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"How can you all live in a world controlled by nothing but an ignorant, selfish god?! Of course! You don't care."
―The Dark Spirit about Mata Nui
The Dark Spirit

The Dark Spirit is a Great Being that is one of the most feared beings in the Matoran Universe.


In his creation, he would become known as "The Dark Spirit". His original name is unknown however. He and his brother Raity, the Bright Spirit, were both supposed guardians of the Matoran Universe, but after the Great Being's completion of the Great Spirit Robot, they got replaced by Mata Nui right before the Shattering. This was because they never found both Raity and The Dark Spirit and had to let the giant robot leave immideatly. While Raity was able to forgive Mata Nui for these actions, The Dark Spirit swore revenge on him and hid somewhere in the wastelands of Bara Magna.

After his original armor got destroyed by a Vorox, his spirit began flying over the skies of Bara Magna. After finding out the Skrall were planning an experiment by making the strongest creature in existance, The Dark Spirit took his chance and replaced the original mind of the creature with his. Then he waited for his time to strike inside the corrupted body.

When the experiment was finished, he took his chance to escape from the labratory, killing the workers inside it in the process. He later hid somewhere in Roxtus to think of a plan to strike at Mata Nui. He decided he would destroy his most beloved treasure, the Great Spirit Robot. It was then he hired Skrall Soldiers to stand on his side and later sent a secret agent to Metru Nui for following auditions for the group the Chaos Agents.

He's currently somewhere in the Solis Magna System waiting for Teridax to leave Aqua Magna, so he can start his plan.


  • He is one of Pokermask's favorite characters to write about.
  • He is known to be Pokermask's third self-MOC.
  • He is inspired on Claws Zero by CrazyCarapar.
  • Tazzuk knew about The Dark Spirit's origin but won't tell anybody.
  • He was formerly named The Poker, but Pokermask changed the name afterwards since he took it unoriginal and boring