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The Legacy Chronicles is a fan-made BIONICLE saga, created by Ihu.


Spherus Magna[]

The Vorgaan Invasion[]

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Prior to the Shattering, on the world of Spherus Magna, a tribe of Agori and their warriors lived in perfect harmony with their surroundings. The Gravity Tribe lived in a city that rested on natural rock platforms that floated high above the ground. Some of the warriors had learned to master the elemental energy that lay dormant within them, allowing them to manipulate gravity at will. Strangely, not one was corrupted by this power, and the Gravity Tribe remained the peaceful utopia that it had always been.

Then, one day, a small object was found outside the city gates. It was a small, organic computer brain, left by and oncoming army. It's message was simple - that the Vorgaan would come and overrun the planet, and any who refused to surrender were doomed. Unsure of what to do, as Spherus Magna would most definetely fall should the Vorgaan arrive in full force, the village elders made no effort to send the coming race a response. After three days, the first ships were seen arriving from space. A warrior named Paratus was sent to the south to warn the Iron and Jungle Tribes about the invaders, as they were the closest to the Gravity Tribe's city, and to the Vorgaan.

On the way, Paratus was intercepted by Ribula, who told him that he alone would stop the Vorgaan. She gave him a stone which would enhance his elemental abilities beyond imagining, and bade him return to his city.

When Paratus approached, he foudn that the battle had already begun. Vorgaan ships had descended from the heavens, and the city was in ruins. Gravity Tribe warriors were doing their best to hold the Vorgaan at bay, but to no avail. There was no way that Paratus could stop the Vorgaan and save his friends simultaneously, so he was forced to choose - doom his city and save Spherus Magna, or watch the planet fall to the Vorgaan.

He decided to protect the other innocent inhabitants of Spherus Magna from the alien threat, and activated his powers and the stone. He created a black hole above the planet's surface, and into it fell the Vorgaan and the Gravity Tribe. When it had been done, the hole closed, and Paratus was traumatised by what he had done. In just a few moments, he had committed a double genocide.

Seeing his pain, Ribula wiped his memory and entrusted him to Raanu of the Fire Tribe, where he would start a new life. Making her armour resemble that of a Jungle Tribe warrior, Ribula vowed that Paratus would someday be rewarded, and she would watch over him until that day came.

Irania Nui Prehistory[]

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105,000 years ago, the Great Beings created a species known as the Matoran. To test their new creations, the Great Beings made several islands on Spherus Magna purely for that purpose. Irania Nui was one such island.

Then, 101,000 years ago, the Core War erupted, and the Great Beings protected their test-lands in large spheres of energy. When the planet shattered, Irania Nui fell to the new world of Aqua Magna, and the shield sphere dissipated.

After this, some Matoran discovered a chamber in the depths of the district of Onu Iarn. It was filled with various tricks and traps, designed to kill or maim anyone who got too close. This it did, until the Toa Iarn entered. Led by Toa Lome, they managed to get past all the traps, and made their way to a pedestal in the final chamber. Several items sat on the pedestal - an orb which allowed immediate communication with a Great Being, a lump of glowing purple crystal, a gold and black knife, and a key. They took these objects back to the center of the city, where they studied them.

The blue orb would allow them to communicate with a Great Being, of the knife and the crystal they were unsure, but the key was greatest of all. As it neared a certain section of Po Iarn, it would glow brighter and brighter, as if revealing the location of something. This attracted the attention of one being - the Element Lord of Shadow. With an army of Skrall - beings who had fallen from Spherus Magna with Irania Nui - he set out to capture the key.

The Toa Iarn battled him in Po Iarn for many days, until Lome decided that something had to be done. Using the orb, he pleaded with a Great Being called Angonce to stop the battle, and so he did. Angonce threw the Element Lord of Shadow into the Zone of Darkness, and infused the Skrall with the canyons. He then wiped the memories of everyone in Irania Nui, and replaced the objects (save the orb, which disappeared), and sealed Onu Iarn. Then Angonce left, and Irania Nui continued as it had before.

The Battle of Nepolius[]

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Discovering a tablet relating to a mythical Kanohi Mask of Victory, The Shadowed One sent a group of Dark Hunters to the island of Nepolius, to retrieve the mask. They enlisted the help of a Matoran named Ikov, who claimed that he knew how to find it.

At the same time, Toa Frucas, from another, larger island called Krano Nui, received a distress call from a Nepolitan Matoran, and left to help them. He arrived in time to get all of the Matoran away from Nepolius, only to be captured by a Hunter. When there was no word from him, the Turaga of Krano Nui, Carok, sent Covoc, Toa of Stone, and Kurek, Toa of Plantlife, to find out what had happened to their comrade. He also sent Miran and Kuro out of the Matoran world to Irania Nui, to retrieve some crystals that Turaga Lome had kept safe for them. Covoc and Kurek made their way to Nepolius, fighting a Yellemoth along the way.

Meanwhile, Frucas was interrogated by Vanisher, who, along with Ravager and Poison, thought he was there for the Mask of Victory too. They tried to kill him, but he escaped and started to flee in a Toa canister. However, a video message from Carok was sent to him, telling him not to return home, as Krano Nui had been destroyed.

In exchange for the head of a Matoran rival, Yezu, Ikov found the Mask of Victory, the Kanohi Zutekhae, and brought it to Vanisher. When Vanisher did not give him what he wanted, and threatened to kill Ikov, the Matoran donned the mask and unwittingly absorbing Vanisher's energies. The Hunter died, and Ikov was transformed into a terrible being of immense power - Vashkov.

The Shadowed One learned of Vanisher's death, and sent three more Hunters - Lurker, Gladiator and Silence - to Nepolius. They were greeted by Ravager, who immediately set them to work finding Ikov, the Mask, and Frucas.

Frucas was reunited with Covoc and Kurek on the island's shore, and told them about Krano Nui's destruction. They were horrified, but decided to follow Kuro and Miran to Irania Nui. Suddenly, Vashkov - who had now absorbed the energies of several other Dark Hunters - ambushed them, and said that he would kill them if they did not leave. He added that one of them had to stay to help him kill the rest of the Dark Hunters. Covoc offered to stay, in the hopes that he could stop Vashkov and take the Mask from him.

After killing Lurker and Silence, Vashkov took Covoc to the shore, where they saw Gladiator and Ravager escaping on a boat. Knowing that he could not catch up to them, Vashkov decided to kill Covoc instead. The two battled on the coast, the end result being Vashkov thrown far out to sea. As Covoc prepared to leave the island, Vashkov emerged, now more powerful than before, as he had absorbed several sea Rahi.

Covoc's mask kicked in, and he found that the "great feats" his mask allowed him to perform included levitation and extreme dexterity. They battled in mid-air, Covoc able to dodge most of Vashkov's blows, until he threw the monster down through a hill into a cavern. Inside, Covoc wrestled with Vashkov, finally pulling the Zutekhae free of Vashkov's face, transforming him back into Ikov.

Later, with Ikov imprisoned on Irania Nui, Covoc and his friends joined the Toa Iarn in protecting their new home.

The Pit[]

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The Order of Mata Nui sent a Toa of Ice and Shadow named Ihu, and a large, saphirre-armoured being called Frydax, down to the Pit to track down a villainous Makuta known as Pyrez. They travelled there in a Toa Terrain Crawler, which was attacked by Zyglak along the way.

When they reached the Pit, Ihu was mutated by the waters. He grew protosteel wings, and his Kanohi Hau transformed in a breathing apparatus that had the powers of a Kanohi Tryna, the Mask of Reanimation. He used his new mask to reanimate a dead Toa, but something went wrong, and the Toa actually came back to life properly and escaped the Pit. His name was Vectivax. Frydax was unaffected by the mutagens, as his species was semi-aquatic.

Once he had found Pyrez, Ihu and Frydax battled the Makuta. Pyrez summoned a horde of Rahi to attack them, and Ihu commanded an army of zombie craetures to counteract it. Then a being named Karzahni interviened and attacked Frydax. When he had to hold Karzahni off, that left Ihu to battle Pyrez. After a long and furious battle, Pyrez was forced to retreat, and Frydax became trapped in the Pit. Ihu had no choice but to follow Pyrez, leaving his ally to find his own way out of the nightmarish realm.

Ihu followed Pyrez through a giant hole into Karda Nui, where the two continued their battle, high above the ground on a stalectite. This was difficult for Ihu, as though he could survive on land now, he was still going through the constant sensation of dying, over and over again. Yet he still managed to defeat Pyrez, whom he managed to send falling down to the depths of Karda Nui, with his gravity increased.

Pyrez used his own gravity powers to escape from Ihu's grip, and managed to teleport out of Karda Nui just before he hit the swamp.

Frydax, still in the Pit, swam for days, trying to find a way out of the sea of shadows. After just over a week, he made it back to Daxia, where he was greeted by Helryx and a group of his friends.

Destiny War[]

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At the start of the Destiny War, the Order of Mata Nui sent two operatives - Frydax and Liizuhk - to go to Jydivia to ask for the aid of the Jyraian army.

On Jydivia, Frydax and Liizuhk were attacked by Makuta Pyrez, who arrived on the island to bring Jydivia to the Brotherhood's side. Liizuhk was captured, and Frydax was knocked unconscious. When he awoke, he was taken prisoner by a Jyraxian soldier, who claimed that he would be given a reward for 'bringing him in'. Frydax escaped, and activated a mysterious orb which allowed him to speak with a Great Being called Angonce.

Angonce took Frydax to a mysterious tower, and told him that he would have to stop a great evil on Jydivia, something worse than Teridax and the Brotherhood of Makuta. He gave Frydax a strange device which he would need, and sent him back to the Matoran Universe.

Back on Jydivia, Frydax managed to stop "Volatile" from killing Liizuhk, who had already lost his Kanohi and an arm. As he helped his friend to his feet, "Volatile" used her new-found telekinesis to throw a gigantic tree at them.

Frydax managed to pull himself out of the wreckage, but Liizuhk then revealed that he was dying. Frydax was forced to leave him and follow "Volatile", whom he found interrogating Pyrez in a large mooden hut. She had already killed a Matoran of Plant Life, whos body was lying on the ground.

Just as the Toa was about to kill Pyrez, Frydax burst in, telling her that she would answer for the lives she had taken. She refused, and attacked Fydax. Losing his Staff of Memories, Frydax grabbed the deceased Matoran's weapon, and blocked "Volatile's" blade. It clashed with the device Angonce gave him, and the weapon became a mighty sword. Stunned, the Toa fell back, and Frydax plunged the device into her chest.

"Volatile" exploded in a ball of energy, revealing her true indentity to be Vradok, who had possessed her, hours before.

When his vision cleared, Frydax looked down on "Volatile's" armour. He also noticed tha the sword and device had both disappeared.

Irania Nui[]

Beginning of the War[]

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Ihu's Arrival[]

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Ihu battling Ozarii in the Great Forest

The New Toa of Light[]

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City in Turmoil[]

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Rise of Vradok[]

Dark Mission[]

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The Disciples of Vradok sent a being named Kreix down to Irania Nui, in search of Toa Ihu. Kreix’s mission was to extract a sample of Ihu’s DNA, which would be used to bring Vradok back from the dead.

On Irania Nui, Kreix interrogated a Matoran about the Toa’s location, and then killed the Matoran. Toa Halok discovered the body, and set off in search of Kreix. Kreix managed to trap Halok, Gelik, and a Matoran called Epix inside a block of stone, converting them into the rock too.

When Kreix found the Toa of Ice, he tried to get Ihu to join the Disciples of Vradok, but Ihu refused. Kreix then unleashed a blast of energy on the Toa. However, Ihu reflected the blast, and Kreix disappeared in a vortex of energy, leaving behind only his mask and sword.

Kreix’s powers over Halok, Gelik and Epix were broken, and they were freed, whilst Ihu swore to find out what Kreix had been up to.

Chaos Descends[]

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Shortly afterwards, Ihu made his way back into the city, where he had a meeting with Turaga Lome. He asked for more resources, but Lome refused, unsure of whether the matter was important enough.

Meanwhile, on the planet Kiridonia, Kreix had managed to survive the blast of energy, converting it into teleportation powers, and had a piece of Ihu’s DNA, too. Reiax, one of Vradok’s disciples, placed the sample into a machine which would re-grow Vradok. Kreix then returned to Irania Nui and captured Ihu, transporting him back to Kiridonia, where he would be kept prisoner.

In Metru Nui, Turaga Ahkmou had ordered the public executions of the seven true Turaga. All the Matoran had been forced to gather in the Coliseum, and Rahkshi surrounded the building, to stop anyone from leaving the event. However, three Matoran – Tanma, Photok, and Solek – left their seats and rescued the seven Turaga, just as six Rahkshi were let into the arena to kill them. Using their jetpacks, the Matoran and Turaga made it to an airship, where Helryx and her crew were waiting for them. Solek’s arm was damaged, but that aside, everyone was safe.

The machine with the maturing Vradok inside was ready, and Ihu was forced to watch the resurrection take place.

False Ignika[]

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Gartheon, a Makuta created by Teridax after seizing control of the universe, was given a new, prototype Ignika by his master, and sent to the Tren Krom Peninsula to learn to use it. Using its powers, he experimented on the local Matoran, until only six remained. Toa Ihu eventually arrived on the Tren Krom Peninsula and began aiding the Matoran, until he finally confronted Gartheon in a quarry. The two of them battled using the full amount of their power, until Gartheon lashed out with the false Ignika. In his desparation, Ihu used an Ice Nova Blast and destroyed Gartheon and his Ignika utterly, scattering his armour across the peninsula. With the false Ignika destroyed, many of Gartheon's experiments on Matoran were undone.

Eye of Eternity[]

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After having his body destroyed by the Rakuta, Vashkov's spirit was flung out to Bara Magna, where he somehow managed to make a new body for himself. Learning of his surroundings from a passing Agori caravan, Vashkov set out to find the Cavern of Eternity, of which he had heard whispers back on Arka Nui.

Meanwhile, the Water Council summoned Ihu to their base on New Krano Nui, where he was met be Covoc, Psyra, Karahn, and Amaya, who had been transformed into a Toa. Due to the Great Cataclysm, Amaya was unaware of her past relationship with Ihu, long before he had died the first time. Psyra, the Water Council’s new leader, told Ihu that he, Amaya and Karahn where needed for a mission on Bara Magna. Strange energy spikes had been appearing all over the planet, and they resembled the outbursts of power found when a legendary Kanohi was in use.

The team was teleported down to the world’s surface, right in the middle of a Glatorian practice match between Paratus and Ribula. The two Glatorian agreed to lead the Toa north, where they encountered Myronus, a ancient being whose kind had been wiped out by a plague long before the Shattering.

The Revenge[]

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  • A feature-length Legacy Chronicles film was planned for a 2010 release, but was cancelled, due to major technical issues, as well as issues with the story and the script. A second, Eye of Eternity, also never made it through pre-production, instead becoming a simple story chapter.
  • Other contributers to the saga include Ids5621, Abc8920, Toa Hydros, and BobTheDoctor27.
  • According to The Legacy Chronicles, the events of BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn occur many, many years after WWII.