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A Marohi Hammer-slinger

The Marohi tribe is a tribe of rock focusing on strength. They were powerful, but could be slow. A rahi called the Tokanalo is protected by the Marohi. They are often ridden by Marohi warriors.


There are 3 different classes of Marohi citizen, excluding the turaga;

  • Warriors
  • Archers
  • Medics

Each class has different ranks with different authority. This will be represented by a number out of 6. Each class starts at rookie.


Warriors were the Brawn of the Marohi. They would protect the village, and when they were a higher rank they could ride a Tokanalo. The ranks are as follows;

  • Rookie-0.5/6-Had one knife.
  • Scouter-1/6-Had two knives.
  • Fighter-1.5/6-Had one blade.
  • Miner-2.5/6-Had one hammer.
  • Hammer slinger-3/6-Had one hammer and one shield-could ride a Tokanalo.
  • Hammer thumper-4.5/6-Had one power charged hammer and one shield.


Archers wield crossbows, which would use specially bred Kraata. These Kraata had different abiliities, depending on their colour. The ranks are as follows;

  • Rookie-0.5/6-Had basic crossbow.
  • Breeder-1/6-Had wooden crossbow and Kraata stable.
  • Launcher-1.5/6-Had snipers crossbow and two kraata stables.
  • Slinger-2/6-Had snipers bow and six kraata stables.
  • Sniper-2.5/6-Had Black bow and sniper darts.

The kraata are as follows;

  • Red-bomb. Could dig into the ground, and home in on enemies.
  • Green-venom. Could poison an enemy.
  • Blue-absorbtion. Could absorb enemies health and give to archer.
  • Black-web. Could tie up enemies in a web, and sometimes bring to archer.
  • White-freeze. Could freeze enemies to the spot.
  • Brown-snipe. Could attack enemies from a long distance.


Medics were the healers of the tribe. They could heal their allies, and use a few other abilities. They were notorious for being mean and self-centered. The ranks are as follows;

  • Rookie-0.5/6-Had small staff and could heal.
  • Intern-1/6-Had small staff and could heal better.
  • Nurse-3/6-Had mid-sized staff and could heal and poison.
  • Surgeon-5/6-Had long staff and could use multiple abilities.

The abilities for a surgeon are as follows;

  • Heal
  • Poison
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Lightning
  • Light
  • Dark


  • Marohi in Maori means 'to be strong'
  • The Marohi were in to tough talk, and showing off.