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The Omega Timeline keeps track of the history of beings that are important before, during, and after the Dimensional Split.

The Fall of Metru Nui[]

  • Three Members of Vahki Squad Zeta, R-712, G-8226, and U-786, are sent to chase an infamous Onu-Matoran Bandit.
  • R-712 is wounded and G-8226, and U-786 accidently chase the Onu-Matoran into a Shredder, despite G-8226 trying to save him with her chain.
  • U-786 tells G-8226 about the Omega Protocol, and G-8226 uses it on R-712 to save him, despite U-786 trying to convince her otherwise.
  • After the Zeta Vahki Transport picks them up, U-786 tells how the mission went.
  • C-21, the commander, orders that M-666 and himself, supervise them on all later missions until they can handle a mission without making a mistake.
  • Vurnak, one of Dume's most trusted Toa, planning to betray him, sneeks through the files in the Colliseum to find a way to overthrow Dume.
  • He finds out about the Omega Protocol, and rewires one, made to be superior to the OP, the Alpha Protocol.
  • A Vahki comes to seccure the files, but Vurnak quickly leaves without putting anything away.
  • The Vahki informs Dume of the Files left open, and a stolen OP. Dume tells himto investigate it with Vahki Squad Zeta.
  • The Vahki is revealed to be Omega Vahki Narls.
  • Vurnak secretly takes way Vahki, and turns them into Alpha Vahki, which Team Zeta also investigates.
  • Team Zeta and Narls investigate the scene of several Vahki being taken away. However, a set of Alphas attack, but the squadron eventually finishes them off.
  • They tell all that happened to Dume, and he says it's a declaration of war.
  • All Vahki prepare for war, and some are turned into Omega Vahki to be immune to the AP.
  • All of Team Zeta (Including A-123, J-2473, H-101, and OV Starburst) deploys on a battlefield.
  • Meanwhile, Toa Silus looks at the battlefield from above, returning to his brothers inside, Toa Silor and Silen. He tells them about the war so far.