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The Chronicles of the Toa: Vengence takes place 1,000 years after The Chronicles of the Toa: Renegade. It is about how Tyranus is Defeated.

Chapter one[]

Tyranus' eyes opened. He saw a bright light, and couldn't see. "Am- Am I D-Dead?" He stuttered. "No. You are still alive, Tyranus." Said a soft voice. A female, He thought. He shielded his eyes from the bright light. "Sorry, that too bright?" said the voice. The voice turned off the light apparently, as the light darkened. Tyranus turned his head to see a female being, about the size of a toa. "W-Who are you?" said Tyranus whispered weakly. "I am Xyra, Dark hunter. And you are?" Said the Female. "I am Tyranus, former toa." said Tyranus in response. "Former?" said the Xyra in a confused voice. "I was abandoned by my 'friend'." answered Tyranus. "Oh. Well, lets get to work."

Chapter Two[]

All that was but a memory. After that, Tyranus remembered a lot of screaming and pain. "But it was worth it." Said Tyranus. He looked down at his body, now scarlet and navy blue. True, he lost his Psionic powers but got more strength. to be continued.