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The Past Hurts is a short story about Toa Reniax Tela Toa of Light becoming Makuta Reniax of Darkness.

In the story Destructive Thoughts this is what Turaga Jovana says:

The story[]

Toa Reniax Tela ran past guard smashing them with beams of Light. He did a forward summersault and smashed his powerlanser into a guards back. "Owch." Said Reniax. "Terihax quick, the mission, the Av-Matoran." "Oh right, opps,"Terihax replied. The two Toa ran to Vela point where there were 30 Av-Matoran. "We need to get them to safety. Said Reniax. "Hey guys 3 Makuta Incoming."Said Toa Jovana. "My Team will take them" 6 Toa Vela Ran forward. "Treihax can you go check the perimeter and make sure some more Makuta aren't coming." Reniax Said. Trihax ran off. Reniax Faced the Toa Vela and Sent beams of light flying out of his fingers. 4 of them were instantly destroyed and the 3 Makuta were as well. Toa Artis Stopped time and escaped. Toa Jovana in Rage ran at Toa Reniax, Plants went wild at Toa Reniax as Jovana got closer. "Stop, or I will unleash a Nova Blast and destroy us all!" Said Toa Reniax. The Nova Blast erupted From Toa Reniax flying everywhere. Jovana glowed then shrunk, the Nova blast had stopped. Jovana is now a Turaga. Toa Reniax ran away.

Toa Reniax arrived at the Brotherhoods base. "I want to become a Makuta."Reniax said To Teridax. "Prove yourself, come back in 2 moths and I will have my answer.

For 2 long months Toa Reniax Trained then finally Teridax let him become a Makuta. teridax drained all of the light out of Reniax replacing it with darkness. He was Makuta Reniax, Makuta of Shadow. Makuta Reniax walked out of the brotherhoods base. Terihax came out and used all of his power over Earth to cruh him. Makuta Reniax Was dead. "I just killed what I am about to become." Said Toa Terihax walking into the base.

Back at the Toa Tela's Base...

Jerihax walked around with hate surrounding him. "I will kill you, Terihax!" He said.