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The First Battle
Date Set
1,004 AGC

The First Battle is a story serial by Golden Flame0, set a year after the events of the Battle of Bara Magna. It follows the adventures of the Gladiator League.


Chapter One[]

Matoro couldn't believe his luck. He had defeated his long-time rival, Volcanous. A Matoran in the stands had thrown a Madu Cabou at him, and the distraction was all he had needed to win.

"I demand a rematch!" Volcanous yelled. "That guy thought that it wouldn't make a difference!"

"I doubt he thought that, brother," Matoro replied, "but let's ask him, just in case."

The guilty Matoran called himself Rak. He seemed a bit violent, however. "I threw that fruit 'cause he stank. He stank, so I made him more so!" Rak stormed out of the arena.

Later, near a pool of energized Protodermis, Rak was muttering under his breath. "They stink, and I can't do anything about it... yet."

He jumped in, the Protodermis transforming him into a whole new being...

Chapter Two[]

In the gladiator lounge, Volcanous, Matoro and Grukko were hanging out.

"And they said, 'You're a Gukko!' and he went crazy!" Grukko said.

"Nice," replied Matoro, "but try and not make a swarm of Gukko birds try and attack you."

Suddenly, a massive beast burst through the wall. He looked distantly like Rak, but taller, and with a massive arm. Instantly, the three gladiators jumped to their feet.

"Rak?" said Matoro.

"No, not Rak," the beast replied, "but Reach, the latest champion gladiator."


  • Matoro
  • Volcanous
  • Rak/Reach
  • Grukko