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This is the second part of The Dimension Chronicles Trilogy, detailing the Bara Magna Resistance Team's dimensional travels in their attempt to defeat Makuta Teridax.

Chapter 1: The Departure[]

A group of Agori from Vulcanus marched around Raanu-G, carrying a statue. He smiled. The statue was of him. After he and his friends had defeated the Fruit Glatorian and chased Poisonot from his lair, they were able to free all the Glatorian and Agori from slavery.

That night, Raanu-G, Tarix, Maka-Taka, Gyron, Bug-Eyed and The Hunter were going to meet and fulfill their promise to Mata Nui. They were going to his dimension, and, hopefully, to save it.

"Here goes nothin'!" Bug-Eyed exclaimed as he jumped into the portal.

He was followed by Tarix, Raanu-G, The Hunter, Maka-Taka and Gyron.

Poisonot watched as Gyron, his most trusted servant, jumped into the portal after the band of scoundrels who had ruined his life.

Oh well, he thought. If I can't have my future, I'll simply ruin theirs.

He smiled as he jumped into the portal after them.

Chapter 2: Meeting Riff[]

Raanu-G floated through a purple-colored vortex. It seemed like it had been hours, when it really had only been a couple of minutes. Bug-Eyed had said that it would be like that. He had told Raanu-G that he would get used to it, but the Glatorian thought he never would. Out of boredom, he got out Mata Nui's armor, which he had in a small pack resting on his back.

Suddenly, a sucking noise began all around him, and Raanu-G saw different shades of black slash through the purple. He smashed into the ground, and as he did, he felt the vortex tighten and leave him. But it squeezed Mata's armor right into him.

"Wow!" said a high-pitched, youthful, squeaky voice. "I guess it was just destiny! Unity, Duty and Destiny, as we always say!"

Raanu-G looked at the short being. He resembled an Agori.

"Are you a Toa?" the being asked quickly.

"Unity? Duty? Destiny?" said Raanu-G. "I believe the first two, but destiny? The future is what you make it, it's not something laid out in advance! Who are you, anyway?"

"Are you a Toa?" said the short being again.

"No, I'm not," he replied. "Now, I need some answers. What are you, and where am I?"

"Oh, sorry. I'm Riff," Riff said. "I'm a Matoran."

"Oh yeah!" Raanu-G said. "Mata Nui told us about your kind."

Riff's eyes widened. "Wait here."

Raanu-G sat down and looked around. He was in a cave, and he just then realized that all his teammates were there.

"So, uh, what's with the fancy armor?" Bug-Eyed asked.

"What?" Raanu-G said, looking down.

What he saw was a strange sight. He had a yellow and red chest plate, yellow hands, red arms, red legs and yellow ankle guards. The armor of Mata Nui was on him. That's what Riff meant when he said that it must be destiny.

"I'm back!" said Riff.

He was dragging another being in by the hand, and Raanu-G decided it was the same species, but judging by the posture, he guessed this one a bit older.

"Hello." Said the new one. "I'm Rio. Riff tells me you met Mata Nui. This must mean that there is still hope!"

"Unfortunately," said Raanu-G, "You won't be able to feel that hope. Now that you've met me, I have to wipe your memory."

Riff looked as if he was going to bubble over. He suddenly leaped at Raanu-G, grabbed his mask and threw it on the ground.

"I have one too!" said Bug-Eyed.

Riff ran over to him and did the same thing.

"What the— Why'd you do that?" exclaimed Raanu-G. "NOW WE CAN'T GET HOME!!!"


Chapter 3: Enemies, New and Old[]

Raanu-G sprinted through the grass, Poisonot at his side. They were being chased by an angry Rahkshi. Poisonot was running backward, constantly staring at him, and it was slowly weakening the Rahkshi. He was using his Taiku, the Mask of Poison. At this moment, they had set aside their differences and were just trying to save their own skin.

How had this happened? As Raanu-G had just found out, Poisonot had followed them back through the dimensional portal before it had closed. After Riff had destroyed Bug-Eyed's mask, Poisonot had attacked Riff in anger because he was unable to return as well. Then, out of nowhere, four Rahkshi jumped out. Riff and Maka-Taka were running from one, Garix and Bug-Eyed from another, The Hunter and Gyron from yet another, and Raanu-G and Poisonot from the last.

The Rahkshi stumbled, and then fell and skidded on the ground. He was dead. Posionot's powers had worked.

Poisonot then stared as if possessed at Raanu-G. Raanu-G suddenly realized Poisonot was trying to kill him as well, and he kicked him in the chest, making him fall back. Raanu-G then pulled out his sword and swung at Poisonot, but Poisonot ducked. Gyron then jumped out of nowhere and crashed into Poisonot, pinning him to the ground.

The others followed, with no Rahkshi following.

"Wow, that was crazy!" said Bug-Eyed.

"What should we do with him?" asked Tarix.

"I say we kill him!" said Maka-Taka and The Hunter together.

While the others argued that killing him might not be the best thing, Raanu-G zoned out, staring at Poisonot. Something was wrong, he could tell by the look on Poisonot's face. Then the world was brought back into focus, and Raanu-G realized that Poisonot was staring at intently at Gyron.


Gyron did what he said out of instinct, and Poisonot was knocked out cold, but it was too late. Gyron went tumbling to the ground.

Chapter 4: What Has to Be Done[]

"Tarix," said Gyron in a raspy voice. "You can still get home. Collect the remnants of the Olmakla, and sprinkle it over its owner. They will the have their mask... back."

Gyron died right in front of their eyes.

Bug-Eyed slapped his forehead. "Drat! I knew that!"

"Well, what are we waiting for, let's go home!" said The Hunter.

"Wait a minute!" Raanu-G stopped him. "Have you forgotten why we're even here?"

"Oh... right. Well, how do you suppose we defeat this... Teridax guy?"

"Hey, don't say that name with disdain! It used to be mine, you know," said Maka-Taka.

"I've got an idea!" said Bug-Eyed. "I once went to a place where a Makuta invented a substance called 'Shadowdermis'. It's in another dimension. If we could teleport there, and if we could get some, I'll bet we could recreate the substance that made Mephiles. And then—"

"What's Mephiles?" asked Tarix.

"Oh, right," replied Bug-Eyed. "Mephiles is a monstrous being with amazing power but pretty much no brain. If we provided the brain, we might have enough power to take down Teridax! It's worth a shot! And with Shadowdermis in the mixture, I'd say Raanu-G'd have a good chance of ruling the universe, seeing as Shadowdermis can do just about anything. And I—"

"SLOW DOWN!" said The Hunter, picking up Bug-Eyed and shaking him.

"What do you mean?" asked Raanu-G. "Are you saying I'm going to be the one to become a being of Shadowdermis?"

"Well, I figured you were the best person for the job!"

Nods of approval went around the group.

"Alright, fine," said Raanu-G. "Let's go to this place, get this Shadowdermis and other ingredients, defeat Teridax, and go home. Oh, yeah, this sounds REAL easy. Of course, did you say Shadowdermis could do anything?"

Bug-Eyed nodded.

"Alright, then there's no time like the present. Leave Poisonot here. We've got a planet to save!" Raanu-G said.

Chapter 5: Rahkshi Troubles[]

"Hey! Everybody! Help!" Rio's voice came.

RIO! They had forgotten all about him!

Raanu-G looked to his left. In the distance, he could see him running away from a Rahkshi.

"Tarix, Maka-Taka, help me! Bug-Eyed, get the portal ready!"

Bug-Eyed nodded, and Tarix and Maka-Taka began to charge. Raanu-G joined them and charged toward the Rahkshi. When they got there, the Rahkshi stopped chasing Rio and swung its staff at Raanu-G. He ducked, and Tarix struck it from the other side. It screeched, but quickly kicked Tarix in the face, making him stumble back.

"I haven't used this in a while," Said Maka-Taka, "But I don't think he can get any more evil."

Maka-Taka quickly raised his shadow blaster and fired at the creature. On impact, the Rahkshi screeched, and then started to increase slowly in size.

"Not good," said Raanu-G. "Get to the portal, fast!"

Maka-Taka lifted up the hurt Tarix and sprinted toward the portal. Riff, Rio and The Hunter had already gone, and Bug-Eyed was waiting for them, his eyes bulging even bigger than usual. Maka-Taka jumped in, and Raanu-G was about to follow, but then he was picked up by the Rahkshi, who was now humongous. His finger was twice as wide as Raanu-G was tall, and he was still growing. The Rahkshi squeezed hard.

Raanu-G was about to suffocate when the Rahkshi screamed in a sound like thunder and let Raanu-G go. When he hit the ground, it hurt, but he didn't waist time. He scurried up and sprinted toward the portal, when he noticed Bug-Eyed wasn't there. He whirled around to see Bug-Eyed's claws in the Rahkshi's foot. Bug-Eyed gave him a sad look as sound seemed to stop, and the Rahkshi picked him up. Raanu-G couldn't watch as the Rahkshi crushed Bug-Eyed in his hands. Sadly, Raanu-G jumped into the portal, without a second glance at the continually growing Rahkshi.

Chapter 6: Kutrax[]

This takes place immediately after The Fairon Chronicles chapter eight...

Fairon and Rantu flew away. Velnax shouted at Kutrax for a time for his incompetence, but then left to go back to Robotopolis. Kutrax was left on the Brotherhood of Makuta Warship. He had captured all the Matoran of Sacho Nui, but he didn't feel proud of that accomplishment. It wasn't worth anything.

He walked over to the door and headed toward another empty cell room. He didn't know why. Then he heard something. Kutrax quickly hurried back into the previous cell room. There, standing in the cell next to Fairon and Rantu's, were six strange beings.

"Well, well..." said Kutrax. "Who are you?"

Raanu-G gaped at the winged being standing in front of him. They were not in exactly the best of situations.

"I am Raanu-G, a Glatorian, and these are my comrades, The Hunter, Tarix, Maka-Taka, Rio and Riff." He gestured to each of them as he said their names.

"Hello," replied the winged being. "I am Makuta Kutrax. What is your business?"

"We are in search of a being named 'Kunaku'," said The Hunter. "You heard of him?"

Kutrax snorted.

"What do you want with him?"

"You know him?" asked Tarix.

"Of course I know him. I work with him," replied Kutrax.

"Oh," said Tarix. "Well, if you could just point us in the right direction—"

"Why are you looking for him, and where did you come from?"

"We're from—"

"Another dimension," Raanu-G finished. "We need something called 'Shadowdermis.'"

Kutrax laughed again.

"Where did you here about that?"

"From a being named Bug-Eyed," said The Hunter. "A good friend of ours. Where is Bug-Eyed, anyway?"

"He..." said Raanu-G, "didn't make it..."

Everyone but Kutrax gasped.

"Shadowdermis, eh?" asked Kutrax.


"I think we might be able to arrange a meeting with Kunaku."

Chapter 7: Gigas Magna[]

Poisonot woke up.


He quickly jumped up to see a massive Rahkshi marching through the trees as though they were blades of grass.

Poisonot smiled. It was time to use the same technique that he had used to tame The Beast. He quickly climbed an extremely tall tree. At the top, he waved for the Rahkshi. It turned and saw him, and started marching in his direction. The Rahkshi moved its hand toward him, but Poisonot jumped and ran up the arm as far as he could before it began to slope. He then grabbed on and stayed there.

The Rahkshi tried to shake him off, which was just what Poisonot was hoping for. When the Rahkshi did a perfect upward-angled shake, Poisonot let go. He flew through the air and landed on the Rahkshi's shoulder. He quickly used his Taiku, unleashing a sleeping poison into it. The Rahkshi began to slow his motions, until he was perfectly still, but not sleeping. Poisonot had done just the right amount. He then walked toward the head and stuck his claw into the back of it. The Rahkshi shuddered but didn't make an effort to knock him of.

"Go forward," said Poisonot.

The Rahkshi went forward.

Poisonot had done it.

Raanu-G looked at the portal Kutrax had made for them. He wasn't sure if Kutrax could be trusted, but did he have a choice? This might be the only chance they had to find Kunaku and his Shadowdermis. Taking a breath, Raanu-G stepped through. He shouldn't have. He appeared on a desert plain. There, with him, were his whole team.

"Where are we?" said Raanu-G.

"Nowhere I'd know," said Tarix. "If only we had Bug-Eyed."

A small blue creature burrowed out of the ground.

"What's that?" Tarix wondered.

"They're called Threen."

Everyone whirled around to see a black, dragon-like being in a prosthetic suit standing in front of them.

"Who are you?" said Raanu-G.

"My name is Mordrax," said the being. "You are on Gigas Magna. Why are you here? Why have you come?"

"We are here because a being named Kutrax teleported us here. You heard of him?"

"No," said Mordrax. "But I assure you that your presence is not welcome here unless you join the Brotherhood of Gigas Magna or if Tetrack approves."

"Tetrack?" Maka-Taka asked.

"He is our leader."


"Well," said Raanu-G. "We'll just be leaving, then."

"I'm sorry to say that you will not be leaving."

Tarix looked at Raanu-G. They were in a prison cell again, this time at the base of The Brotherhood of Gigas Magna.

"I'm sorry, everyone," said Raanu-G. "Mordrax's mind control was too strong for all of us. I was my fault for letting us go here. I should have never trusted Kutrax."

"Don't worry about it." Said The Hunter. "Back in my Dark Hunter days, I got captured all the time. It's easy to break out. Trust me, I've got a plan."

Chapter 8: Escape[]

Raanu-G hadn't noticed it before, but The Hunter had a strange wristwatch that allowed him to do many things. It was the main reason they had broken out. He had been able to use it to cut a hole in the hard stone ground. It had a sort of laser projectile on the end that was hot enough to do so.

When Maka-Taka asked where he'd gotten it, The Hunter just shrugged and said, "I found it on one of my missions. The Shadowed One couldn't figure out how it worked, so he let me keep it."

But they were out, and they were sprinting down a stone corridor. At the end was a tall, dark-red being that had his back turned to them. As they got closer, they slowed their pace and began tiptoeing.

"Do you think I'm a fool? I can hear you," said the red being.

A chill went down Raanu-G's spine. They seemed. This being had great power that none of them possessed.

The red being suddenly jumped back at them, and his blade went straight through Tarix. That was it. He was dead. First it was Gyron, then it was Bug-Eyed, now Tarix? When would it end?

Maybe, he hoped, It will end now.

He slapped himself mentally at the thought, then brought himself back to the present. He had thought he had dozed only for a heartbeat, but the battle was already heating up. Maka-Taka and The Hunter had engaged the red being. Then, Raanu-G heard sound down the corridor they had came from.

"Slicer!" said a distant voice. It was Mordrax.

"Our prisoners have escaped. They may be coming your way!"

"Thank you for the heads up," growled Slicer, "but I have already engaged them."

Mordrax came speeding around the corner, but before he could join the battle, Raanu-G attacked him.

"Pitiful," said Mordrax, laughing. "You are just a Glatorian. How do you expect to defeat me? I can anticipate your moves before you make them!"

Mordrax suddenly let out a burst of shadow directly at Raanu-G, and he had no time to block it. He prepared himself for death by closing his eyes.

Death never came.

He opened his eyes to see Mordrax still blasting shadow energy at him, but a translucent yellow-and-gold shield had appeared in front of him.

"Run, Raanu-G," said the voice of Bug-Eyed. "I'll handle these two."

Chapter 9: Mysteries Answered, and Hopes Crushed[]

This takes place during The Fairon Chronicles chapter twelve...

The golden floating mass hovered in the air behind them. They were on a place called Xa-Nui. The mass had introduced, or rather re-introduced, himself as Bug-Eyed. Somehow, because of all his dimension travels, parts of his soul had survived in the dimensions that he had gone to, and he had survived his death. He had then teleported them to the island, where he said they could find Shadowdermis. And it was at this time that Bug-Eyed said, "Wait here."

And it was at that time that Bug-Eyed flew underground and found a pool of Shadowdermis, while a battle took place in the chamber. He entered the pool, absorbed the substance, and turned into a Toa of Shadowdermis. Then Bug-Eyed teleported himself away with his Olmakla to where Raanu-G, Maka-Taka, Rio, The Hunter, and Riff were waiting.

And then, down underground, the Shadowdermis lit up in flames. And back on Gigas Magna, Mordrax's Shadowdermis-powered mechanical suit went up in flames. And Bug-Eyed, the Toa of Shadowdermis, went up in flames. But Bug-Eyed was able to get rid of the Shadowdermis in him with a quick conversion. And then he was a Toa without an element — a Toa of Nothing.

And it was in that order that everything happened. And it was at that moment when all thoughts were crushed of ever being able to defeat Teridax. The Shadowdermis was destroyed.

Raanu-G's heart stopped. Now they would have to go back to Bara Magna. They had failed Mata Nui.

Chapter 10: Return to Bara Magna[]

Ackar clashed his sword against Vastus's staff. They were locked in combat. Duck, dodge, run, lunge. It was a ferocious battle. Ackar was then kicked by Vastus and he went flying backward. He was about to get up and return the attack when a purple-colored portal appeared right in front of him. The Hunter, Maka-Taka, Raanu-G, a Toa, and two Agori-like beings jumped out.

"Where's Tarix?" said Ackar instinctively. "And Gyron and Bug-Eyed?"

Raanu=G stepped forward.

"Tarix and Gyron... didn't make it. This is Bug-Eyed right here. Fully transformed into a... Toa."

"Care to explain who these two are, and what a Toa is?" Asked Vastus.

"Well, a Toa is like a Glatorian, just with powers," Raanu-G replied. "And these two are Matoran. They're pretty much the same thing as Agori. This one is Riff, and this one is Rio."

Vastus nodded to them both.

"So," said Ackar. "Did you, uh, complete the mission? Is Teridax dead?"

Raanu-G looked astonished.

"How'd you know what we went to do?" he said. "All we said was that we were leaving, and that it had something to do with Mata Nui!"

The Hunter slowly raised his hand. Raanu-G put his hands on his hips.


Poisonot marched the Rahkshi across the island, causing a large amount of death and despair whenever he could. And, fortunately, Teridax wasn't doing anything. Apparently, he liked death and despair as well. Poisonot smiled. There was no one to stop him now.

Chapter 11: Nightmares[]

Raanu-G watched the trees crash. He could not see what was causing them to do so, however. Screaming Matoran scurried about. He envied their ability to do so. He looked down at himself, but suddenly realized there was nothing there.

I must be dreaming, he thought, but he could not wake himself up.

He continued to watch, but he learned nothing more, until he suddenly arose from the ground, awake and breathing hard.

The Hunter shuddered. The air had an icy chill and an ominous feeling. But that was not what worried him most. It seemed like there should not be any air, because his whole surroundings were pure white. And in front of him stood a snarling Rahkshi who suddenly began to increase in size.

He was easily reminded of how the Rakhshi of Growth had become quickly larger back in the Matoran Universe. And he suddenly realized that he was dreaming, but as he woke up, he also realized that the Rahkshi of Growth was not dead.

Maka-Taka watched Gyron die, the evil Poisonot unconscious beneath him. Then he saw a portal appear, and all the group, including Tarix and Bug-Eyed in his previous form, walked into it without a second thought. He woke up with a start, suddenly realizing that Poisonot was still alive.

The next morning, the gang met in Vulcanus Square, a popular section of the village. There, they discussed their dreams. When all was told, they were shocked at what they had put together. Apparently, Bug-Eyed had slept and dreamed about Gyron and The Beast, and had woken up wondering how The Beast had been tamed.

They decided that Poisonot must have tamed the giant Rahkshi and was now attacking all the Matoran. For some reason, Riff and Rio had not had the dreams, but agreed that what the others concluded was right. And the other conclusion was a simple one: they had to go back.

Chapter 12: Teleportation Troubles[]

Raanu-G activated his mask in the manner that all beings do. He mentally told himself in his head, mask, and then his mask was activated. A portal appeared in front of him, and Toa Bug-Eyed, Riff, Rio, The Hunter and Maka-Taka all jumped into the portal. Raanu-G followed them, waving at Ackar, who had decided to see them out, and then entered the swirling purple orb. Then, Raanu-G felt the usual sensation of falling up. But something was different from what he usually saw. Lightning bolts began to strike in the not-supposed-to-be-turning-black sky. And instead of a super-fast spinning swirl around him, it was an extremely slow one that made a loud WHOOSH every time it made a full circulation. Then the "sky" split, and through a white crack in the dark scenario, a red-and-orange figure stepped through. It was Bug-Eyed. His eyes seemed distressed.

"I've heard of this!" Bug-Eyed exclaimed. "Only one being has been known to survive it! We need to find away out of this endless dimension, before the lighting rips us apart!"

"Wait," said Raanu-G. "What's happening?"

"LISTEN TO ME!" Bug-Eyed exclaimed. "We are going to die here if we don't get out now!"

"Where are the others?"

"Probably already dead! Now come on!"

"Why is this happening?"

Bug-Eyed lowered his eyes, still bulging.

"Fine," he said, a bit calmer. "Stay here and die. I don't want to abandon you, but have you ever noticed that YOU ASK TOO MANY QUESTIONS? Let's try to survive and I'll tell you later!"

Bug-Eyed's eyes darted to the left. Raanu-G saw what it was. Four specks, one red, one brown, one white, and one orange. The Hunter, Maka-Taka, Riff, and Rio. Raanu-G and Bug-Eyed nodded to each other, and started running faster than the wind, all the time avoiding streaks of lighting. When the team came into view, they could see them pointing to the blue globe encircling them. It was a force field. Bug-Eyed widened his eyes even more, and stopped Raanu-G with his hand.

"It's not them."

"Of course it is!" Raanu-G replied.

Bug-Eyed shook his head.

"Don't you see? This is the dimension of confusion. If we don't fry to death, we'll be driven insane."

Raanu-G gulped.

Chapter 13: Rescuing the Being who Rescues the Team[]

Janneus. Janneus the prisoner. Janneus the bounty hunter. Janneus the bounty hunter who was being held prisoner in the most dangerous of dimensions with the worst of people, three of which were named Hixia, Siria, and Tsunami. They said they'd been there for billions of years, but he was there before them, and they had just arrived a day before. Or was it a year? He couldn't keep his timing straight. All he knew was that he saw four figures aproaching from the distance.

Wait! HE SAW FOUR FIGURES APPROACHING FROM THE DISTANCE! Leaping up, he sprinted toward them, and in what might have been three days or a heartbeat, he was standing in front of them. The two smaller beings cowered behind the larger ones, who turned to face him.

"Who are you?" The orange one asked.

"I was about to ask you the same thing," he replied. "But come quickly; it's not safe out here. Come to my shelter."

The unlikely group nodded, and they started running. In a short while, they had arrived.

"I am called The Hunter," said the orange being. "These are Maka-Taka, Riff and Rio."

"I am Janneus. There are Siria, Hixia and Tsunami. They are... interesting beings. Anywho, I am a bounty hunter. Now, I always ask everyone who comes here: DO YOU HAVE AN OLMAK OR OLMAKLA?"

The Hunter glanced at Maka-Taka.

"We know a couple of people who do!" said Maka-Taka. "They are somewhere in this dimension."


The roof of the shelter crashed down on top of them. The group managed to stand up, but when it was all over, two figures were lying on the floor.

And there was Raanu-G and Bug-Eyed.

Janneus instantly ran up to Raanu-G.

"Da-HAH! You have the Olmakla! Victory lap!"

He ran in a circle around a boulder from the wreckage.

"Finally! I can get away from my imprisonment and get back to my old-bounty huntering life. Sorry about the interruption. You have to realize, I've been here for a very long time. Or at least, I think I have. Now, use your Olmak and get us out of here!"

Raanu-G stared at Janneus.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"Oh, sorry." Janneus replied. "I'm Janneus."

"I'm.. Raanu-G," He replied. "And this is Bug-Eyed."

He nodded.

"Right then." Said Janneus. "Take us away!"\

"Sorry." Said Raanu-G, shaking his head. "I've tried. It doesn't work here."

Janneus waved his hands above his head. "Do I have to do everything? All you have to do, instead of thinking mask, think, mask dimension, And we'll be out of here. Raanu-G nodded, and then a flash of light took them away.

Janneus smiled. His acting skills had paid off. He'd tried to seem as friendly as possible. Now, as he fell up, he planned his attack. He would knock them all out and get away. And that's what he did. He appeared in a grassy field. The group was dusting temselves off. Then Janneus crept up behind Maka-Taka, and with a solid whack, Maka-Taka fell to the floor. He then swooped the two matoran with his hook, them going out cold. The Hunter, Raanu-G, and Bug-Eyed were upon him now. This was no problem for him. He could win the battle if there were ten more people against him. Raanu-G brought around his sword and so did The Hunter. He side-stepped inbetween the two, whacked them both with his crowbar, and they fell back. He then charged Bug-Eyed, and then ran off.

Chapter 14: Facing Poisonot[]


The sound awoke Maka-Taka. He shook his head. Janneus had seemed so friendly before. It didn't matter now, though. What was done was done.


This time it woke up everyone. The sound was getting louder.

"Maka, what's going on?" Raanu-G asked

"Why'd you call me Maka?"

"I don't know, it's shorter, I guess."

"Then can we call you Raanu?" Asked The Hunter.

"Sure," he replied. "I don't care. Now what is that sound."



The trees around them toppled over, and there stood the giant Rahkshi, Poisonot on the top, guiding it.

"I don't believe my eyes!" Exclaimed Poisonot. "If it isn't that little band who tried to stop me earlier! You think you can stop me now? With such power to back me up?"

He chuckled.

"No, I am sorry, but you simply will have to die."

He turned to the Rahkshi of Growth.

"Take them down!"

The Rahkshi started in motion. It began stomping towards the team.

"Maka!" Exclaimed Raanu. "Throw me!"

Maka, being exceedingly strong, lifted the golden-armored Raanu and chucked him towards Poisonot. Poisonot's smile vanished. He dodged to the side, and Raanu flew past him, landing on the Rahkshi's back. Poisonot then grabbed hold of the chains and spun the Rahkshi around, and jumped it up and down. Raanu-G flew into the air, and landed right on Poisonot. He was stunned from the impact, but Poisonot wasn't. He kicked Raanu off, but he landed on his feet, sliding out his sword. Poisonot unsheathed his claws, and swiped dangerously at Raanu.

"I don't know if Gyron told you this!" He said. "But my claws are drenched in poison. One direct hit, and you die a most painful death."

"Oh, well that's a comforting thought."

Chapter 15: A Legend is Born[]

Raanu-G glared at his rival. Poisonot stared back. The time it took them to begin seemed like one million years. But in fact it was only seconds. Raanu-G could also hear the still, echoing beat of his heart. Then he heard a far louder noise. Poisonot had jumped high into the air, with so much force, Raanu-G felt a small vibration in his feat. Or maybe that was the giant rahkshi he was standing on. Poisonot came soaring down, his claws aimed at Raanu's throat. He dodged to the side, then jumped off the rahkshi unto a tree, and Poisonot pursued. Raanu decided it was not in his best interest to tell Poisonot that he was making a very foolish mistake in following him, and that he could be guaranteed that his rahkshi was going to run off.


Raanu-G got the air knocked out of him as Poisonot kicked him off the tree with agonizing force. Raanu-G scrambled up, and ran further away from his pursuer. Then, as he looked up, he saw a village. He quickly ran in and jumped on top of the rooftops. Poisonot was not far behind. Raanu hopes he hadn't had noticed. As he turned around, another leg smacked him in the face, this one much harder, and it sent him toppling over. Poisonot then put his claws up to Raanu-G's neck. The matoran in the village gasped.

"And now," said Poisonot coolly, "You die. You know, for how powerless you are, you proved quite a threat."

"You do not know the meaning of 'power'!" Raanu retorted. "You have never wielded it. You NEVER will as long as I and my team are breathing. Face it, the power, the control you think you have is all in your head. You do not know what it is like to have true power. Neither do I."

"Oh, but I have had power." Said Poisonot. I once had more power than you could ever DREAM! And I still do. But I cannot use it. I have been forbidden to use it. If I use it at all, my superiors will come and I will be no more. But now, enough talk. Death is what's next."

Poisonot lifted his claw a brought it down, but Raanu-G rolled out of the way, whipped out his sword and whacked Poisonot in the back. Poisonot spun around, and swiped his claws at Raanu repeatedly. Raanu-G then engaged his sword into the madness, and they began to duel. Steal clashed with claw. More than once did Raanu feal his strength leaving him, and he had to move away from Poisonot's glare. After three of those, the battle was getting tiring. Raanu began to weaken, but Poisonot showed no signs of difficulty. Then he saw it; an opening in Poisonot's defense. It was his shoulder. Raanu took the chance. He stabbed his sword right in there, Poisonot grippped it, but Raanu kept attacking. He hit multiple more spots on Poisonot's army, until finally Poisonot was so undefended that Raanu could give him one good whack, and he'd be gone. And so he did. Poisonot went flying. Almost literally. And Raanu winced as he landed, knowing that no one could have survived that sort of crash. Suddenly, applause burst out, and Raanu-G looked from his perch on the roof that crowds of matoran had gathered to watch the battle, and were now cheering him on. He had, among this village at least, become a legend.

Chapter 16: Power is Discovered[]

Raanu-G sprinted. His heart pounded as he followed the Rahkshi of Growth's roaring and footprints. He needed to catch up to see if the others were safe. But he knew in his heart that battling something of that size with that power, they were probably not.

The Hunter leaped, avoiding a blast of poison energy that had come from the Rahkshi's staff. Although he was outmatched in power, he, after all, was a Dark Hunter, so he did still have access to a great deal of power. He summoned up a massive amount of power while still running from the Rahkshi's poison, channeled it through his large blade, and sent it hurling through the air. The Rahkshi tried to dodge out of instinct, but it could not move nearly as fast with it's new size. When the energy struck, the Rahkshi let out an ear splitting screech, and Hunter had trouble gaining his wits back. He then let out a blast of laser, with a whirlwind to top it off, which cascaded into the Rahkshi and it stumbled. The most damage he had been able to do so far. Meanwhile, Maka-Taka was off somewhere in front of him with Riff and Rio, trying to evacuate all inhabitants from the Rahkshi's path. He needed help, though. He could feel his energy leaving him. Then, out of nowhere, a blast of flame shot right into the Rahkshi's eye. It roared and started stumbling around. It had been blinded temporarily. The Hunter looked to the source, only to find Raanu-G. He didn't pause to question how he had obtained this new power, and didn't care. He motioned Raanu to him, and then sent a massive whirlwind once more. This time, Raanu combined his flame power with it, and it resulted in making a miniature fire tornado. The Hunter then directed it towards the Rahkshi. It jumped to the side, but The Hunter continued to pursue him with it. Finally, having enough, the Rahkshi aimed his staff at The Hunter and launched a massive amount of Poison energy at him. He jumped to the side, pushing Raanu-G out of the way, but getting hit by it in the process.

Raanu-G had no time to see if his friend was alive. He just knew that it was a losing battle, and he had to get out of there. He quickly grabbed Hunter as soon as the poison cleared, and started back towards the village he'd come from. He thought about how his fire power had come to be. His defeat of Poisonot, then the cheering, and then his armor had begun to glow. But only the yellow armor, the armor he'd gotten from Mata Nui. It transformed his other armor into that of a Toa of Fire, and then detached itself. Afterward, he found the fire power when launching it at the Rahkshi. What a curious chain of events...

Chapter 17: An Unlikely Visitor[]

Maka-Taka paced around. He looked at Riff and Rio, who returned a look of complexity. It consisted of fear; fear for their friends, and at the same time, fear for themselves, and their universe.

"I'm sorry." Maka-Taka said. "I would not want this fate to fall upon my home either. It is hard to believe that if I had not stopped myself; or rather, Takanuva not stopped Teridax, as I am both, I, in Teridax form, would have destroyed the universe. But now with coaxing from my Takanuva side, I am a being of light. Or at least, my soul is. You see, I never told you two, but my very being is very complex. I am a mix of Takanuva and Teridax. Which, in your universe, as I have learned from Mata Nui, would be called Takutanuva. Anyway, I would now not like it if an evil being, in away meaning me, were to take over the universe, and an evil Rahkshi which I sent out and I turned massive, in this form, of course, to be roaming the island. I am terribly sorry."

Just then, Raanu appeared in the door, carrying the body of The Hunter. It was limp.

"What happened?" Inquired Riff.

He and Maka-Taka stepped closer, and he put his hand on Hunter's head.

"I'll tell you what happened." Raanu-G replied. "The Rahkshi happened. We need to deal with that thing, once and for all!"

"Then I suggest," mumbled The Hunter, "You heal me, and then we can come up with a plan!"

The group sat it a circle. The Hunter sat up as well in his new armor. They had taken Mata Nui's armor that had fallen of of Raanu, and fused them with The Hunter's, and the life in it enriched Hunter's own. Hunter now found that all his powers were gone, except that now with the new armor and his power combining with it, he could channel the power of light; something he couldn't before.

"Now for the plan." Raanu stated. "Any suggestions."

"I believe I may be of help."

All turned to the door. They were astounded to see who spoke the words of hope; Janneus

Chapter 18: The Battle Begins[]

Janneus was there for one purpose; to get the Olmakla from Raanu-G. He realized only after he'd knocked them all out that he was not in the dimension he was from. It would have been easy to march right in and steel it. But he'd seen Raanu-G fight the Rahkshi. Plus, the Dark Hunter had a good amount of power as well. Even though it still would have been an easy battle (seeing as he practicly tripled the power of the whole group), but he had decided against it. Besides; he actually did have a good plan to defeat the Rahkshi.

"Well, well, well," Said The Hunter. "Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, wel-"

"SHUT UP!" Janneus boomed. "You want my help or not?"

"Not." Hunter said under his breath.

Raanu-G elbowed him.

"Why are you here?" He asked.

Janneus folded his arms.

"All I need is tranportation; your Olmakla. Hand it over, and I'll tell you my plan."

"Two things," Raanu-G said. "One; If I were to agree, I'd only transport you there, not give the Olmak."

"Olmakla." Corrected Hunter.

"Whatever. Two; How do I know you don't have a plan, and you're just trying to trick us?"

"Fine." Janneus said plainly. "Now, I was looking at the Rahkshi earlier and I noticed..."

Maka-Taka stood behind a tree. The stomps of the Rahkshi got louder and louder. He looked at his shadowblaster. It was ready. The plan was weird. Really weird. He was going to fire his blaster at it AGAIN, thus making it even bigger to expose a weak point in the Rahkshi. Then, Janneus would use a weapon he 'happened' to get just before the mission and fire it there. It would shrink the Rahksi to a smaller size, not the normal size a Rahkshi should be, but smaller than the form Maka-Taka saw at the moment. This then would be small enough for Raanu-G to teleport it away, back into the Confusion Dimension.


Maka-Taka heard the steps closer now. Really close. He swallowed his fear, which a brother of Mata Nui OR a Toa of Light shouldn't have, and stepped out from behind the tree. He fired his Shadow Blaster. The Battle had begun.

Chapter 19: No Goodbye[]

The Rahkshi grew to enourmous hight. If tweleve Matoran stood on top of each other, they would be about the hight of the Rahkshi's foot.

Janneus then said, "Now keep him distracted! I need to get there without him seeing!"

Raanu-G and Hunter leaped out of their hiding places and began using all the powers they could think of (although, Raanu-G only had one: Flame). Janneus was getting closer... he was almost in range to chuck his weapon at the beast. But the Rahkshi roared, the power of the sound wave knocking Raanu and the Hunter off their feet. It then rounded on Janneus, ignited his spear in crackling energy that Janneus couldn't identify, and brought it down on him.

Time to show these powerless fools what I can do.

Janneus leaped into the air, at a hight most beings couldn't reach without a mask to enhance it. He channled a massive amount of power through his crowbar, and unleashed it at the Rahkshi. It was so powerful, the Rahkshi fell over on it's back. Janneus landed from his jump and sprinted a it. He stowed his shield on his back and used the newly-made free hand to grab what could shrink the Rahkshi. It was a grenade. He'd purchased it from a dealer many years ago, but had never tested it out until then. He jumped on top of the Rahkshi now, and used his crowbar to pry away a small fraction of it's armor. He then took of the cap of the grenade and dropped it in. Then he used his telekinetic powers to lift the Rahkshi, putting it a safe distance away from him. The grenade went off with a small poof. Janneus crossed his fingers, and then... The Rahkshi shrunk. It decreased in size, until it was only about three times bigger than it's true form. He nodded at Raanu-G who was now on his feet. The Hunter was still on the ground, mumbling something about how he shouldn't have left the Dark Hunters. Raanu-G returned the nod. He then lifted his hands, and a massive vortex appeared Next to the Rahkshi. But it was holding on. It's claws were dug into the ground. Janneus looked at his feet. He'd been in the Confusion Dimension. He knew what it was like. He gulped down his pain an charged at the Rahkshi. When he got close, the vortex lifted him off his feat, sucking him in. He then used his powers to destroy the ground around which the Rahkshi's claws were dug into, and it went in with him.

Raanu-G stared at what Janneus had just done. He hadn't even said... Goodbye.


As Raanu-G looked at the portal he was about to step into, he sighed. He was over reacting about the whole Janneus thing, but... they had sorta been friends. He looked back and counted the members in his team.

"Hey, guys." He Said. "Where's Rio?"

Then, a large burst of light appeared from behind a large bush. Then Rio stumbled out from behind it.

"Whoa!" He said. It was the voice of Rio, but the tone sounded... off. Raanu-G shook his head. Probably imagining it.

"What, uh," Hunter asked, "Happened to just, you know, right there?"

"Huh?" Rio asked. "Oh, yeah, nothing. It was nothing. Are we going or not?"

The voice was harsher than Rio usually was. But again, Raanu-G decided he was hallucinating. He nodded, and he stepped into the portal... eager to try out his flame ability in the Vulcanus Glatorian Arena.

The adventure continues in... THE DECEPTION CHRONICLES!