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Chapter 1[]

Henkka was sailing the endless ocean to a place he didn’t know much about. One of his tasks mentioned it, calling it Mabauto. He was now sailing to it, even though he didn’t know where it was excactly. He had earlier solved a puzzle, on Henkka Island, which gave him some coordinates. Those coordinates Henkka had decided to use.

Henkka was confident even though he was going to do a task all by himself. He was a Toa, after all. He hadn’t been for long yet. He had recently transformed into one while putting the Symbol of Mata Nui, recovered by the Holy Toa, into a slot in the Temple of Henkka.

As for the Holy Toa? Henkka had left them on Henkka Island, ordering them to stay there and protect it from all possible threats while he was gone. They had been eager to join him, but Henkka wouldn’t let them.

While pondering all this, Henkka soon noticed an island in the horizon. “I’ve found it”, he thought pleased and increased the speed of his boat. He didn’t know exactly what would await him on the island. He knew that he had to free it from some sort of...

“Slavery?” Henkka thought. “Well, I guess I’m going to find out soon.” As Henkka came ashore, he saw a beach... and a forest after it. A deep forest. Far away, behind the forest, a tall volcano was visible. “A volcano in the center? Reminds me of the island of Mata Nui”, Henkka thought, amazed of the similarity of the two islands.

Henkka then stepped out of his boat, readied his new spear and shield, and stepped into the forest to see what he would be in for.

Chapter 2[]

Leraj pondered what he and his friends would see when they arrived on the island Henkka was going in. Next to him Jinu was using his Mask of Zooming to zoom all the way to Henkka... and the island.

“Henkka arrived on the island and disappeared into a forest... I can’t see him anymore”, Jinu told the others.

The Holy Toa, created by Henkka himself, were young Toa. Their first task had been retrieving an object called the Symbol of Mata Nui from the feared Monster Army. During the adventure, they had learnt their own mask powers, tools powers and elements. They had been face to face with evil and survived. In the end, the object turned Henkka into a Toa. And as he left for a mission, he had told the Holy Toa to stay on Henkka Island.

But the Toa wouldn’t take it, of course. They wanted to help Henkka. They wanted to help their master. And so, they had set off in a boat after Henkka, with Jinu zooming on him, allowing the Toa to go to the right place.

The island was visible for the Toa now. They were astonished by its beauty. They came ashore and left their boat next to Henkka’s. Then they readied their tools and entered the forest... and whatever they would face there.

Chapter 3[]

Henkka was lost. Hopelessly lost. He had been walking in the forest for hours and now he had no clue of where he was. The forest was very lush and thick. VERY thick. Henkka could hardly see one meter ahead of him.

“This is strange...”, Henkka thought. “Forests aren’t THIS thick. Usually.”

Suddenly Henkka heard something next to him. He tried to look but could only see bushes and trees. Then suddenly, out of the bushes jumped a creature. It was quite short, only slightly taller than an average Matoran. Its body looked a little like the body of a... Bohrok. Actually, as Henkka saw it more clearly, he noticed that it WAS a Bohrok. Or at least, something very similar.

It was green. It looked like a Lehvak. It did have one thing that separated it from Lehvak, however. It fired laser blasts. And Henkka learned this soon... the hard way.

The Bohrok creature fired laser blasts at Henkka, who blocked them with his shield. He then covered the creature in Protodermis. Protodermis was Henkka’s element. When Henkka had been a Toa earlier... long time ago, his element had been Protodermis. The fact that he had the same element now, made Henkka more confident. He already had experience of Protodermis before, now his task would be slightly easier for him.

Henkka took back what he had just thought. More Bohrok creatures jumped from behind various bushes and trees, there were approximetly a few dozen of them. They fired at Henkka continuously, who either blocked them with his shield or dodged them. Henkka battled the creatures by firing Protodermis blasts at them. He then struck a tree with his spear and the tree fell on the remaining Bohrok creatures... except one which was stuck under the tree, but alive.

Henkka knew his mask power already. But it wasn’t the mask of protodermis, as it once had been. No, he had a new power. And he began to use it.

Using his Mask of Telepathy, Henkka reached into the mind of the little Bohrok to read its thoughts. He wasn’t amazed to find out that it didn’t think at all.

Henkka then tried to reach it’s Krana’s mind. That’s when he learnt something shocking.

The Bohrok didn’t have a Krana at all.

Chapter 4[]

The Holy Toa were in trouble. Big trouble.

They had recently bumped into a huge group of green, strange creatures, representing Bohrok. They started to fire laser beams at them. The Toa tried to battle them first but when Leraj got seriously hurt, they decided to make a run for it.

The Toa ran, finally finding a way out of the forest. They were on a spot with a ground made of sand and rock. It was surrounded by the forest. On the spot, there were several damaged huts all over.

“It looks like... there has been a village here, someday”, Lah suggested.

“Possibly, but let’s talk about that later!” Taum shouted as the Bohrok appeared from the forest.

“Leraj must be taken care of!” Nowah said and dragged the damaged Toa of Iron in one of the huts. He then sealed the doorway and cracks with wood, to keep them unnoticed from the threat. Nowah then began to take care of Leraj.

The other Toa fought outside. Eventually, they won and managed to drive the creatures away.

“That was... unexpected”, Newhu said and sighed in relief.

Nowah opened the way to the hut where Leraj was. The other Toa looked at him. He was unconscious.

“I can heal him but it takes time”, Nowah told the other Toa. “Maybe we should... split up”, Taum suggested. “What? Split up after what we’ve just experienced!” Lah was shocked.

Despite this, the Toa decided to split up, in order to find Henkka faster. Nowah stayed with Leraj. Jinu and Lah, once again, decided to go together, since they could fly, to the strange volcano visible from anywhere but the forest. Taum and Newhu would return to the forest.

And so, everyone left and went for their own ways.

Chapter 5[]

Henkka had found something. Something very interesting.

He was standing behind a bush, looking at what he had found. A village. A village above ground, in trees. “Just like Le-Koro... I wonder why this island is so similar to Mata Nui...” Henkka wondered.

The village was indeed, just like Le-Koro. A little differently built of course, and the citizens were different. But the village did seem similar to Le-Koro. Thr inhabitants of this village weren’t Matoran however... or at least, it seemed so. They were smaller and seemed weaker.

That’s when Henkka realized them. They were Tohunga. A smaller version of Matoran. There were a few villages with Tohunga in Bio-Land, but there they were mixed. In this village, there were only green Tohunga.

There was something even more strange about the village and its inhabitants. Hundreds of those green Bohrok creatures were walking around the village, some on the ground, some in the village itself. They seemed to be guarding the village.

Then, something even more shocking came. A Rahkshi was standing in the village, hissing at the Tohunga whenever they passed it. It didn’t attack them, though.

“Why would a Rahkshi be in that village?” Henkka pondered, until he finally got it. His task regarding this place told Henkka to save it from some sort of slavery. Maybe this was it. He had to save this village from that Rahkshi and those Bohrok.

Henkka had found out earlier, that the Bohrok were actually Fohrok, though. They didn’t have Krana, but were purely robotic.

Henkka readied himself into a battle against the Rahkshi and the Fohrok. Then, he suddenly heard something behind him. He turned, and something black and green fell on him.

Chapter 6[]

“Newhu! Taum!” Henkka was amazed. Two of the Holy Toa, Toa that he had created, had fallen on him from trees above.

“You were supposed to stay in Henkka Island!”

“We came here to help you”, Taum said.

“No, no! This is MY destiny! Yours is to guard Henkka Island while I’m gone!”

“But please Henkka, you won't survive here alone! You know, we just almost lost to a horde of... Bohrok!”

“Fohrok. They don’t carry Krana’s”


“But seriously, turn back and return home”

“No, no. We insist to stay here!”

Henkka felt desperate. He had his reasons to want the Holy Toa out of his way. Although they would offer some necessary help against the Rahkshi and Fohrok of the village.

“Allright, I’ll let you help me in one thing. Help me defeat those Fohrok and that Rahkshi”, Henkka told the two Toa, pointing at the village.

“All right!” The Toa shouted and climbed up the tree they had earlier fallen from. Henkka decided to attack from the ground...

Chapter 7[]

Lah and Jinu were in trouble. Big trouble.

They had started to fly towards the great volcano on the center of the island. Only then, however, a swarm of mad, infected Nui-Rama had attacked them. Lah tried to fight them along with Jinu, but it was hard. The Nui-Rama were better fliers than they were.

Lah blasted the Nui-Rama with her air cannon. Jinu shot juice in their eyes, making them impossible to see and crash down.

The Toa continued battling but were almost at the volcano. They could already feel its heat. Just then Lah called out more insects to bother Nui-Rama. It didn’t work, since the Nui-Rama were used to insects.

Lah was about to launch a Nova Blast in desperation when she noticed that the Nui-Rama flew away. They couldn’t stand the heat of the volcano.

“Did you notice something strange about them?” Lah asked Jinu. “Sure... they were infected”, Jinu replied. “Yes... and I was just wondering... who could’ve infected them?”

Then the Toa landed on the edge of the volcano. It really was a big volcano, with an almost beautiful pool of lava in the center. There was so much smoke that it was impossible to see from one side to the other on the volcano. So they decided to go around it. Then they started to walk down again.

The other side of the volcano had a slope down to a place with lava rivers and rock all over. Strangely enough, there were several bridges across the lava rivers.

Then Jinu caught something with his mask of zooming. A band of small creatures, suurounded by more Fohrok and a Rahkshi were closing in.

“Hide!” Jinu said to Lah and the two Toa hid behind rocks. The group passed by them. The Rahkshi was in front, leading the way. Behind it, many small creatures, which Lah identified as Tohunga, followed, each Tohunga with two Fohrok on each side. The Tohunga carried pots containing protodermis.

The group was marching to the lava pool on the volcano's top. “Let’s follow them”, Jinu said. The two Toa followed, staying undercover.

Chapter 8[]

The battle was furious. Ridiculously furious. Henkka, Newhu and Taum had just ambushed the village in the forest. Henkka had defeated the guards on the ground, after which he had climbed up to the village and started battling the Fohrok forces. Meanwhile Newhu and Taum had swung from a vine to the village and started to battle Fohrok.

Tohunga were running all across the village, panicking. They had no way out of this horrible situation. They didn’t know the strangers. Fohrok were shooting laser blasts in multiple directions, trying to hit the Toa.

Newhu and Taum did a good job at fighting the Fohrok. Newhu broke most of them with his Shattering Spear while Taum wrapped groups of them in vines from his Vine Blaster and threw them away from the village. While Taum was wrapping a group of Fohrok in a vine, the Rahkshi ambushed him, hitting him with its staff. Taum cried in pain and rolled away, trying to get to a spot where he could recover for a few moments.

Newhu turned to challenge the Rahkshi. It was a green Rahkshi Lerahk. A Rahkshi of Poison. Newhu was about to shatter it with his tool when it hopped above him, putting its legs together and flying strait at it. It hit Newhu hard and he fell.

Henkka saw the Rahkshi beating up his Holy Toa. Henkka was about to charge at it himself, only to find that impossible. He was being surrounded by Fohrok and although he could easily fend them off, it was impossible for him to move anywhere else.

Then, suddenly, Henkka felt something. Soon two wings spread from his back and Henkka soared into the sky. “Wings”, Henkka noticed. “Practical”. Henkka flew over the Fohrok swarms, to the Rahkshi Lerahk. The Lerahk turned to face it and hissed loudly.

Then Henkka acted. In a matter of seconds he had created a pile of Protodermis, encasing Lerahk’s feet into the platform below it. Then Henkka used his spear to smash its head. Lerahk's Kraata popped out and started to escape. Henkka was just about to smash it when a Tohunga suddenly grabbed it. Henkka looked who it was.

It was a Tohunga with an infected mask. He hold the Kraata in his hands and looked straight at Henkka while the Fohrok surrounded him, Newhu and Taum.

“Well, well, what have we got here”, he snarled at the Toa. Henkka acted immedietly. He fired a blast of liquid protodermis, aiming for the infected mask. The Tohunga simply stepped aside and the blast hit an innocent Tohunga behind him. The Tohunga fell and cried in pain.

“So, you’re here to hurt my loved Tohunga?” the infected Tohunga sneered. “I won't let you do that.” The Tohunga tossed the Kraata high in the air. It landed straight on Newhu’s face, starting to infect it. Taum charged forward in an effort to pull the Kraata off, but Newhu had already been infected. Next he took the Kraata off his face and hit it on Taum’s mask. Taum’s mask turned rusty and pitted. He too, had been infected.

“And now, for the silver and green Toa...” the infected Matoran said. He looked around, but couldn’t see Henkka anywhere.

Meanwhile, Henkka was hiding in a bush quite far from the village. Having two of his friends infected, he decided that it would be best to rest a little and make some plans.

Chapter 9[]

Jinu and Lah had followed the group of Tohunga to the volcano. They saw them dropping the protodermis that they had carried, into the volcano. Then the red Rahkshi and the Fohrok started to lead the group elsewhere.

“Let’s follow them again”, Jinu suggested. The two Toa followed the strange group in a well guarded village. It was located inside a cave. On the cave were guards and that’s why the Toa couldn’t follow them inside the village.

“I wonder what’s going on...”, Lah pondered. She suddenly heard something. It was a cart pulled by two strange Rahi. On the cart sat a light brown Tohunga with a noble Matatu. He was controlling the two Rahi.

Strangely enough, the guarding Fohrok did nothing to him. Instead, one of them went in the village. The cart parked right in front of the gate. Soon, a group of Tohunga came carrying something into the cart. They loaded the cart full and the Tohunga started off again, away from the village.

Jinu signaled Lah to follow him. When the Fohrok could no longer see the cart, the two Toa ran and hid into the cart, under the things it had been loaded with.

“Now...” thought Jinu. “Maybe we will soon find out something about this odd situation.

Chapter 10[]

Henkka was spying on the village in the forest again. He saw the Tohunga working hard to rebuild their damaged village. The infected one was giving them orders, holding the Kraata beside him, in a box. The Fohrok guarded the village carefully. There was no sign of Newhu or Taum.

Suddenly two Rahkshi flew to the village. They were carrying an armor of some sort. Henkka tried to see what it was. When he saw it, he gasped quietly. It was a green Rahkshi armor.

The two Rahkshi left, leaving the armor with the infected Tohunga. He put the Kraata inside the armor and the Rahkshi Lerahk awoke again, seeming startled and confused first, then recognizing the Tohunga and beginning to hiss at them again.

It was dark already. The sky was dark blue with stars shining. The brightest of them was the Red Star. Soon Henkka saw what he had been waiting for. It looked like the work day of the Tohunga had ended. Surprisingly though, they didn’t enter their huts. Instead, they formed a line in the center of the village. Fohrok surrounded them and the green Rahkshi, along with the infected Tohunga, lead the group down of the village, on the ground.

On the ground, the infected Tohunga opened a pathway to a dark cave. The Tohunga went in, looking tired and unhappy. Once the Tohunga were inside, the infected Tohunga, the Rahkshi and the Fohrok came out and locked the doorway. A few Fohrok stood to protect the doorway while the rest of them, along with the infected Tohunga and the Rahkshi went up into the village again. The infected Tohunga and the Rahkshi entered a hut while the Fohrok stood outside to look around and without doubt, guarding the village.

Henkka decided that this was the time. He jumped out of the trees and used a vine to swing into the village. Surprisingly, he wasn’t noticed. Henkka became a bit suspicious, but relieved at the same time. He next went to a closed hut, with no lights on.

Then, out of nowhere, Newhu and Taum, both with infected masks, attacked Henkka. Taum pinned him in the ground and Newhu was prearing to smash him into pieces.

Henkka quickly used his powers to wrap Taum in protodermis. He gagged and let go off Henkka. He rolled aside as Newhu blasted the ground beneath him. Newhu turned to face Henkka.

Henkka blasted Newhu with liquid protodermis, knocking his mask off. He then went to Taum and pulled his mask off. He then used his protodermis powers to heal the masks and put them on his two friends again.

The Fohrok charged next. They had heard something at started to use their laser powers again. Henkka blocked them and as the two Toa woke up, he told them to go down and free the Tohunga from a cave. The Toa left and Henkka started to battle the Fohrok on his own.

“I hope this’ll work out”, Henkka thought. “Or otherwise, my gravestone will be set on this stupid island, if I’ll ever even get one here.”

Chapter 11[]

Jinu and Lah struck the two Rahi pulling the cart. Then they took hold of the Tohunga commanding them. He was panicking and seemed very frightened.

“Who are you?! Wh-what do you want?”

“Information, that’s what we want”, Jinu said.

“We want to know what’s going on here. We come from an other land, far away, only to see Tohunga following orders from some Bohrok creatures and Rahkshi!”

“That isn’t in our land”, Lah added. “We are here for a mission and we just want to know what’s going on in this peculiar land, that’s all.”

“Well...” the Tohunga began. He seemed a bit more calm now.

“Well, I don’t remember much... but our land is... well... I only know the legends.”

“The legends are fine” Jinu said.

“Well... legend says that a powerful creature called The Makuta lives under this...”

“Wait, what!?” Lah interrupted.

“The Makuta” the Tohunga said again. Then he continued.

“Anyway, the Makuta lives somewhere beneath this island. He’s a powerful spirit who provides food and supplies and nutritious ground to us... although I think that’s... well, a lie.”

He continued.

“His sons, the Rahkshi, rule each village with Tohunga. There are six in total. Every village does its own job for this island. And guess who gets the benefit. The Makuta! Almost everything done on this island is given to the Makuta by throwing it into the volcano. Anyway, the guards of this island are the Fohrok. They... well... guard us. They actually do nothing else. They have no mind. Of yeah, and every village has a Tohunga leader too. Their masks are rusted... but I guess it’s a sign of leadership.”

“And... what do you do? Who are you” Jinu asked the Tohunga.

“I’m Tanaaru”, came the reply. “My job is to transport the products made by each village into other villages. My home is the village Po-Koro, but...”

“Wait, wait a second!” Jinu exclaimed. “Po-Koro?”

Lah was confused too. “Po-Koro... we know a village with that name... strange that there’s another one too."

The Tohunga seemed confused by the reactions of the Toa. “I think the Makuta keeps us as slaves here”, he said. The two Toa looked at him.

“Of course he is, isn’t that as clear as day?!” Jinu shouted.

“Hey, maybe that’s why Henkka came here”, Lah realized. “Maybe he came to free this island of slavery!”

“By himself?” Jinu wondered. “Oh well, now that we’re here, I guess we could help... where is your next destination... Tanaaru?”

“Po-Koro is my next destination”, he said. “What are you going to do?”

Chapter 12[]

The village of the forest... named Le-Koro, was in a chaos. Laser beams were flying all over the place and the village itself was going to come down soon.

Newhu and Taum had destroyed the entrance to the cave where the Tohunga were held. Inside they discovered the Tohunga in a cell. Newhu broke the door of the cell.

“Run! Out of here!” Newhu cried. The Tohunga hesistated. They were afraid. They were just about to leave the cave when they backed in again. Newhu and Taum turned. The infected Tohunga and the green Rahkshi were blocking the way out of the cave.

“Stupid Toa... you’ll never learn, will you?” Suddenly something struck him. He fell on the ground. His infected mask smashed into the floor and broke into pieces. The Rahkshi turned to see what had stroke them. It was Henkka. He had destroyed the majority of the Fohrok and came to free the Tohunga.

Lerahk hissed angrily. Or at least until it broke into small fragments, which fell to the ground. Newhu had destroyed the Rahkshi armor. The Kraata began its way out only to be ceased in solid protodermis by Henkka. Taum lead the Tohunga out while Henkka and Newhu finished the last Fohrok.

Meanwhile, Nowah was worried in the hut where he was with Leraj. He saw that the hut was surrounded by curious Fohrok. They didn’t know that inside were two Toa, but would soon find out, if they broke in. Nowah wasn’t ready with Leraj yet. Leraj was still unconscious. Then, suddenly the hut shook violently. The Fohrok had decided to bring down the mysterious hut.

Chapter 13[]

Lah and Jinu were hiding in the cart driven by Tanaaru. They were on a desert, heading for a village named Po-Koro, although it was far from the one on the island of Mata Nui. Lah and Jinu had a plan. They would free the villages of Mabauto, one by one from slavery set upon by someone who called himself, the Makuta.

The cart was nearing the village’s gate. At the gate it stopped and a group of Tohunga came to unload it. Then the Toa striked. When the Tohunga found them in the cart, they gasped. Then the Toa jumped out and Lah fired her blaster at the Fohrok in front of the gate. They were destroyed instantly.

Tanaaru charged at more Fohrok with his steeds, revealed to be Muaka cats. They tore Fohrok apart as they charged forward.

Lah and Jinu got inside the village. A chaos was going on. A group of Fohrok were leading the Tohunga into a hut along with a Tohunga with an infected mask.

“I wonder where the Rahkshi of this village is...”, Lah wondered. She got her answer soon. A hut nearby exploded and a brown Rahkshi Panrahk charged from the rubble, destroying a few other artifacts before getting to the Toa. It was about to smash Lah into small fragments when Jinu shot juice at it’s eyes. The Panrahk hissed angrily and then Lah shot it with her blaster.

Panrahk fell and Jinu was charging. The Panrahk rose quickly, however, and fired a destructive blast at Jinu, who dodged. The blast then hit Tanaaru’s cart and it exploded. Tanaaru and the Muaka survived but the cart was lost.

Seeing that the Panrahk wasn’t looking at her, Lah quickly used her mask to adapt into an underground digging mode and she plunged beneath the earth, starting to dig. In her underground mode, she received two powerful claws and a drill. Her mask was shaped into a miner's headlamp that generated light.

Jinu had a hard time fighting the Rahkshi. His powers weren’t very useful in fights. His mask power was zooming. A great power when he was too close to the enemy, not too far. A pair of propellers. Well, he could fly with them but that only allowed him to dodge Panrahk’s blasts. And he would tire, eventually. Element, juice. Great. Jinu was forced to fight a destructive Rahkshi of Fragmentation with some orange juice. Or apple juice, he could choose.

The Rahkshi hit its staff on the ground beside Jinu. He expected it to destroy the ground beneath him. Surprisingly, the ground beneath Panrahk suddenly broke instead and it fell into a hole on the ground. Down there was Lah, who had made this trap. She quickly wrenched Rahkshi’s head open with her powerful claws and the Kraata popped up onto the surface. There Jinu smashed it with his propellers. He was then struck by a laser blast, which made him fall beside the smashed Kraata.

Fohrok were advancing. They were given orders by the Tohunga with an infected mask. “Kill them!” he shouted.

Tanaaru and his two Muaka tore most of the Fohrok apart before they could reach the Toa. When they did reach them, Lah and Jinu easily destroyed them with their powers. The infected Tohunga tried to escape but Jinu flew to him and knocked his mask off.


Meanwhile, two Rahkshi entered a dark cave underground. They hissed at something and that something replied.

“What... that’s impossible. The legends spoke of a lone Toa who would try and defeat me... but now there are more?”

The strange voice paused for a moment.

“It seems like my normal Rahkshi aren’t doing a very good job... two of my villages have been freed. You two are my elite Rahkshi... go and enslave the Tohunga again... and kill the Toa.”

Chapter 14[]

The green Tohunga, recently freed, seemed unsure of the situation. They had been freed by three strange, tall beings, who claimed to have come and save them. But they were afraid of the shadows that had enslaved them for so long. They were afraid of revenge.

The Tohunga had told the Toa everything they knew about their mysterious island. The infected Tohunga had been cured, a pure mask had been given to him, instead of the infected, now broken Kanohi.

“I must warn you, brave Toa”, the previously infected Tohunga, revealed to be named Raux, said.

“The Makuta is looking for you... he wont allow you to free the villages.

“Where are the other villages?” Henkka asked.

“Well, they’re scattered around here... but the closest one is propably Ta-Koro, the fire village.

The Toa were very surprised earlier, when the Tohunga had revealed the names of the villages. The similarity of this island to the island of Mata Nui was incredible and that made Henkka very unsure about things.

“Well, we’ll go and free that village next then”, Henkka said.

“Wait, two of our own are in a destroyed village nearby!” Taum exclaimed.

“Leraj and Nowah! We must get them from there!”

Chapter 15[]

Jinu and Lah had just freed an entire desert village. The Tohunga had been locked in a hut but were easily freed, without the Fohrok and Rahkshi threat. The infected mask of that one Tohunga was purified and given back to him. He had told everything he knew to the Toa.

“But... but what if more Fohrok come?” Jinu wondered.

“That’s true... then the village wouldn’t be safe for long. And we can’t stay here to protect it for eternity, there are more villages to be freed!”

“We’ll prepare our defences and protect the village alone while you’re gone”, answered the previously infected Tohunga. “My people have the will to fight... after all, they’ve been slaves for millenia.”

“Okay. But Tanaaru and his new built cart will come with us”, Jinu said. “We need a way of transport.”

So the two Toa, along with Tanaaru, left the village of stone into the hands of the Tohunga, who were ready to fight whenever more Fohrok or Rahkshi would show up.

Meanwhile Henkka, Taum, Newhu and a big group of Tohunga looked at the old village. It was crowded with Fohrok. And they were just bringing one hut down, the one where Leraj and Nowah were.

“Charge!” shouted Taum. He leaped from the bushed and started to fight the Fohrok. Henkka and Newhu did this too, until they noticed that there weren’t tens, or even hundreds of Fohrok. There were thousands. And they were overwhelming the Toa.

Nowah saw outside, and his friends who battled. He destroyed the door of the hut he was in and started to fight too. That’s when Leraj woke up.

When he saw the battle, he immedietly realized that therw uold be no way to beat them all. Except... with a Nova Blast. Or no, not a Nova Blast... but something close to it.

Leraj consentrated his element of iron. He slowly started to gather all iron from the entire island of Mabauto into a huge, floating ball of iron. The whole island saw how all the iron of the island rose from different parts of the island and fused into a ball of iron in the air, clearly visible to all.

Lah and Jinu saw this while going in the desert too. “Leraj is awake”, they noticed.

When the iron ball was done, Leraj used it to smash the majority of the Fohrok. The impact was so hard that the five Toa and the Tohunga bumped high into the air and landed. Then, something dangerous became. The volcano at the center of the island exploded, spilling lava all over, caused by the impact of Leraj’s ironball.

Chapter 16[]

The lava spilled all over, but luckily didn’t hit anyone. “Phew!” Henkka sighed.

The five Toa met again, while the Tohunga were preparing for a journey. The Toa shared their adventures and decided to head to and free the next village. They decided to go to the closest one, the village of fire. Ta-Koro.

Meanwhile Jinu, Lah and Tanaaru had already arrived there and were ready to strike. As the Fohrok came to check the cart, Jinu and Lah attacked, blasting the Fohrok out of their way. They then rushed through the gate, only to find a village looking almost exactly the same as the Ta-Koro back on Mata Nui.

They had no time to wonder, however. The red Rahkshi Turahk jumped from behind one Matoran Hut and blasted Lah with fear. Lah froze.

Jinu attacked the Rahkshi. It was about to freeze Jinu in fear too, when he shot some juice in its eyes. The Turahk screamed as Jinu opened its back with his propellers and destroyed the Kraata inside.

Fohrok charged but Jinu easily blasted them away, with help from Tanaaru. They saw the infected Tohunga Chief of the village. Jinu shot juice at him and ran to him. Then he ripped off the infected mask.

More Fohrok came but they were defeated with the help from the red Tohunga of the village, who had seen their time coming.

When it was over, Ta-Koro was free.

However, a new threat came from above. The Toa looked and saw two Rahkshi flying towards them. The other one was purple and the other orange.

“Well, looks like we’ve got company”, Jinu said. Then he activated his propellers and flew to “welcome” the Rahkshi into the village by shooting them with a huge blast of juice. The Rahkshi landed on top of some Matoran Huts and screamed.

But when the purple one screamed, it wasn’t normal. Its scream was ridiculously loud, making all the beings in the village hold their ears. And while they did this, the Orange Rahkshi flew at the freed Tohunga, who had been infected previously.

“No!” Jinu shouted but was forced to hold his ears again, due to the purple Rahkshi’s power scream.

The Orange Rahkshi gave the Tohunga a new infected mask.

“Thanks”, he said. “Now, let’s see how well those little Toa will do now.”

Chapter 17[]

The Power Scream of the purple Rahkshi was soon interrupted by a block of solid Protodemris covering its mouth. The Rahkshi gagged and tried to get the protodermis off, but it was no use.

Jinu and Lah turned to the village gate. There the other Holy Toa were standing with Henkka and a group of green Tohunga. Protodermis drops came from Henkka’s Staff of Protodermis.

The orange Rahkshi saw the Toa and hissed. The situation was hopeless for it. Seven against one. It did have a power, however, a power that could help itself to safety. Raising its staff, the Rahkshi called a huge swarm of insects to attack the Toa.

This was Lah’s turn to smile. Her element was, after all, insect control too. She ordered the insects away. The Rahkshi summoned them back but again, Lah ordered them away.

The orange Rahkshi attacked Lah with its staff, trying to hit her. Lah dodged and shot the Rahkshi with her blaster. The Rahkshi fell and Jinu ran to take its Kraata out. The Kraata was then destroyed by Lah’s blaster.

The Toa shared their adventures. They were happy to have become reunited. Jinu and Lah told about Po-Koro and that it had been saved already. Henkka and the other Holy Toa had rescued the green village and even brought it’s Tohunga here!

“We must find a safer place for the Tohunga”, Newhu suggested. “This place isn’t the safest one.”

“Perhaps, but maybe...” Lah thought for a while. Then she spoke again. “I suggest that some of us stay in this village and protect the Tohunga. Meanwhile, some of us would go and get the stone Tohunga from Po-Koro here and the rest would save the other villages.”

“Sounds good, but the stone Tohunga love their village”, Jinu said. “Remember?”

Lah’s face became sad and she became upset. Then she spoke.

“Well, is Po-Koro a better place to put all of these Tohunga then?”

Jinu thought for a while.

“Well... no. All right, me and Lah will go and get the Tohunga of Po-Koro.”

“Good”, said Henkka. “Meanwhile myself, Newhu and Taum will go to rescue the next village.”

“Which means that myself and Nowah will stay to protect the Tohunga of Ta-Koro”, Leraj ended the conversation. Each group went their own ways.

Chapter 18[]

Jinu and Lah went all the way to Po-Koro. They weren’t surprised to find a small troop of Fohrok also going that way. On their way to Po-Koro, they destroyed the Fohrok.

In Po-Koro, it wasn’t easy to convince the Tohunga to leave their beloved village.

“After this is over, you’ll all come back”, Jinu told the Tohunga. This worked, and they agreed to journey with them to Ta-Koro.

On their way, however, they suddenly confronted two Rahkshi. These Rahkshi ambushed the group from underground.

Jinu was about to shout, but heard nothing. In fact, he didn’t hear his own voice. Everything was dead silent.

And nevertheless he saw a battle beginning. The other Rahkshi lifted its staff and soon the whole area was cloaked in darkness.

Jinu couldn’t see anything, hear anything. And soon, out of nowhere a staff hit his back. He fell to the ground and fainted.

Meanwhile Henkka, Taum and Newhu were quite near the village of fire. They had stumbled upon a cave with some guarding Fohrok.

“This must be the way to... Onu-Koro”, Taum whispered. He triggered his mask power and saw that it was true.

Henkka lifted his spear and soon some parts of the Fohrok turned liquid. They didn’t stay together anymore and the Fohrok collapsed without a sound.

“Let’s go”, Henkka said and the three Toa entered the caves.

They got safely into a huge cavern with several huts and lightstones in the roof. Several black Tohunga mined here and there with Fohrok guarding them. They also saw their biggest threats, an infected Tohunga and a black Rahkshi.

The Toa had a plan. Before it could react, Taum had trapped the Rahkshi inside a block of rubber. The Infected Matoran turned but Henkka was already at him, taking his infected mask off. After this Newhu created lots of smoke around the Tohunga, leaving only the Fohrok out of the cloud.

Henkka and Taum then battled the Fohrok with ease, although there were many of them. Then, a huge setback occured.

The black Rahkshi Vorahk got free out of the rubber block.

It charged at Taum and knocked him down. He then started draining the helpless Toa’s energies.

Henkka hurled a block of Protodermis at the Rahkshi, knocking it on the ground. He couldn’t go and help Taum, however, because of the Fohrok.

Henkka became desperate and shot his powers on the roof of the cave. It began to collapse.

Chapter 19[]

Lah used her Mask of Adaption in the chaos that occured on the desert near Po-Koro.

She adapted into the situation and got equipped well. For the total darkness around she got a strange weapon with a torch in the other hand. For the silence she got an odd vibrating sword. She began vibrating it and suddenly she heard again. She heard Tohunga crying and Rahkshi hissing. But she didn’t hear Jinu.

Next she used her torch and illuminated the desert. She saw Jinu fainted and a few Tohunga captured in cages. Then there were the Rahkshi.

The two Rahkshi turned at Lah and hissed. The other Rahkshi tried to cloak the area in darkness again, failing because of Lah’s torch. The other Rahkshi tried to make it quiet but couldn’t, because of Lah’s vibrating sword.

Lah used her Insect Control powers to summon a swarm of insects that ate Protodermis. The swarm started chewing on the other Rahkshi’s armor. It hissed and its Kraata finally got out, after its armor was almost completely devoured.

Lah tried to smash it but the other Rahkshi hit her with its staff. Lah landed on the ground but stood up quickly again. She sent the insects at the Rahkshi, which got eaten in seconds.

And this Rahkshi’s Kraata, she did squash.

Chapter 20[]

Henkka couldn’t believe how lucky he had been.

Just few moments earlier he had made the whole village of Onu-Koro collapse. He had been lucky to get Taum out alive. Of course, Newhu, who had just rescued the Tohunga, had helped.

Now they were out with the black Tohunga. No Fohrok or Rahkshi around.

“Phew, great!” Henkka was pleased. The group then began their journey to Ta-Koro again, with a group of Tohunga.

They got the Tohunga safely in Ta-Koro, greeted Leraj and Nowah and left again, this time for Ko-Koro.

Ko-Koro was a very... cold place. The Toa didn’t have any trouble finding the village, however, thanks to Taum’s Mask Power. Ko-Koro was located in a valley made of snow. There were a few huts here and there. There were very little Tohunga around, only a few Fohrok and no Rahkshi.

“It’s a trap”, Henkka realized.

He liquified the protodermis in the Fohrok which collapsed. Then Newhu cloaked the area with smoke and took the Ko-Matoran to safety.

Henkka was right. It was a trap. Because then, all of a sudden, a white Rahkshi Kurahk jumped from underneath the snow and shot its powers at him. Henkka blocked the attack with his shield.

Taum created a rubber bed underneath the Rahkshi which bounced in the air. Henkka then shot his powers at the falling Rahkshi and it exploded. The Kraata got away.

“This wasn’t the final confrontation, just for this brief time”, Henkka said. “Let’s take these Tohunga to safety.”

Chapter 21[]

Lah and Jinu brought the Tohunga of Po-Koro to Ta-Koro at the same time as Henkka, Taum and Newhu brought the Tohunga of Ko-Koro. They were happy that everything had worked out so great and decided to form two groups: The other would stay at Ta-Koro and the other would free the last enslaved village, Ga-Koro.

While Leraj, Nowah, Lah and Jinu remained to protect Ta-Koro, Henkka, Taum and Newhu began their journey to Ga-Koro. Tanaaru agreed to take them there with his cart and so they started off.

Meanwhile, somewhere beneath the island of Mabauto, two Kraata slithered across the floor of a room. The other one was a Kraata of Darkness, the other, Anger.

They both came to a dark being that lifted them up. After hearing what they had to say he hurled them in a pool of Energized Protodermis. Soon two Rahkshi Armor came up.

“So...” the dark figure began. “Those Toa have freed all of my villages, except for one... well... that one will remain untaken... and the freed villages will be mine again.”

Chapter 22[]

Henkka, Taum and Newhu had just gotten to Ga-Koro. They saw various Fohrok and Rahkshi Guurahk, a blue Rahkshi.

They had started their usual tactic. Newhu made smoke around the Tohunga, separating them from the Fohrok while Taum and Henkka battled. Henkka faced the Guurahk. It hissed and swung its staff angrily, hitting a rock beside him. It disintegrated.

Then Henkka trapped the Rahkshi in a Protodermis cage.

That battle was quick and Henkka went to help Taum with the Fohrok, which they soon won.

“This was almost... too easy”, Taum said.

Then, all of a sudden, four Rahkshi landed beside them.

“Oh no...” Taum said.

Not wanting to say it out loud, Henkka used his Mask of Telepathy on Newhu, who was carrying the Tohunga to safety.

“Take the Tohunga to Ta-Koro, quick!” shouted Henkka to him telepathically. Newhu understood and took the Tohunga secretly away from the village. The Rahkshi did not notice him.

The first Rahkshi swung its staff. Suddenly a cyclone appered, taking Taum high into the air. Henkka fired a protodermis blast at the Rahkshi but it dodged.

Taum wasn’t helpless, however. He used his Vine Gun to grab the Rahkshi. Then he hurled himself out of the cyclone, which disappeared seconds later. He then cracked the Rahkshi’s back plate and took the Kraata out. However, before he could squash it, another Rahkshi made its move and hit Taum with its staff. Taum fell but was back up soon. He fired a vine at the Rahkshi but it dodged. Taum tried again, it dodged again.

Taum was becoming frustrated.

Meanwhile Henkka was facing one of the Rahkshi. It was light blue.

The Rahkshi quickly tried and hit Henkka with its staff. Henkka blocked it with his shield, which disintegrated. Henkka had lost his shield.

Henkka looked at the Rahkshi in horror. Next it hit Henkka with the staff.

“This is the end”, Henkka thought but then noticed that he was still intact. Then he got it. This Rahkshi was the Rahkshi of molecular disruption... which only worked for inorganic objects.

Henkka put aside his spear so it wouldn’t be shattered and jumped on the Rahkshi. The Rahkshi swung him with his staff and hit. It hurted Henkka, but not enough to get him off the Rahkshi. He then opened the Rahkshi’s back and ceased the Kraata in solid Protodermis. It shattered the protodermis and fled.

Meanwhile Taum was struggling with three Rahkshi. He had tried to wrap one of them in a vine but it dodged well.

Then the last Rahkshi revealed its powers. It raised its staff. Then it lowered again and shot Plasma at Taum. He dodged and it hit one of the Rahkshi. This was the Rahkshi that dodged all of Taum’s attacks. It didn’t know this was coming and its armor melted, trapping the Kraata in the process.

The Rahkshi startled, Taum quickly wrapped the Plasma Rahkshi in a vine and hurled it at the Cyclone Rahkshi. The two Rahkshi crashed. Then Henkka came, victorious from his battle with the light blue Rahkshi and sealed the two Rahkshi in a Protodermis Cage.

Chapter 23[]

Henkka, Taum and Newhu had just freed Ga-Koro and took them to Ta-Koro. There, all the Toa and Tohunga united, they discussed their plans.

“Now... all the villages are freed”, Taum started.

“Yes... but now there’s a problem. The villages are freed but there’s no doubt more Rahkshi and Fohrok attacks will come. We must defeat The Makuta. And that brings us to the key point... where is he?” Lah asked.

“Legends say that he is everywhere”, answered an anonymous Tohunga.

“No...” started the black Tohunga that had been previously infected.

“He is underground...”

“And the way to him?” Henkka asked.

“The... the great temple... Kini-Nui”, the Tohunga continued.

Just then, all the Tohunga started screaming. The Toa looked up. They saw a huge group of Rahkshi flying down. The entrance was blocked too, with thousands of Fohrok coming in.

Unlike the other Toa, Lah had a plan ready.

“Take the Tohunga into the underground prison of this village!” she commanded. “Now!”

The other Toa started escorting the Tohunga down in the caves below the village where they had been kept at nights during the time that Rahkshi and Fohrok commanded them.

Lah was left alone to fight the huge army. That was just the idea. Making sure that the doorway to the caves was closed, she summoned all her Elemental Power... and unleashed an Insect Control Nova Blast.

It was amazing. From all around the BIONICLE World, billions and again, billions of insects were summoned on Mabauto. Many lands noticed the sudden leaving of insects. Insect storm from all over the world started racing for one destination.

And that destination was Mabauto, Ta-Koro.

It was horrifying. The insects didn’t even fit in the same village. Imagine all the insects of the world in a small village... you can guess what it leads to.

There were many types of insects. There were several insect species that ate protodermis... they started chewing on the Rahkshi and Fohrok. The Rahkshi tried to use their powers but it was no use. In a matter of seconds, the whole army was eaten.

After this, the insects departed, left to their own homelands.

Chapter 24[]

“Well, I always wanted to know what an Insect Control Nova Blast could do...”, Lah said and smiled as the others had came back up again. But this was no time for joy, no, no. This was just the beginning.

“I’ll be going to the great temple, Kini-Nui”, Henkka told everyone. “It is there, where I will face the ultimate battle.”

“We’ll come too!” Taum said, but Henkk argued.

“No. This is my duty. You already followed me here, which you shouldn’t have done. Now, do not interfere with my destiny. Since you’re here, stay and protect the Tohunga during this final battle.”

After this, he activated his wings and flew away.

“This isn’t fair!” Leraj said. “He thinks we’re amateurs! But we’ll give him a surprise, won't we. We’ll follow him again and he’ll see that we are needed!”

Chapter 25[]

The great temple Kini-Nui was excactly the same looking as the one on Mata Nui. The only different feature was the Suva Kaita, which, in this case, was a Suva... with only one slot.

Henkka looked at it. It was shaped like a hand... of a Toa.

“Well... it seems someone has been expecting me”, Henkka thuoght and placed his hand on the slot. A passage underground opened.

There were stairs. Lots of stairs. Henkka wondered if there were 666 of them. It wouldn’t have suprised him after all these “coincidences” with the names of the places. Maybe he would soon find out why they were so... similar to the ones on Mata Nui.

Henkka arrived in a large chamber. It was dark with green mist floating across the room. The chamber looked the same as did Mangaia on Mata Nui.

Then, Henkka decided to test one thing. He knew the speech between Takanuva and Teridax in Mangaia, after the Mask of Light had been found.

“You can no longer hide in shadows”, Henkka began. It was quiet for a moment. Then a voice spoke.

“I am shadow. A shadow that guards the gate. Now run home, or accept your doom.”

Just as Henkka had expected, the answer had been the same Teridax had given Takanuva in Mangaia. “Why” Henkka wondered, “Is everything the same here, like on Mata Nui?”

Henkka continued the speech as it was in Mangaia.

“I am done running. Mata Nui will be awakened this day!” He listened to the reply again.

“Toa of Light... now so bold. But at heart you are still, just, Takua.”

“No!” Henkka shouted. “I am not a Toa of Light! I am not Takua! Whatever it is that is happening here now, is soon going to end!”

Henkka heard no reply.

“This is crazy! This is not Mata Nui! Why does it look so?!”

“This is, the island of Mata Nui”, came the reply.

“No. This is Mabauto, and you have enslaved them!”

“I succeeded in what Teridax didn’t. He would be so proud of me now...”

“What... what do you mean?” Henkka was confused.

“Teridax let a single Toa take his Matoran away... but I have enslaved them for eternity. But just like happened to Teridax, I too have been challenged by a Toa of Light.”

“I am not a Toa of Light. I am the Toa of Protodermis”, Henkka replied. Then, a bolt of shadow energy was hurled from somewhere at Henkka. He dodged it briefly.

“Liar!” came the dark voice again. “You are trying to fool me! I have made this island as it should bem the way it was supposed to be on Mata Nui! I have made everything as my greatest idol Teridax has, and you won't take it away from me!”

Now Henkka understood. The evil being called himself “The Makuta”, just as Teridax had done on Mata Nui. And everything was similar to Mata Nui... he got it now. “The Makuta” had made everything that way, because Teridax was his idol and he wanted to do the same as he had done!

“All right, Makuta, reveal yourself!” Henkka shouted into the darkness. The answer was a bolt of shadow energy being hurled at him. Henkka dodged and hurled his bolt of protodermis into the darkness.

He heard a hit. Henkka ran to see a being in Makuta armor, laying on the ground. Surprisingly though, this being was no bigger than a Toa. Well, maybe just a little, but all in all he was quite small.

The being rose up and said: “Well done, Toa. Now, I will protect Mata Nui from you.”

No, Makuta! This isn’t one of your fantasies! This is real! This isn’t Mata Nui, this is Mabauto! And you are not Teridax, even though you would be a Makuta! And your tyranny will be unreal, NOW!

Henkka hopped at the being. He could see that the being was expecting him to go for his mask, as Takanuva had done earlier with Teridax. But instead, Henkka hurled a bolt of protodermis at the being. He heard something crack. When the being rose and spoke again, the sound was completely different. It was no longer a deep, dark voice. Instead, it sounded quite pathetic, it was a squeaky voice more than a dark one. A similar voice had been with Nidhiki before he had died.

“What a fool you are, to challenge the master of shadows!” the Makuta cried and hurled several bolts of shadow at Henkka.

A great battle followed. Shadow and Protodermis flashed in the room rapidly when the two fought. In the end, however, the Makuta punched Henkka so hard he lost all his weapons on the floor. The Makuta was now on him, preparing to strike him down for good.

Then a piece of Iron hit the Makuta and he fell off Henkka. Henkka rose and quickly started his final blow. A Protodermis Seal. He concentrated and when he was done, the Makuta was trapped in his seal.

“This isn’t enough”, he said and smashed the block of protodermis. The Makuta shattered with it. It was finally over.

Henkka turned to see his savior. He saw the Holy Toa standing there. Henkka sighed and signaled them to go up. He followed.

Chapter 26[]

“What have you done?!” Henkka cried out to the Holy Toa. “You have objected destiny!”

“We saved you!” Leraj shouted back. Henkka went quiet.

“Yes... you did. Even if you weren’t supposed to... you did.” Then he turned at the Tohunga. The Holy Toa had brought them at Kini-Nui with them.

“Tohunga of Mabauto! You are now free of your chains! So go, and live your normal lives in your home villages! The responsibility of them now lay on you! You may choose what everything looks like. You may choose what everything is called! You have the total control over your beloved island, so rejoice!”

The Tohunga cheered.

“Well, it’s time to go home now”, Henkka said and started going with the Holy Toa. On the beach, they were in for a surprise.

A larger ship had been built by the Tohunga, to honor the Toa who saved them from tyranny. It had some blasters in it and it was comfortable.

The Toa smiled. They then went into the ship and started sailing back to Henkka Island.

After they had sailed for hours, they saw the island. But it looked a bit different than it had been before. Henkka tried to look, but couldn’t see what was wrong.

Jinu used his Mask of Zoom to zoom in. He didn’t get far, thuogh, before a ball of energy was launched from the island, smashing the Toa’s ship into pieces. The Toa fainted from the impact.

Meanwhile, in the castle of Henkka, in the center of Henkka Island, a dark being spoke.

“So... they have returned... they were fools to leave in the first place... and because of their stupid, little mistake... I will be the ruler of the Matoran Universe.

(The story will be continued in the third part of the Noble Tasks Series: The Noble Tasks: The Dark Sides of Us All)

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