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Mata Nui has finaly awoken its true potential and begun the change in order to complete its agreements and becon the arrival of the Great Beings.


The thick shell of Protosteel that encompassed Mata Nui’s former gargantuan body shook as a sizeable chuck of Agua Magna slammed ploughed into its head, tearing the battle plates designed to keep what was essentially the ‘Brain’ of the robot intact. Air hissed from the damaged hulk, the majority of the populace having evacuated previously. Entire city blocks were levelled in an instant by the sheer force of the impact, the great furnaces spewing their destructive contents across the city and into the vacuum.

Explosive bolts built into the Coliseum’s lowermost foundations detonated, emergency protocols buried deep into the units original systems coming to life. Its original purpose had been completed; however greater things had been left for the Great Spirit to complete. Almost all other similar Great Spirits had been registered as offline according to external com systems meaning a greater number of tasks were now weighing heavily upon the emergency logistic cores’ primary objective. ’We must ascend’ each emergency computer core agreed, summoning all the energy left in its cores without tapping into Mata Nui’s own reserve.

Energy accumulated along the robot’s exterior power conduits before racing inwards towards the central chest cavity. It began in an instant; the monolithic body suddenly growing in size as its interior and interior were reworked via a new blue print the Great Beings had left to complete before they would return home to their world. Its Legs were the first the change, retaining their shape to a certain extent however becoming a pristine white, large armour covers hiding exposed components. Large protrusions erupted from said new covers, each an oversized battleship to act as defence.

Both large chest plates melted from existence, exposing an interior that was rapidly undergoing rapid reconstruction. A new chest plate akin to that of a Toa Nuva replaced what would be a sizeable design flaw. The Great Spirit raised one of its ravaged arms towards Aqua, almost as of beckoning something to arrive. Mantalis Nui flickered into existence inside its new docking port inside the circular cavity, supporting the Robot with its reactors.

Bellow, gazing upwards watched the evacuees as their home slowly changed itself to become something far greater than a simple host body that they had to constantly work to keep alive, rather an Eden that could easily become a capital for their new lives. Tahu watched in amazement at the sight of the world he fought to defend and revive for most of his lifespan slowly descend unto the ocean bellow, its powerful gravity field allowing it to hover above without effecting that planet in anyway shape or form.