotten his last message from the great spirit.

“Let’s go inside now”, Onua said bravely and opened the door. Inside there was a great hall with stairs leading to big doors. “Let’s go!” Lewa yelled and used his Miru and some elemental powers to glide and float over the floor. He landed in the really front of the door. “Come on!” The other Toa started to walk towards the stairs but suddenly they heard trembling voice under Onua. The floor broke and Onua was falling down into a hole which seemed toi have no end but Gali grabbed him just in time. “We must be careful”, Gali said and pulled Onua up. “How can we get to Lewa?” Pohatu asked. Then Lewa did a little tornado that threw his brothers and sister to him. “Welcome to the door which has an adventure on other side of it!” He yelled joyfully.

The Toa opened the door. They saw a large hall with a shield in the really back. The Toa went inside and suddenly the door slammed behind. “Oh no, now we can’t return back!” Kopaka said. “Why would we go back anyway?” asked Tahu. “We are heroes, we have our masks and elemental powers. Nothing can harm us here!” Tahu then turned and started to walk towards the end of the hall. But when he stepped on one flooring tile he heard a rumbling voice and a large pillar dropped from the roof and would have smashed Tahu in little pieces if he wouldn’t had activated his Hau in time. But even with the protection of the Hau, Tahu was still smashed into a wall and felt pain.

“Even my Hau didn’t protect me enough from that!” Tahu said in pain. “Every flooring tile is designed so that when you step on them, a pillar will drop from the roof and smash you”, Gali said.

Chapter 2[]

“What if I try to windfloat and airglide there?” Lewa proposed. “You may try but be careful”, Gali said. Lewa started to use his Miru and elemental powers to glide over the floor tiles. But just when he was floating over the first tile, spikes were suddenly thrown from the wall. Lewa managed to do a backflip just in time and the spikes flew to the otherside of the halls walls and stuck there. “This doesn’t wellwork”, Lewa said. “The whole room has been made so that if you try to float or jump over the tiles, spikes will be shot from the wall on the left”, Gali explained. All the Toa looked to the wall in the right and saw that it was covered with little holes that shot spikes. But between the floor and holes, there was a little space with nothing. “If we just could climb from that tiny line…” Gali thought herself. No, it was impossible because the space was so naarow that even Gali couldn’t go there.

Then Pohatu got an idea. He explained it to his brothers and so they started. Lewa started to glide and float again but this time he did it in the other side of the hall. He was as far away of the spike holes as he could. When Lewa started to glide, spikes were shotten again. Kopaka froze the spikes, and that gave Lewa few extra seconds. Soon more spikes came and broke the ice. It was Tahus turn to react. Tahu guickly used his elemental powers to turn the spikes into molten lava and pure fire. Then he sucked all the fire to himself. Lewa had gotten again closer to the otherside and the shield.

And again more spikes were shotten. Now Pohatu started to throw rocks at them and Onua made an earthquake that knocked the spikes out of their court. But Lewa went on. He was only few metres away of the shield… but then something happened.

The whole hall started to shake and soon there was a electricity wall protecting the shield. Lewa had gotten to the other side and was safe but he couldn’t get the shield. It was protected by electricity. Gali tried to shoot water at it but it only made a large explosion. Then Pohatu threw a boulder at it. Again just a crash came but then Lewa realized something.

Electricity field couldn’t protect the shield from many attacks of different sides. He realized this when Pohatu kicked the boulder. All the electricity had went to protect the shield from the rock, other spots were unprotected. Lewa commanded the other Toa to shoot their elemental powers in many different parts of the field. And so they did. Now the electricity field got overloaded when too many attacks came from many directions and exploded. Lewa now took the shield and a door appeared on the side were Lewa was. The Toa on otherside realized that the traps didn’t work anymore and walked safely to Lewa.

“Who will now take this protectshield?” Lewa asked. He didn’t want it because he couldn’t glide freely with that. “Could I take it?” Kopaka asked with his calm voice. “Ouukidoukki!” Lewa shouted and quickly handed the shield to Kopaka. Then the Toa went threw the door to next room.

Chapter 3[]

The Toa went threw the door which had appeared when Lewa had taken the shield. Now Kopaka had it as his first weapon. Next room was similar to the past one but no one could tell what would await them there.

“Theres an ax in the back, again”, Onua said. Suddenly something amazing happened. The roof disappeared and in flew a gigantic creature. It had two large blue wings. It had three foots, each had 10 large and sharp nails on them. It also had a long tale which had a large hammer like thing in the end. Creatures body was covered with little spikes and it’s head was huge, dinosaur like. It was like a mixture of dinosaurs and dragons head. But it didn’t spit fire, it spitted lazer. The creature also had two large hands.

The creature screamed like a Rakshi and started to attack the Toa. The roof reappeared, making it impossible to escape. The creature shouted: “I am Driktaktu and I shall destroy you!” And then he attacked. First Driktaktu swang his hammer towards Tahu. Tahu tried to block the attack with his Hau but the hammer smashed the whole shield and Tahu was smashed on the wall. Lewa was trying to get the ax but the monster was at least 100 times bigger and could easily blockthe way. Driktaktu then Took Gali with his hands and started to squeeze her. Everything started to fade on Gali… and soon she was unconsisuous. Onua however managed to save Gali by pulling her out of Driktaktuses hands. Pohatu was running wildly across the room, using his Kakama.

Meanwhile Tahu awoke and started to shoot fire at Driktaktu. But Driktaktu didn’t care. Driktaktu had also stepped on Lewa gently and was pumping poison with his spikes. He also took Gali again to his hands and started to pump poison on her too. Then he threw Lewa and Gali to the wall. Driktaktu now shot lazer at Kopaka but he easily blocked it with his new shield. Then Driktaktu swang his hammer and smashed Kopaka on the wall.

Gali had to use all her strength but soon got poison washed away with her water powers. Then she healed Lewa as well and the two were ready to fight again. Then Onua and Pohatu started to fight united and Gali went to them as well. They had a plan. Onua started to pull Driktaktuses tail as hard as he could, combining his Pakari to that too. Pohatu is the strongest Toa physically, as you know, so he helped. Gali was hacking the tale with her hooks. Driktaktu started to shout in pain and soon his tail was rippen of. Driktaktu shouted even more, so much that the Toa took it as a sonic blast. Wgen the screaming stopped, Pohatu started to swing the tail and hit Driktaktu to many parts. But then Driktaktu got angry and shot lazer at Pohatu. Pohatu managed to dodge but the tail was burning. Now Driktaktu picked the burning tail and threw it on Kopaka. Kopakas powers were weakened because of the fire and fell to ground.

But then Gali started to climb on Driktaktu with her hooks. Lewa started to do that as well but without hooks. Lewa glided and floated to Driktaktuses eye and pushed his hands, Gali helping with her hooks, to the eye. Driktaktu shouted so hard that it really made a sonic blast and the Toa were laying together in the corner of the room. They saw how Driktaktu screamed and his other eye became blind. “Well done brother and sister”, Onua gogratulated them. But the Driktaktu was ready to continue. He started to shoot lazer but Tahu blocked it with his Hau. Then Pohatu made a big boulder and kicked it to Driktaktuses foot. Then Gali and Onua hacked at the foot and Tahu was burning it so hacking was easier. Soon Driktaktu had no foot anymore.

Driktaktu had one foot but the other one was hacked off. Driktaktu fell and screamed in pain. Then he said with a weak voice. “If you let me go without no more pain, I’ll give you a protodermis armor. The Toa went together and decided to agree. “Come closer, I can’t hear what you’re saying”, Driktaktu said. The Toa went closer… and snap! Driktaktu had tooken them to his hands. “Hahaa, now you shall die!” he sahouted and started to squeeze them.

In the last minutes Tahu shouted “Unity! Let us shoot our elements at that creature!” And so the six Toa who were fainting, started to shoot their elements. Elements made a big blast that went on Driktaktuses head. Driktaktu dropped the Toa and the Toa looked what happened. Driktaktuses head was growing. It growed and growed… until it popped. Some green, blue, black, brown, white and red slime bursted from it and Driktaktu fell, dead and without head. Lewa now quickly ran to the ax and took it. “This shall be my ax!” Lewa shouted. Then a new door appeared.

Chapter 4[]

In the next room the Toa saw a sword in the back which had little flames on it. Everyone knew it was going to be Tahus. “Now, what will be the trick this time?” Pohatu wondered. He tested the floor tiles by throwing a little stone on them. Nothing happened. Then he did the same for roof, walls and firesword itself. But nothing happened.

Tahu started walking towards the fire sword carefully. And suddenly the trick came. The roof opened at hundreds of little devils dropped from there. The devils were red as usual, they had a funny tail as usual, the stick as usual, horns as usual. Hundreds of little devils (even shorter than Matoran olda) started to bite and attack Tahu. Then they realized the other Toa as well and hurried to tease them too.

Tahu was trying to burn the devils but fire had no affect. Suddenly something really strange happened. The roof opened again and more devils dropped but now there were different coloured ones. There were colours that the Toa had. They also soon discovered that a devil could use the element, their colour goes to. Lewa was trying to blow the devils away but the green ones hurried to aid. Wind or air didn’t react to them. Tahu tried to burn them because they couldn’t handle fire but the red guys hurried and blocked Tahus blasts. Gali tried to cool down the fire devils with her water powers but the blue devils came to help their friends. Now the devils that had the same elements as the Toa, went to battle them. Blue ones againts Gali, Black ones againts Onua and so forth.

Toas elements wouldn’t help them now so the Toa had to use their masks. Tahu was all the time blocking devils attack with his Hau. Galis mask wouldn’t help her so she just began to climb on the walls and avoid devils blasts. All the devils had one unique power, laser. It was true that the Toa couldn’t harm the devils with their element but it worked the otherway too. Devils couldn’t harm the Toa with their element. So they began to use laser blasts.

Pohatu was using his Kakama to dodge devils laser blasts. Onua was using his pakari to throw devils away, but new kept coming. Kopakas Akaku wouldn’t help, he was just blocking laser blast with his shield. The Toa were helpless but suddenly Gali got an idea. She shouted it to all her brothers and they began the action.

the Toa suddenly guickly jumped and changed places with each other so that they had different devils againts them. Tahu was blasting fire on the water devils which he had challenged. The devils slowed down and turned into piles of ash. Gali shot water on fire devils and they too turned into ash. Onua used his earth powers to trap air devils underground. they didn’t turn into ash but were trapped and couldn’t get away. Pohatu was crushing ice devils with boulders and Kopaka froze the earth devils. Lewa then used all the wind powers he could, to blow stone devils on the walls. The devils were defeated.

Chapter 5[]

The next door opened and the Toa went in. They saw a sword at the back of the room. “I wonder what dangers we will face now”, Onua said. They soon found out. From six holes on the walls came six creatures. Rakshi. of course the Toa didn’t know that they were Rakshi. They didn’t even know what Rakshi were. But these Rakshi were not the ones that Makuta send later on Mata-Nui, these were different ones. Three Rakshi came. There were Rakshi in following colours: Aquamarine, red-yellow, blue-white, maroon, light-purple and blue-green. These Rakshi each chose a Toa to fight and went to challenge them.

The aquamarine Rakshi faced Tahu. tahu tried to shoot fire at it but it made no harm to it. Tahu shot fire more but it had no effect on the Rakshi. Aquamarine Rakshi was a Fire resistance Rakshi. The red-yellow Rakshi faced Kopaka and of course the Rakshi was ice-resistance rakshi. Kopaka had only a shield so he blocked Rakshis hits with it. Tahu had to use combat againts the Rakshi with his sword. Gali got the blue-green Rakshi. She shot water at it but the Rakshi teleported in back of her and made a powerful hit with it’s stuff. This Rakshi was a teleport Rakshi.

Onua challenged the blue-white Rakshi. Onua took a piece of earth and threw it towards the Rakshi. Rakshi destroyed the rock with it’s power: electricity. Pohatu challenged a maroon Rakshi. He was running towards it but started to get sleepy suddenly. in no time he was sleeping on the floor-tiles. This Raksis power was sleep. Light purple Rakshi challenged Lewa. Lewa made a strategy in his mind that would smash the Rakshi with his ax when it would come closer and go to help sleeping Pohatu. Suddenly the Rakshi stopped. It looked like it would know what Lewa was thinking. Then the Rakshi started to run again towards Lewa. Lewa tried to smash the Rakshi but it jumped over the ax and landed on Lewa who fell to the ground. This Rakshis power was mind reading.

Gali felt great pain in her head. Teleport Rakshis hit had been powerful. Then it hit again. Gali fell to the ground, unconsisuous. Kopaka hurried to help Gali, Ice-Rsistance Rakshi behind him. Kopaka jumped and tried to land on teleport Rakshi but it teleported itself, just to the place where Tahu was. Tahu realized quickly all this and burned the teleport Rankshi. Teleport Rakshi tried to telepot away and did it. But Rakshi had already gotten very weak and Onua, who was nearest to the Rakshi, threw and smashed it to the wall.

Then the electricity Rakshi shot more electricity againts Onua. Onua dodged just in time. The blast hit the mind control Rakshi which had been ready to kill Lewa. This came Lewa time to push Rakshi over. Then Lewa summoned the wind to blow mind control Rakshi away. Rakshi however refused to be blown. At that second Pohatu woke and saw what was happening. Pohatu quickly threw a boulder on mind control Rakshi. Mind control Rakshi lost it’s concentrating and flew with the wind, smashing on the wall. Now Lewa went to help Pohatu to challenge the sleep Rakshi. Pohatu took a boulder and threw it at the sleep Rakshi. Sleep Rakshi dodged and the boulder smashed the ice-resistance Rakshi into little pieces. Kopaka now came to Tahus aid who was blocking fire-resistance Rakshis attacks with his Hau. Kopaka froze the Rakshi and Tahu smashed the ice, along with the Rakshi into small pieces. Then the two Toa went to help unconsisuous Gali.

Meanwhile electricity Rakshi made more attacks on Onua. Onua started to get tired of it. He then used his earth powers to make Rakshi to fell. Onua jumped on the electricity Rakshi. He hit Rakshi in the head and it’s back opened and something flew over him. Onua was puzzled to see that a worm was coming towards him. The worm shot electricity at Onua. Onua didn’t know that the worm had the Rakshis power and electricity hit Onua. Onua shouted in pain. Gali had woked up and came to Onuas aid. Kopaka froze the worm.

Now there was only one Rankshi left, the sleep Rakshi. Tahu shot fire at it, then Kopaka ace and Gali water. Also other elements were shot at it by other Toa. The Rakshi exploded. Kopaka went and took the sword. He decided it to be his sword. Other Toa were little jealous about Kopakas two weapons but decided to let it be. Then a door opened in front of them. The Toa got out of the castle of dangers.

Chapter 6[]

The Toa went threw the door. They were happy to have completed their tool search. The Toa had found their elemental powers. The Toa had found their Kanohi. The Toa had got their tool. And the Toa had gotten out of the castle. They thought that their mission was completed. They were wrong… The land where they now were standing was just waste land. There was ash and stone everywhere and big black clouds in the sky. Nearly no sunlight came through the clouds and climate was… quite good actually.

The Toa started to walk. They were wating for the great spirit to gongrulate them. Suddenly his voice was heard. “You have succeeded well in your quest Toa. But you have still final test awaiting you. Can you save the island of Mata-Nui, Matorans coming home and can you make it a paradise!” the Great spirit shouted and disappeared. Suddenly earth started crumbling. From earth came a GIGANTIC creature! It was at least 101 times bigger than the Toa. It had a head which had spikes and some kind of alga all around it. It had a large mouth which could spray acid and four eyes which looked like eyes of a fly when you look really close. It had two noses and no ears. Instead of ears it had one antennawhich he took sounds with. It had one LAAAAARGE body and it had skin that was the thickest skin ever. It had six hands. With each hand it could shoot and use the elements that Toa had. The creature had also four foots. And two tails which were great to pick up Toa.

The creature screamed like a Rakshi but it was much louder than Rakshi shout. Then the creature started attacking. “How can we defeat such colosseus creature?!” Onua shouted. “Remember the creature in the castle?” Gali asked. “This is bigger and better armoured!” Onua shouted back. Lewa didn’t waste time in talking. He ran quickly to creatures legs and started hacking them with his ax. However the skin was really thick and took long timme to get even little damage to it. The creature picked him with it’s tail and swang him in the air. Then it threw Lewa far away. Only Miru saved him of falling and dying.

Tahu was always using his element and shot as much fire as it could. It didn’t make any pain to the creature but it’s skin burned badly in his stumick. The creature shouted, not in pain but still, and shot water at Tahu. Tahu weakened and couldn’t use his element for a time.

The creature shot acid at Pohatu who quickly dodged with his Kakama. Pohatu took as much speed as he could, made the biggest boulder he could and ran towards the creatures foot with boulder in front of him. CRAAAAASSSSSSSHHHHH!!!! It made a big damage on creatures leg but Pohatu got unconsisuous. The creature screamed, now in pain and tried to stamble on Pohatu but all the Toa came and used all their powers to keep the foot off the ground. Onua switched his mask with Tahus so that could get more power to keep foot up. Then Onua dag a little tunnel in the ground and put Pohatu in it. Onua went there also and the other Toa quickly went there. Creature thought when his foot was down, that had just killed all but soon onua came from another tunnel with other Toa. Pohatu wasn’t unconsisuous anymore.

Meanwhile Lewa was running back and made an ambush on creatures tail. He used all his powers and managed to cut it’s tail with ax. The creature shouted in pain. Lewa then ran to his Toa friends. Kopaka tried to shoot ice at the creature but it just took the ice, may de it a ball and threw it to Tahu. Tahus firepowers had returned and so he shot fire at the ice ball. But then it became water and Tahu got weakened again.

Onua meanwhil was digging as large cave under the creature with Pohatus aid. Gali was climbing on the creature with her hooks and managed to climb to it’s head. The creature tried to shake her away but Gali shot water on it’s eyes. The creature screamed and couldn’t see for a while. In that period Lewa managed to cut the other tail off and damaged creatures foot so badly that it was cutted of. Creature had now only three legs.

Tahu and Kopaka were shooting both fire and ice. Creature weakened a lot. But then the creature shot acid at Tahu. It hit him and Tahu was melting away. “NO! BROTHER!” Kopaka shouted. “You… must win… that creature…” Tahu said with his weak voice. “Remember… this is the battle for… for… Mata-Nui… Nui… nuui… ii…” “No brother!” Kopaka shouted and tried to keep him alive. Tahus heartlight got dimmer. It was fainting… and soon it turned off. “Brother…” Kopaka whispered in said voice. “We’ll win that creature. I promise.”

Gali and Lewa came to Kopaka and got scared to see Tahus melting body. “We must win that creature for Tahu”, Kopaka said. “WE MUST!” The Toa started attacking the creature furiosly. Lewa used all his powers with Gali to make a storm. The storm hacked of two of the creatures hands and dameged badly everywhere. Kopaka shot lots of ice to creatures legs so that it couldn’t walk. Suddenly Onua and Pohatu came from the tunnel. Pohatu made a large boulder and threw it to the ground, just on the creatures side. Earth crumbled under the creature and it fell to the tunnel that Onua had made. It’s head was still bove the ground. “Stone and earth!” The two Toa shouted and combined their elements.

All the Toa exept Tahu, used their elemental powers againts the creature. The creature shouted and died.

Toa looked at the dead ceature. Then they went to Tahu. Suddenly bright light came and went inside Tahu. Tahus body stopped melting and became normal again. Then Tahu opened his eyes. “Brother!” all the Toa shouted and ran to Tahu.

“You succeeded very well!” The great spirit said. You are my Toa now. May you protect the Matoran and me. May you be bold. May you be succesful!” Great spirit said. “Vakama, Nokama, Whenua, Onewa, Nuju and Matau are now fighting the evil. You shall go to these Toa canisters an wait the day when you may save your people.” The great spirit put Toa in the canisters and made them sleep so that waiting wouldn’t be boring. He put the Toa canisters to orbit the planet were Mata and Metru- Nui was. He then made Mata-Nui island a paradise and Bohrok he made to make the island as it was in before time after the inhabitants would leave.

Suddenly in Metru-Nui Makuta made Mata-Nui into an endless sleep. Mata-Nui suddenly fell and started to sleep. With no Mata-Nuis powers the Toa canisters dropped into the waters.

Many many years went. The Toa had forgot about everything exept their names because of Makutas powers that made Mata-Nui sleep. Someday Takua retrieved all the Toa stones and summoned the Toa… and no one knows what adventures the Toa had had in their past.

They are now the protectors of Mata-Nui.

The End

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