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The Empire is a YouTube BIONICLE series created by DragoStudios/Dragomatic. The actual series has not been released yet, but Drago has released much information on the storyline and characters. Much of Drago's work is followed by a saying or quote that he loves, such as:

"Even when the world is filled with the most blinding of all lights, a shadow will remain, waiting to extinguish the flames. . ." Dragomatic

The show takes place in Galla City, the capital (and only city) of The Empire. 30,000 years in the past, a citizen (known throughout the first season only as "The Emperor") killed the king and took control of the Empire. Scared, the non-BIONICLE inhabitants (minifigures) fled the city and headed northeast. There, after many years, they formed Farwood City. When rumors started that the minifigure Kingdom and the BIONICLE Empire would join together, some minifigs started a Rebelion against the Minifig Government. Meanwhile, 29,237 years in past, just 763 years after the takeover of the Empire, Toa Megas formed the BIONICLE Rebel Union. They have harrased the Empire since, destroying trade caravans, stealing weaponry, killing important Empire figures, etc. The story gets heated when, in the first few episodes, Toa Megas (who, 21,689 years after the formation of the Rebel Union, left his position as leader so as to "do less politics and planning, and just fight already!" Hydraxon took up the position of Rebel Leader, after a short fight with his own friends) gave the Toa Stone of Gravity to Consertas, a matoran working at Lewa's Repair Shop.


Season 1[]

The Empire's Army and Partners

  • The Emperor
  • General Icarax
  • General Meka
  • Gorast
  • Krika
  • Bitil
  • Antroz
  • Vamprah
  • Chirox
  • Vultraz
  • Meer
  • Skrall Footsoldiers
  • Tahu
  • Gali
  • Lewa
  • Kopaka
  • Pohatu
  • B.E.T.A.

The Rebel Union's Army

  • Hydraxon
  • Toa Megas
  • Toa Nola
  • Toa Consertas
  • Toa Onua
  • "Takanuva" Footsoldiers
  • Toa Ignika
  • General Tuma
  • Gresh
  • Gelu
  • Strakk
  • Toa Pallu

Mercenaries of Galla City

  • Pohatu (vehicle version)
  • Teeran
  • Meer
  • Tor
  • Deras
  • (Teeran, Meer, and Tor are part of a Trio of Mercenaries in Season 1 and Season 2)

Galla City Residents

  • Consertas (matoran)
  • Berix
  • Metus
  • Suutem
  • Salum
  • Tarduk
  • Hahli
  • Jaller
  • Pallu (undercover)
  • Mata Nui
  • Gresh (undercover)
  • Gelu (undercover)
  • Strakk (undercover)
  • Unnamed Arms Dealer for the Rebels and Empire


  • Vorox
  • Zesk
  • Spinax (a rahi relative of the Spinaxians, a species of BIONICLE who love to sell illegal items to anyone who can afford them. Tor and the Arms Dealer are Spinaxians)

Minifig Kingdom

  • King Eredan
  • Governor/Nobleman Louis
  • Governor/Nobleman 'Loosefit'
  • Royal Guards
  • Governor Berd
  • Advisor Opal
  • The 3 Miners
  • Minifig Army
  • Decev Twins

Minifig Rebels

  • Lord Palais
  • 'Spike'
  • Takeshi
  • Farde
  • Desedin
  • General 'Red'
  • Comander Terry and his 4 soldiers

Season 2[]

Not enough information has been released by Drago. . . .