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"Vorssah had taken off with his ship The Fang and left the island of Makuta Nui. They managed to track it on radar for a few miles but it used its submerge abilities to go under water and escape the eye of the Brotherhoods radar." Narrater, War for Power.

The Fang
Function War Ship/Speed Boat
Status Active
Location The waters off of Metru Nui.
Pronunciation N/A

The Fang is a speed boat used by Vorrsah and the Avarians. One interesting power The Fang has is its capability to submerge underwater.


The Fang was built by Vorssah tens of thousands of years ago. He connected the ships structure to the power of The Crystal so that the only way to destroy the ship is to first destroy the Crystal. This ship is armed with Energy Bolt Cannons, laser cannons, and many more weapons. It is 500 feet long, and can go as fast as 100 MPH, making it the fastest ship of its size in the universe (it sounds large, but it is about the same size as any other war ship). It is considered the most dangerous ship in the universe because of its speed and its invincibility.


War for Power

The fang

The Fang (Image made in a computer)